Ives 6th District Announcement for Congress Highlights Day’s News

From Former Quigley Supporter:

Follow-up from Congressional Border Visits

After the border visits in the Rio Grande Valley of south Texas by 3 separate congressional delegations on Friday, Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer made statements to the press. 

Link to a POLITICO article below. 

President Trump tweeted Sunday evening he would set up the meeting to discuss the border with Senator Schumer “ASAP!”:

The President’s tweets alludes to the attempt by undocumented immigrant “bridge-runners” to enter the USA illegally at the nearby Pharr-Reynosa International Bridge hours before the congressional delegations’ arrivals in the Rio Grande Valley.

The delegation Congresswoman Lauren Underwood was part, the House Homeland Security Committee, has not yet issued any press briefings. 

Underwood’s social media and press releases have issued nothing either. 

One would expect the House Homeland Services Committee to issue findings to support the border-legislation which cleared the committee last week, H.R. 2203 and Underwood’s H.R. 3525.

Finally, the Problem Solvers Caucus’ Congressman Dean Phillips (D, MN) was interviewed on Fox News yesterday. 

Phillips continued the honest, bipartisan view he and his PSC colleagues showed in their Friday evening press conference.

Jeanne Ives Press Release 7/21/19

Prior to her campaign’s kickoff last night, 6th district Republican congressional candidate Jeanne Ives issued the following press release through Facebook:

IT MUST BE NOTED:  Congressman Casten did not vote himself a pay raise. 

The House majority leader and his Republican counterpart had a bipartisan agreement to pursue a cost of living adjustment for members and their staff. 

Congressman Casten openly and strongly supported the pay raise proposed by the majority and minority leaders. 

Many more freshmen Democrats opposed the pay raise, and in early June, the House Majority leadership abandoned the pay raise and not pursue it through the fiscal year 2020 appropriations process the House finished in June. 

This was the same time the House majority leadership decided not to attempt to eliminate the Hyde Amendment for FY2020, and it was included, and Casten voted for it, in the House appropriations bill for Health and Human Services.

Illinois Republican County Chairman’s Associations Did Something Very Wrong

Over this past weekend, the Illinois Republican County Chairman’s Associations did something very wrong that they should not have done.  The headlines and embedded stories can speak for themselves:

To everyone, and especially the Republican congressional candidates in the 6th and 14th districts and their supporters, please be more sensitive to what you say and how you say it especially what you post online. 

Cook County Republican Chairman Sean Morrison said it best in Crain’s:

“There are civil ways to express political differences that do not involve appealing to racist extremes.”

ould add something we see when getting ready to go through security check-in at an airport–“No Jokes”.

(In order not to spread the image, I am not posting links to the articles cited here.)

Christian Responses to the President

Chicagoland-based Christianity Today published an excellent editorial on Friday concerning Christians responding to President Trump, and especially his tweets. 

The “Court vs. Wilderness” prophets/messengers is an excellent metaphor.  All are encouraged to read the editorial in its entirety:

Over Thirteen Years for Criminal Sexual Assault of a Child

From the McHenry County State’s Attorney’s Office:


William Dugar

Patrick D. Kenneally, McHenry County State’s Attorney, announces that 29-year-old William Dugar, Jr. formerly of Elgin, Illinois, was sentenced to 13 1/2 years in the Illinois Department of Corrections for the offense of Predatory Criminal Sexual Assault of a Child and Aggravated Criminal Sexual Abuse by the Honorable Judge Robert Wilbrandt.

Dugar was found guilty following a bench trial on June 6, 2019 for sexually assaulting a minor in 2009.

Under the Truth in Sentencing Guidelines, Curry will have to serve 85% of the sentence for predatory criminal sexual assault of a child and will have to register as a lifetime sex offender upon his release from prison.

The case was prosecuted by Assistant State’s Attorneys Sharyl Eisenstein and Mary Ann Schol.

Pols at McHenry’s Fiesta Days Parade – Part 1

Geri Condon, Parade Marshall

Near the beginning of the 2019 Fiesta Days Parade was Parade Marshall Geri Condon.

Wayne Jett

Leading the City Council was Mayor Wayne Jett.

Vic Santi

Next came Alderman Vic Santi.

Andy Glab

Second Ward Alderman Andy Glab was next.

Jeffrey Schaefer

Third Ward Alderman Jeffrey Schaefer worked the shady side of the street.

Jack Franks

Jack Franks’ contingent came next.

And, then, one of the highlights of the parade, the same squad of Jesse White Tumblers who performed in Crystal Lake Independence Day Parade.

Let’s look at them before we move on to other entries.

Before McHenry’s Fiesta Days Parade

Sunday was when the annual Fiesta Days Parade is held in McHenry.

I arrived a little early and walked down the line-up of entries.

Jack Franks

And, what did I see?

It was McHenry County Board Chairman Jack Franks chatting with one of his volunteers.

Jim Marter

Next in my viewfinder I spotted 16th District Republican congressional hopeful Jim Marter.

