DeWitte Tabbed to Serve on Children’s Mental Health Partnership

From State Senator Don DeWitte:

Don DeWitte

Sen. DeWitte appointed to Illinois Children’s Mental Health Partnership

State Senator Don DeWitte (R-St. Charles) has been appointed to serve as a member of the Illinois Children’s Mental Health Partnership (ICMHP), which is a statewide, public/private partnership of policymakers and advocates in Illinois committed to improving the scope, quality, and access of mental health programs, services, and support for children.

Appointed by Senate President John Cullerton, Sen. DeWitte looks forward to serving on the ICMHP and hopes he can play an active role in developing policy ideas that improve children’s mental health in Illinois.

“It’s vital that children have good mental health in order for them to reach and live up to their full potential. We have an obligation to provide them with the support and resources they need to live a life filled with positive experiences,” said Sen. DeWitte. “I am eager to begin strategizing statewide recommendations and improvements so that children in Illinois get the care they need to succeed.”

The Illinois Children’s Mental Health Partnership was created by the Children’s Mental Health Act in 2003 to convene the child-serving state agencies, parents, youth, policymakers, providers, and advocates to identify needs and gaps, and recommend innovative solutions to improve children’s mental health in Illinois.

The ICMHP is comprised of eight members from the General Assembly:  two members of each caucus of the Senate and House of Representatives appointed by the President of the Senate and the Speaker of the House. Joining Sen. DeWitte from the Senate are State Senators Dave Syverson (R-District 35), Iris Martinez (D-District 20), and Ram Villivalam (D-District 8).

The ICMHP meets quarterly and is required to submit an annual report on the state of children’s mental health in Illinois.

To learn more about the Illinois Children’s Men

IL 66th District: Skillicorn Tweets 8chan-type Blog Smears on Schofield 2A and LWV, Her Facebook Conversations on 2A/LWV, Skillicorn Facebook Accessibility

Carolyn Schofield

As shared on McHenry County Blog on Monday, an 8chan-type of blog, calling itself “Illinois Watchdogs for Constitutional Rights”, cut & pasted a Facebook post image that was published by McHenry County Blog in February of 2018 from McHenry County Board Member Carolyn Schofield’s then-community activist Facebook page.

Schofield, who is challenging State Representative Allen Skillicorn in the March 2020 Republican primary, as Cal put it in his article on Monday was criticized by this blog through:

“…uses a guilt by association argument.

“It notes that Schofield is a member of the League of Women Voters and points to the leftwing views of that organization on guns.”

McHenry County Blog, 9/16/19

And let’s be clear with discernment, the blog is no “group” despite its nice-sounding name. The blog has only been around since early April of this year, at least that’s the dates of the blog’s earliest posts. And this blog does not use names, accept the login ID for all its posts is “ILWD#1”, guess that’s short for “Illinois Watchdog #1”, and the author tab states a “steveta1983” is the one and only author.

Well, under the 1st amendment, people have freedom of speech any way they choose and not using names, but one should be wary of a source like the blog. McHenry County Blog, by contrast, has been a reputable source for local news for 14 years under Cal Skinner.

But then, Skillicorn decided to tweet about the 8-chan type blog posting about his opponent as if it were legitimate news from a reputable group, around mid-afternoon on Monday (time displayed in tweet is Pacific time):

The 8chan type blog posted two updates since its original post from Monday, which are cut and pasted below, the first on Monday afternoon after McHenry County Blog published its article, and the 2nd late Tuesday night:

ANALYSIS: Bad move on Skillicorn’s part to promote such a dubious source in his tweet for his own political gain, and the last sentence in “Update 2” above, I don’t believe the truth in that statement and doubtful any one else will believe it either.

The first “update” above tried to respond to Cal’s observation in his article from Monday. The comment cited was a response to my first comment in that article, and I do not believe it at all. Let that blog publish the names of the “contributors” who live in the 66th district and I’ll take back what I said.

But the 2nd update, from Tuesday, does mention what the rest of this article will share, and that is a Facebook conversation Schofield had about the contents of the blog’s post. The maturity and poise Schofield displayed answering questions was not perfect, but were honest, humble and sincere.

Forget, for the moment, what she said, Schofield facing some hostile questioners after a blog, which in the old days could be referred to as a “scandal sheet”, which in my honest opinion lied about her position on the 2nd amendment, and lied about her involvement in the League of Women Voters, begins to convince me, and likely others, that Schofield replacing Skillicorn may not be such a bad idea.

Since Skillicorn chose to use such a source through his Twitter account, he brought the blog into his campaign. Since his Twitter account is linked to, his @AllenSkillicorn Twitter ID is part of his campaign.

Back to Schofield, in most of her Facebook exchanges on 2A, she is humble, and genuinely contrite. Contrast that to Skillicorn’s reaction to this primary challenge, both in his tone in his press releases published on McHenry County Blog on August 22 and September 11, or the tone, the condescending entitlement mentality displayed in his September 8 speech at the Dundee Township Republican Organization picnic on video, and maybe Skillicorn should take a lesson from Schofield on how to discuss issues he personally doesn’t agree with someone, and course-correct.

And speaking of Skillicorn and course-correction, he should also practice what nearly all elected officials and political candidates do when it comes to their political Facebook pages — open it to the public! You have to be logged-in to Facebook to access his campaign’s page?!? I cannot think of any other political Facebook page requiring to be logged-in to read information. That’s like, back in the days of land-line telephones, a candidate not having their phone number listed in the phone book. Hopefully, Skillicorn will allow his “Taxpayers4Skillicorn” page to be public, and no one should have to log-in to Facebook to view its contents.

Here is Schofield’s Facebook conversations which started Monday late afternoon, and go through late Tuesday night. Voters can judge for themselves where Schofield stands on the 2nd amendment. I’m still not sold on Schofield to actually vote for her since there are many other issues in this election, yet the events of this week are starting to convince me, and Skillicorn really needs to course-correct his demeanor for the 2020 campaign:

Mr. Jeffrey R. Savoie residency unknown

What started as a “gun free zones” continues with a rather dubious claim about bringing a gun to school. I grew up in Texas, and that was not allowed.

While Schofield’s use of the word “hate” is questionable, she explains the use later in the conversation.

Schofield switches to her personal Facebook account to continue the conversation.

An additional particpant, whose profile says he’s from Bull Valley, joins.

Another poster joins, and Schofield, who is now posting late Tuesday night back on her campaign Facebook account, is clearly being honest, and her tone has changed for understandable reasons.

This Mr. Sipla shared several articles which were excluded, and the Illinois story was the incident where a 75 year old man had to defend his property with a handgun in Lake County, shooting one of the 6 teens, who died later. The other 5 teens are charged with murder, under Illinois law.

As stated above, 66th district voters can judge for themselves where Schofield stands on the 2nd amendment, and can also see for themselves and ask why does anyone have to be dishonest about her record.

Defenders Schedule Fox River Clean-Up Saturday

From the Environmental Defenders of McHenry County:

12th ANNUAL “It’s Our River Day”

Woodstock, IL – The Environmental Defenders of McHenry County and the Village of Algonquin will hold the 12th annual “It’s Our River Day” – a local Fox River clean-up.  

The event will be held on Saturday, September 21, 2019 from NOON to 4PM at Towne Park along Crystal Creek, a tributary to the Fox River. 

The event this year will coincide with the Rotary Club’s Harvest Market near historic downtown Algonquin.  

Join the community for this annual celebration of the Fox River (and part of the state-wide day of river celebration!)

It’s a clean-up, both on land and in the water, thanks to the

  • Village of Algonquin
  • Environmental Defenders of McHenry County
  • Sierra Club-Valley of the Fox Group
  • Fox River Jeep Club
  • llinois Paddling Council
  • Illinois Water TrailKeepers and
  • Prairie State Canoeists,
  • plus all those who come out to clean up and celebrate together with your fellow Fox River watershed inhabitants!

For more information please contact The Environmental Defenders of McHenry County, 110 S. Johnson Street, Suite 106, Woodstock, IL 60098. WWW.MCDEF.ORG.   815-338-0393.

Sheriff Holding Open House Saturday

From the McHenry County Sheriff’s Department:

Sheriff’s Office Open House: Saturday, September 21, 9 a.m. – 1 p.m.