Across the railroad tracks I found the Republican Party contingent.

In the center are Craig Wilcox and Tom Weber.

On the way back to my shady spot in front of Plum Garden, I saw Franks again.

Jack Franks and volunteers.

Toy Story 4 Interrupeted by Electical Outgage

Probably 5-10 minutes from its end, the movie screen we were watching at Regal Cinima in Crystal Lake went black.

Emergency lights immediately lit up the theater.

With Com Ed’s current not being restored, I wondered out the door to find a manager.

I asked where we could get a refund and he quite logically pointed out that his terminals were down, offering passes for future move instead.

He ovbserved that there was no way to know how log service would be out, that twice in the last week this had happended.

Once for twenty minutes, the other time for seven hours.

We missed the story that blew garbage cans across the street on the south side of Crystal Lake and whipped up whitecaps on the lake’s surface.

Lukasik Continues Offense in Her Defense

From Illinois Leaks, republishied with permission:

Algonquin Township – If at first you fail, try, try again – Lukasik makes more demands – threatens counter suit amendment


McHenry Co. (ECWd) –

A recent attempt by Algonquin Township Clerk Karen Lukasik to enrich herself  failed, yet that has not stopped her from making more demands in a case where she brought a counter-claim. 

In that action, she alleged [Andrew] Gasser and others destroyed records but told authorities no records were missing during the criminal investigation (see page 9). 

Karen Lukasik

As if that was not telling enough, she admitted in the Request to Admit Facts, she had no facts that Gasser destroyed any records.

Initially, she wanted the following to withdraw her counter-claim:

  • OPTION #1:  Lukasik resigns, dismisses her counterclaim, receives a payout of $65,000, and a statement that no party in the proceeding has any evidence that Lukasik wrongfully destroyed township records during her term of office or did anything wrong while she served.
  • OPTION #2:  Lukasik remains as Township Clerk, dismisses the counterclaim, receives a payout of $35,000, the same statement as mentioned in #1 (above), and that she has sole access to township records.

After the claimed “stop the bleeding” of legal bills letter was distributed amongst the parties, we can now include Lukasik’s rejection of the proposed agreement unless her demands are met, and if they are not met, she is going to amend her Counter-Claim.

Stop the Press!

Yes, Karen Lukasik, the very woman who told authorities there are no missing records, admitted she has no evidence of Gasser destroying records, is now threatening to amend her complaint if her demands are not met.

Her demands:

  1. changing of locks securing the township records from access by anyone other than the Clerk or her designee;
  2. an acknowledgment by the Highway Commissioner and Supervisor that the Township Clerk was wrongfully brought into this lawsuit and that there is no evidence whatsoever that the Township Clerk has mishandled the Township records in any way; and
  3. execution of a full general release

Unless I missed something, Luakaisk is an elected official. 

She has every right to secure the records in a fashion which meets that objective. 

If she has the funds in the budget to change the locks in question, I find nothing in the law that would prevent her from changing them. 

Why she has not done this already is a mystery.

As far as an acknowledgment from Gasser and Lutzow stating she was wrongfully brought into the lawsuit and that there is no evidence whatsoever the Township Clerk has mishandled the Township records in any way is quite the stretch to us.

She was brought into the lawsuit because she had made public posts on the Offical Facebook page about destroying records. 

We wrote about it in this article.  

All records aside, it would appear if she was wrongly brought into the lawsuit her attorney would have gotten her out of it with a simple Motion to Dismiss. 

Considering she has not won on such a move means the courts believe there is sufficient support for her to be in the case.

The last demand; execution of a release? 

Why on earth would she need such a release if she had done nothing wrong?

Anything short of her demands and she is going to file an amended counter-claim. 

We can’t wait to see how she is going to amend her counter-claim in light of the fact she has already admitted there are no missing records and that she has no facts to support her claim that Gasser destroyed public records.

It would appear any funds spent on Attorney Nelson and his drafting of a Settlement Order was a total waste of money as it did nothing other than create more billable hours for the attorneys actually billing in this case.

You can view a copy of the proposal rejection and demands email by downloading at this link or view below:

Border Visits by Congress Folks

From Former Quigley Supporter:

Undocumented Immigrants Rush Pharr-Reynosa International Bridge Hours Before Congressional Visits

With three separate congressional delegations visiting the Rio Grande Valley on Friday, 47 undocumented immigrants in 3 waves rushed the Pharr-Reynosa International Bridge early Friday morning in an attempt to “bridge-running” into the United States.

Sixteen individuals were taken by CBP for processing and deportation.  Mexican officials took the rest.

Of the three congressional delegations visiting the Rio Grande Valley in south Texas on Friday, the most interesting, honest and bipartisan of the 3 is the delegation from the House Problem Solvers Caucus (PSC). 

This caucus, currently made up of 48 members, split evenly between Democrats and Republicans, was the group that successfully broke the partisan gridlock for the emergency funding for the southern border last month. 