Car Seat Check Event also offered August 26, 2019

The McHenry County Sheriff’s Office will be hosting an Open House from 9 a.m. – 1 p.m. on Saturday, September 21st at 2200 N. Seminary Ave. in Woodstock.

This event will give the community the opportunity to see firsthand the day-to-day operations of the Sheriff’s Office while meeting many of the men and women that serve the community.

Event Opportunities:

  • Department Tour
  • Display of police service vehicles
  • Child Fingerprinting IDs
  • Corrections Facility Demonstration: 10:30 a.m. and 12:30 a.m.
  • K9 Demonstration 11:30 a.m.
  • Flight for Life Helicopter (Planned for the morning hours and if weather permits)

Families that attend are encouraged to have their child safety seat checked by certified child passenger safety technicians.

This is an opportunity to have your child’s seat checked for proper installation and learn more about proper fit of your child in a car seat and seat belt.

McHenry County Government Center

Due to the event being located at the McHenry County Government Center, everyone entering the building for the department tours will go through a security check point.

Items that are not permitted into the courthouse are:

  • foods
  • liquids
  • flammable items
  • sharp objects
  • knives
  • , weapons, or
  • anything that may be viewed as a weapon.

More information on the Open House can be obtained by calling the Community Relations Division at 815-338-2144.

“All the News that Fits, We Print”

That should be the new motto of the New York Times in view of the following found in today’s Chicago Tribune:

I’d link to the story, but, when I search for “Kavanaugh, New York Times,”the story does not appear.

Neither can I find the page 8 story by scrolling down today’s stories on the Tribune web site.

Maybe a reader can find a link.

Reader Finds County Board Member Carlos Acosta Clocked in at DCFS Job While at Committee Meetings

A Friend of McHenry County Blog did the research for and wrote the following article:


We have all wanted or needed to be in two places at once at one time or another in our busy lives.

When life pulls us in two different directions we are faced with making a decision.

That decision is usually made based on many factors, what we feel is best, what is morally correct, which is more important to us and others. 

Carlos Acosta

We use our judgement to decide because we know we cannot be in two places at once.  It appears, however, that Carlos Acosta has this ability,

 After being forewarned that he is/was “expressly prohibited from engaging in political activities on state time”, it appears as if he neglected to take this warning seriously, or his own self interests clouded his judgement.

This documentation indicates he “double dipped” and shows he was on state time at DCFS, being paid by DCFS during the same time he was sitting in his seat for his elected position on the count board.

This is extremely unethical and possibly fraudulent in nature.  

Being paid by DCFS but not actually being there to perform his job duties. 

There appears to be a pattern and precedence set forth by Carlos Acosta. 

There needs to be further investigation into this matter, not only for these time cards and incidents presented here, but also during the campaigning season, when he had knocked on thousands of doors, held meet and greets with the public etc.  

If Carlos Acosta was overworked then his time at DCFS and the cases he was working on should reflect that he did not take time away from his DCFS resposibilities during normal business hours.

Discrepancies have been found in Mr. Acosta’s own accounting of his whereabouts on the following dates and times.

• February 28, 2019 his DCFS time sheet shows his entered start time at 12:00 pm. County Board Minutes and video show he was in attendance until 12:35 pm.

• March 14, 2019, his DCFS time sheet shows his  entered start time at 12:00 pm. County Board Minutes and video show he was in attendance until 12:25 pm.

• April 11, 2019, his DCFS time sheet shows his entered start time at 12:00 pm. County Board Minutes and video show he was in attendance until 12:39 pm

One of Acosta’s time sheets.

Could there be instances of this same impropriety, where he was on the clock at DCFS but engaged in “political activities”?

Hopefully his lack of integrity combined with poor judgement didn’t affect the well-being of another child?

= = = = =

The dot points above and links to meetings were sent to Acosta for comment yesterday afternoon.

No reply has been received.

= = = = =

The following was received after the article was posted:

I just saw this now. It went into my spam folder. 

As you know, state employees work an 8.5 hr day (8:30 am to 5 pm), but only get paid for 7.5 hours.

There is a built-in unpaid lunch hour.

As I understand our contract, if an employee uses benefit time for less than half of the business day (less than 4.25 hrs), they can also utilize their unpaid lunch hour.

The contract only states that the lunch hour shall be utilized (I’m paraphrasing) at the middle of their shift.  

For example, an employee that takes 4 hrs. off in the afternoon (1 pm to 5 pm) could actually leave during their unpaid lunch from 12 – 1.

One of the quirks of our (old) timekeeping system is that the hours in a day must equal 8.5.

So the above example would be coded as working from 8:30 until 1 pm (4.5 hrs) and then on benefit time from 1 pm to 5 pm (4 hrs.).

On the days referenced, I was utilizing benefit time from 8:30 am until 12 pm.

I utilized my unpaid lunch hour from 12 pm to 1 pm and reported to work at 1 pm.

The timesheet correctly shows 8:30 am to 12 pm (3.5 hrs) benefit time and 12 pm to 5 pm (5 hrs) contracted time, which equals 8.5 hours.

Hope that clarifies this.

Carlos J. Acosta, LCSW, CISW
McHenry Co. Board District 5

Pritzker Offers Penalty & Interest Break for Tax Delinquents

From the JB Pritzker Administration:

Illinois Revenue Announces Tax Amnesty Program

Program begins October 1, 2019 and runs until November 15, 2019

SPRINGFIELD – Illinois taxpayers who incurred tax liabilities between July 1, 2011 and June 30, 2018 may be eligible for the one-time tax amnesty program.

Delinquent taxpayer. Graphic from the Tax Foundation.

Beginning October 1, 2019, eligible taxpayers who pay their eligible tax liabilities in full will have associated penalties and interest waived. 

Taxpayers have until November 15, 2019 to make a full payment on their liabilities and file the required paperwork with the Illinois Department of Revenue (IDOR).
 “Now is an excellent opportunity for taxpayers with tax liabilities to pay what they owe and come into compliance with the law,” said David Harris, Illinois Department of Revenue Acting Director. 

“By taking advantage of this amnesty program, taxpayers can eliminate any eligible tax debts owed, without penalty or interest. 

“This allows them to have a clean tax slate with the State of Illinois.

“The Department of Revenue is committed to achieving a tax system where everyone pays their fair share and citizens can trust they are treated equitably. “

This one-time amnesty program helps us achieve that goal.”

During budget negotiations this year, Governor Pritzker proposed a tax amnesty program for taxpayers who have state tax liabilities, and the General Assembly agreed to include the program as part of this year’s fiscal budget.

The Governor’s Office of Management and Budget estimates the tax amnesty program will recover $175 million in outstanding tax liabilities.
To participate in Illinois’ Tax Amnesty Program, taxpayers must pay all outstanding tax on an amnesty qualifying period in order to have eligible penalties and interest waived.

Taxpayers who failed to file during the original filing period will need to file an original return in addition to making full payment of tax due.

For taxpayers who want to report changes to previously filed returns, an amended tax return and full payment of tax due are required.

The tax amnesty program includes most types of tax liabilities and penalties, but excludes taxes not collected by IDOR, such as property or local government taxes, and some fees, such as bad check fees and outside collection agency fees.
IDOR is in the process of mailing notices to certain eligible taxpayers listing their liabilities and giving instructions on how to pay.

Phone calls should be directed to the number listed on the taxpayer’s notice. Taxpayers, including those who do not receive a notice from IDOR, seeking additional information should visit IDOR’s Tax Amnesty web page located at

IL-14: Sue Rezin Hometown Fundraiser September 22

As shared in yesterday’s article about the end of September and then report cards for IL-14 congressional candidates in the form of Federal Election Commission (FEC) campaign disclosure reports revealing the fundraising results and the receptiveness of each candidate’s message and viability to voters and donors, State Senator Sue Rezin has a fundraiser scheduled for Sunday in her hometown of Morris, per this mailer hitting the streets this week.

The invite and reply-device is below:

Looks like Rezin’s campaign is playing-off of Beto O’Rourke’s quote from last week’s presidential debate toning it down to “HECK YES!”

The event is playing off of Rezin’s farming roots, which she shared in a recent interview at the Sandwich Fair on September 6 (link below for 6 1/2 minutes interview) where she emphasized her experience on agriculture issues.