The PSC convinced House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to accept the Senate-amended H.R. 3401 emergency southern border funding bill as-is, which created the uproar among progressives and the emergence of “The Squad”. 

The PSC is the most honest assessment of what was seen at the border, and their bipartisan press conference was recorded in its entirety by KGBT-TV.

Congresswoman Underwood and Congressman Casten both need to take a lesson from the PSC, just as they did last month with their votes on H.R. 3401 on June 27, and quickly SOLVE the border crisis.

To review the PSC’s impact on H.R. 3401, the initial House vote on H.R. 3401 on June 25 is below, pretty much on party-lines:

The Senate followed-up the next day, and with the approval of a gut & replace amendment, the final Senate passage :

The twelve members of the PSC who travelled to south Texas addressed the press in a roundtable press conference for nearly 25 minutes on Friday evening. 

Please note the cooperative, conciliatory and humble tone both the Democratic and Republican members share. 

None are grandstanding. 

The PSC simply wants to bring a legislative end to the border crisis as soon as possible. 

From the Illinois delegation, only Congressman Dan Lipinski is a member of the PSC and he did not accompany the PSC to the border on Friday. 

The link below contains the video about halfway down the page:

Democratic Senators and House Homeland Security Committee Delegations

The Senate delegation led by Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer was composed of all Democrats and accompanied by acting Homeland Security Secretary Kevin McAleenan. 

Prior to leaving the Rio Grande Valley on Friday afternoon, the Senators held a press conference which is broken down into 2 videos. 

Senator Bob Menendez (D, NJ) speaks Spanish during the part 1 video which you can skip over to Senator Schumer when he takes back the mic. 

Senator Durbin addresses the press in the press conference, too.

The House Homeland Security Committee delegation, which included Congresswoman Underwood, had a story, too. 

The House delegation did not speak to the press. 

The video you catch a glimpse of Underwood. 

At this point, Underwood has not released anything in social media about her visit to the border.  No press releases have been released.

President Wins a Round in Court on Health Care

A Washington D.C. federal judge ruled in favor of the Trump Administration to expand the sale and availability of short-term medical insurance plans that do not meet the Affordable Care Act compliance. 

Congresswoman Underwood tweeted on Saturday renewing calls how .H.R. 1010 to end the sale of the short-term plans, or “junk plans” as she calls them.  The Bloomberg link is below:

Sue Rezin Candidacy Prompts New Fundraising Appeal from Underwood’s Campaign Twitter

Early Saturday afternoon, Lauren Underwood’s campaign issued this tweet:

State Senator Sue Rezin is the 6th candidate to enter the race for the 2020 Republican nomination for the 14th district. 

When the House’s August recess begins this Friday, Underwood is heading to California, where she has one public appearance planned. 

One would guess that the Monday early evening appearance in the Mission District in San Francisco is not the only political event she will be attending during her California trip

New Algonquin Township Attorney Fails to Reconcile Millers & Lukasik with Gasser

Reprinted from Illinois Leaks with permission:

Algonquin Township – Scheme to use Township funds to pay Road District Miller liabilities fails –


McHenry Co. (ECWd)-

“My charge is clear and that is to bring this matter to a conclusion to staunch the bleeding of attorney’s fees from the public treasury.”

That was the statement from Township attorney John Nelson, in a letter sent to all the attorneys involved in the Road District vs. Bob Miller and Lukasik lawsuit and a proposed settlement order.

Let’s look at the “bleeding” of attorney fees comment as it applies to this case in question. 

While we understand Algonquin Township and Road District have spent a fortune on legal bills, the term bleeding has meaning. 

To us, “bleeding” is what happens when steps are taken to keep things in the court rather than resolve them or doing work that results in fees but does nothing to advance the goal of ending a case.

Let’s start with James Kelly, the primary Township attorney.

  • Kelly took steps to intervene in this matter. Doing so allows billing, even though there was no need for him to do so as the Township did not have any dog in this fight.
  • The Township had to hire Nelson because of possible conflicts Kelly may have.
  • The Township chose to pay the legal bills of the Millers.

In this case, all the attorney fees “bleeding” from the public treasury of the Township are done by choice of the Township Board.

The Township did not need to intervene in this case, which would have prevented the hiring of another attorney, and the township does not have to pay Miller’s legal bills.

So how did we get to this point?

Karen Lukasik

When Bob Miller lost his Motion to Dismiss and the doors of discovery opened up again, panic set in. 

The first sign of that was when Lukasik attempted to basically extort money from the township in exchange for withdrawing her counterclaim, all to avoid depositions. 

Her actions were covered in this article.

That attempt failed, rightfully so.

The most telling step in this matter is James Kelly and his intervention. 

What few may understand is this was done as a means of getting the township into the fight with a plan of attempting to have the Township pay Miller’s liabilities in the civil action brought by the Road District, rather than let him pay for it himself. 

Had Kelly not intervened, the scheme to have the Township pay for Miller’s liabilities would not work. 

They had to be included, thus Kelly’s intervention on behalf of the Township. 

We can only wonder if