The invitation being sent via U.S. Mail is a combined fundraiser invite and introductory letter from Rezin. Included in her bio is her electoral history beginning with her successful 1990s election to the Nettle Creek Community Consolidated School District #24C school board, and emphasizes her being battle-tested in multiple tier-one races at the state level including her state representative victory in 2010 flipping the House district, and her three successful races for state senate (2012, 2014, 2018):

COMMENTARY on the mailer: An effective first mailer introducing herself directly to the voters, and offline from the internet. Voters and prospective donors have the opportunity to respond with a contribution, whether they plan to attend the fundraiser or not.

Since the event is a small dollar event, affordable for families, but gives donors the opportunity to contribute larger amounts if they choose.

Given IL-14 is both suburban and rural, she is emphasizing her rural roots while demonstrating she can represent suburbanites in IL-14 in Congress given her experience growing up in rural Illinois, being a wife, a mom raising four children to adulthood, small business owner, school board member and state senator, showing her life experiences has prepared her for Congress.

Three Congressional Candidates Work Crowd at Saturday Republican Precinct Committeemen’s Appreciation Gathering

The McHenry County Republican Party held a Committeemen’s apreciation event at the Woodstock Country Club Saturday evening.

It was right after the Craig Wilcox-Dan McConchie fundraiser in Cary.

Ted Gradel, Jim Marter and Caralina Lauf were in attendance and gave short talks.

In addition, State Rep. Allen Skillicorn spoke on Jim Oberweis’ behalf.

Before the formal part of the meeting, candidates were gathering petition signatures.

Congressiional candideate Ted Gradel was gathering signatures.
Judge Mark Gerhardt found a couplein his subdistrict.

All were chatting up those in attendance.

Congressional candidate Jim Marter made his case.
Judge David Gervais has the best identification in the room.
County GOP Chairman Diane Evertsen was busy making sure every thing went as planned.

Besides candidate petitions, McHenry County Board member Chuck Wheeler was passing a petition for a Second Amendment advisory referendum.

County Clerk Joe Tirio chatted with Board member Chuck Wheeler.

The candidates moved from person to person.

Mark Daniel talks with Stew Cohen, while Catalina Lauf listens. County Board member John Jung can be seen in the background.

Even candidates not on the ballot attended.

County Treasurer Glenda Miller and Algonquin Township Republican Party Chairman Glen Swanson exchanged vitews.
County Auditor Shannon Teresi and State Rep. Allen Skillicorn were among the notables.
Congressional candidate Catalina Lauf and GOP Committeeman Bob Borchert got to know each other.

2nd Amendment Group Brings Up 2018 Carolyn Schofield Post

Something called “Illinois Watchdogs For Constitutional Rights” criticizes McHenry County Board member and candidate for State Representative Carolyn Schofield for her position on the Second Amendment

The group posts this from Schofield, which was published on McHenry County Blog on February 28, 2018.

The rest of the organization’s article uses a guilt by association argument.

It notes that Schofield is a member of the League of Women Voters and points to the leftwing views of that organization on guns.

IL-06/IL-14: Two Weeks to End of September and Under a Month to Report Cards

3rd Quarter FEC Reports Crucial for Congressional Candidate Viability Metric

It’s the 16th of September, and that means we are 2 weeks away from the 30th of September, which is the end of the calendar quarter.

And if you are running for federal office, that is the next milestone on the long calendar of the 2020 election cycle, beginning with the IL Republican primary election, 6 months plus a day away on March 17.

Congressional candidates in IL-06 and IL-14, whether they admit it or not, are scrambling with fundraising activities. Some are formal events, like the one in Crystal Lake on the 29th for James Marter.

Others are through emails and other written correspondence appealing to voters in IL, and donors from around the country. The Democrats, Congressman Sean Casten and Congresswoman Lauren Underwood, will both be doing their share of fundraising too. While neither have a primary challenger in March, both districts are top-tier races, and National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC) targets next year.

For three candidates in IL-06/IL-14, the 3rd quarter campaign disclosure filings with the Federal Election Commission (FEC) will be the first filings of their campaigns, and all eyes, not just in Illinois but around the country, will be watching when these 3 women file their reports given they launched their campaigns during the 3rd quarter, based on their initial candidacy filings with the FEC:

In IL-14 with the election of Underwood to Congress last year, some see a generational shift taking place given Underwood was 32, a millenial, when elected. Could the same be happening among Republicans given there are two millenials seeking the Republican nomination, and this tweet from State Representative Allen Skillicorn yesterday morning, was with one of them (the other millenial is Danny Malouf):

Please note, Skillicorn has endorsed State Senator Jim Oberweis in the IL-14 Republican primary

Once the candidates’ FEC filings are made public, and count on all of the candidates, including the Democratic incumbents, waiting until the final day of filing reports on October 15, the analytics will commence.

COMMENTARY: Many questions will be answered with the 3rd quarter FEC campaign disclosure reports next month, including but not limited to:

  • In IL-14, will Jim Oberweis and Ted Gradel, who both have raised at least $300,000 through June, remain in the fundraising lead?
  • In IL-06, will Evelyn Sanguinetti make significant improvement on her $103,648 2nd quarter receipts, which many thought was a disappointment for a former statewide elected official?
  • Will Ives, Lauf and Rezin prove themselves viable financially with their first FEC filing?
  • In IL-14, will James Marter and Danny Malouf have significantly high fundraising totals to elevate their campaigns to viability to compete with Oberweis, Gradel and presumably Rezin and Lauf?
  • Will the monies raised enable candidates to begin opening campaign offices for the primary election, apart from the candidates who’ve already established a physical presence in their respective district:
    • Jim Oberweis opened his St. Charles headquarters and Crystal Lake satellite offices in June
    • Jeanne Ives opened her Wheaton headquarters in September
  • How much monies raised through the 3rd quarter will be from donors opposed to candidates loaning themselves money to their campaigns:
    • Jim Oberweis’ $416,402 raised, $200,000 from himself
    • Ted Gradel’s $304,905 raised, $30,000 from himself
    • Evelyn Sanguinetti’s $103,647 raised, $5,600 from herself
    • James Marter $19,017 raised, $14,844 from himself
    • Danny Malouf $4,190 raised, $0 from himself
  • How much of a candidates’ campaign receipts be raised from Illinois, as opposed to outside of Illinois?

This is crunch time, and with all of the endorsements and polling currently taking place, it is all tied to fundraising and that September 30 deadline. While petition circulation is a priority, between now and 11:59PM CDT on the 30th, fundraising is the top priority.

It is safe to say that given the Republican fields in IL-06 and IL-14, most voters are undecided, with a level of name ID with candidates who have served in public office in Springfield, or who have a business that is a household name. Most Republican primary voters are likely not even paying attention to the congressional primary races yet.

That said, there are some Republican primary voters who have already made up their minds and are actively volunteering for one of the candidates in some way. While being a pair of shoes on the ground will help your preferred candidate, they also need financial help and through contributing financially to a candidate between now and the 30th will literally show you putting your money where your mouth is.

And while not everyone can be a maxed-out donor for the primary, and at $2,800 is when a donor maxes out to a particular federal candidate, if one really believes in a particular candidate, then contribute whatever you can. Small dollar donors are sought after, too, and it will help your preferred candidate.


  • IL-06 candidate Dr. Jay Kinzler, who made is intentions known last week he will be running for Congress as a Republican, has not filed his candidacy paperwork with the FEC. If he does not do so by the 30th, he will not file a 3rd quarter campaign disclosure report.
  • IL-14 candidate Anthony Catella, who announced his Republican congressional candidacy back in March, has yet to file his candidacy with the FEC, and like fellow Army veteran Dr. Kinzler, he will not have 3rd quarter disclosure reports either.
  • The report card graphic was taken from the School DIstrict of Philadelphia website, and modified by McHenry County Blog

Tracking Crystal Lake High School District Spending from 2009-18

From one of Mark’s comments:

Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE), Operating Expense Per Pupil (OEPP), Crystal Lake High School District 155 (CHSD 155)

Year – OEPP – Percentage Increase or Decrease

2009 – $11,130

2010 – $11,844 – 6.4%

2011 – $11,911 – 0.6%

2012 – $13,086 – 9.9%

2013 – $13,436 – 2.7%

2014 – $14,618 – 8.8%

2015 – $15,530 – 6.2%

2016 – $15,021 – (3.3%)

2017 – $15,522 – 3.3%

2018 – $15,686 – 1.1%

2009 ($11,130) – 2018 ($15,686): 41%

2009 – 2018 Inflation: 17.05%


Wilcox-McConchie Cary Fundraiser Teeming with Candidates Seeking Petition Signatures

Illinois is one of those states where Democrats have done their best to limit competition by requiring large numbers of signatures on petitions.

McHenry County GOP Coroner candidate Michael Rein (no relation to the event’s host) was one of the candidates trying to fill up up his petition with signatures.

For example, when I was first running for State Representative, I believe only 250 signatures were required.

Judges Mark Gerhardt and Justin Hansen were also pushing their candidacies.

I think it’s now 500 to get on the ballot.

RqAll three judicial candidates were filling petitions. From left to right, Mark Gerhardt, David Gervais and Justin Hansen.

Two seeking to serve in Congress were also passing petitions.

Rich Carter signs Mark Curran’s U.S. Senate petition, while Evelyn Sanguinetti carries her petition clipboard. Bonnie Quirke, wearing the 45 shirt, was passing a Fair Maps petition.

At the hilltop estate of Realator Michael Rein, there were candidates a plenty seeking petition signatures.

Not only former Lake County Sheriff Mark Curran was gathering signatures for a U.S. Senate run, but McHenry County State’s Attorney Patrick Kenneally was for his re-election campaign.

One I didn’t get a decent photo of was my State Rep. Tom Weber, whose petition I signed.

There was even a table where people didn’t have to interact with candidates.

Of course, people didn’t come to sign petitions.

Those who have not run for office don’t realize how much work it is. Here Craig Wilcox post a sign at the entrance to the fundraiser.

They came to support two of the State Senators who represent McHenry County.

Dan McConchie converses with a constituent.

The food, a shrimp boil, was just the enticement.

Lining up for food.

Even candidates for office outside of the two honoree’s State Senate districts were in attendance.

Chris Kisperski was Craig Wilcox’ campaign manager last election. Now he is running for State Senate against Lake County’s Melinda Bush.

When I took a picture of her shirt, as usual, I did not include her head.

I did not figure out she was a candidate until I pre-posted the shirt’s image as a “Message of the Day”

There was another candidate for State Senate.

So, she remains headless in this photo:

This is a property that the McHenry County Conservation District must lust for.

The rise down the hill is an Indian mound.

There was a big surprise for me.

Chris Jenner

Chirs Jenner, former McHenry County College Board President and, before that, a Cary Grade School Board member, who served as a Republican Precinct Committeeman, flew in for the weekend from Florida.

He said he came for the music and hoped to join the band later in the afternoon.

Ives Packs Them In at Algonquin Coffee

State Rep. Allen Skillicorn introduced Jeanne Ives in Algonquin.

Forty-fifty people attended an Algonquin campaign appearance for 6th congressional district Republican candidate Jeanne Ives the evening of September 5th.

Stansding room only.

Held at a private home, there were not enough chairs in the back yard for everyone attending.

Stansding room only.

Held at a private home, there were not enough chairs in the back yard for everyone attending.

Standing room only.

Held at a private home, there were not enough chairs in the back yard for everyone attending.

Stew Cohen, Rita Heuel and Shanon Teresi

McHenry County Auditor Shannon Teresi, Crystal Lake GOP Committeeman Rita Heuel and her husband Stew Cohen were in attendance.

Ives addesses the crowd.

Some got chairs.

Other had to stand.

County Auditor Shannon Teresi and Judges Justin Hansen and Mark Gerhardt brought petitions.

Sanguinetti’s Crystal Lake Meet & Greet

Candidates Evelyn Sanguinetti and Justin Hnasen worked the room.

Saturday morning at the Crystal Lake Chamber of Commerce Building, Republican Precinct Committeeman John Pletz hosted a chance for area residents to meet 6th District Congressional candidate Evelyn Sanguinetti.

Host John Pletz converses.

In addition, appointed Judge Justin Hansen.

Judge Justin Hansen gets to know Fox River Grove GOP Committeeman Danijela Sandberg.

He seeks electorial permission to serve six-year term.

Carolyn Schofield, running for State Rep., Cheryl Meyer, County Board member Joe Gottemoeller and Coroner candidate Angela Byrnes.

And given that judges basically run against the records after six years with a majority no vote of 60% required to be ousted, the seat is essentially a lifetime job.

Evelyn Sanguinetti chats with Coroner candidate Angela Byrnes.

Not everyone was caught on camera before I left about twenty minutes after the 9 AN event started, but, of those in attendance, I could identify only 2-4 who lived in the 6th Congresional District.

Sanguinetti bought coffee and donuts.

Skillicorn Plans Town Hall Meeting

From State Rep. Allen Skillicorn:

Coffee & Conversation Town Hall

 Crystal Lake, IL – State Representative Allen Skillicorn will be hosting a Coffee & Conversation Town Hall on Monday, September 16 from 6:30 – 7:30 pm at Panera Bread, 101 S Western Ave, Carpentersville, IL.

Skillicorn stated, “This will be my tenth town hall this year.

“I enjoy meeting my constituents and discussing matters that are important to them.”

The Town Hall is free and open to the public.

For more information, call 815-893-4884 or email

IL-06: Jeanne Ives Interviewed on WBBM At Issue

From WBBM Radio’s Page on

Former State Representative Jeanne Ives was interviewed on WBBM’s At Issue program and broadcast on Sunday, September 15. At Issue is usually taped on Thursday prior to the Sunday broadcast.

The interview with Craig Dellimore includes multiple issues and is quite informative.

Ives is running for the Republican nomination in the 6th congressional district, including all of Algonquin Township in McHenry County, currently represented by Democratic Congressman Sean Casten. In addition to Ives, former Lieutenant Governor Evelyn Sanguinetti and Dr. Jay Kinzler are seeking the Republican nomination next year.

The broadcast will be repeated at 9:30PM CDT on Sunday the 15th. The podcast is available online at the following address:

U.S. Senate 2020: Nine Republicans Running to Presumably Challenge Durbin

In 2020, U.S. Senator Dick Durbin’s seat will be up for election, and he will be seeking reelection to a 5th 6-year term. Thus far, 1 Democrat has filed to challenge him in the primary. On the Republican side, nine candidates have either filed, or announced their intention to seek the nomination for the opportunity run for Senate in the fall of 2020.

In addition, one independent has declared he will run on the November ballot against the Democratic and Republican nominees. Here is the listing of all U.S. Senate candidates:

Source: FEC Filings as Captured by California Target Book as of 9/12/19

Please note, Democratic State Representative Anne Stava-Murray has decided not to run for the Senate. But after Labor Day, Marilyn Jordan Lawlor from Lake County filed with the Federal Elections Commission (FEC) her statement of candidacy.

The listing above only has an “8-count” for Republicans. However, the Dundee Township Republican Organization (DTRO) has the following Senate candidates listed on their Facebook post from yesterday:

Only six Senate candidates are listed, and one of the candidates in the Facebook post was not listed above.

That candidate is William J. Kelly, who has run for numerous public offices in the past. Mr. Kelly has not filed his FEC paperwork, but his website states he’s running.

Four of the nine Senate candidates appeared at the DTRO picnic on September 8, and the videos for the candidates are posted on the DTRO YouTube page.

Candidates Burak Agun, Casey Cheblek and Dean Seppelfrick were not included by DTRO’s Facebook post, possibly because these candidates do not have web sites.

The DTRO Facebook post includes links to candidates petitions, and contact information, for the six candidates linked on their page.

COMMENTARY: None of the nine Republicans running next year are top-tier candidates. Mark Curran is the only one who has served in elective countywide public office, serving three terms as the sheriff of neighboring Lake County.

Republicans will nominate one of the nine (or anyone else who may decide to run in the primary) to challenge, presumably Senator Durbin in the fall. Independent candidate Willie Wilson, who finished 4th in February’s Chicago nonpartisan mayoral primary, will be on the November ballot, too.

Whether a 3rd political party files to run in the General Election next year remains to be seen. As it stands now, there will be a Democratic nominee, a Republican nominee and thus far, one independent candidate will be on the ballot in November of 2020 for U.S. Senate from Illinois.

McHenry County Blog thanks DTRO for placing links to U.S. Senate candidates’ petitions on their Facebook page, and the speeches of the candidates who appeared at the DTRO picnic on their YouTube channel. The link to DTRO’s YouTube channel with speeches from September 8 is below: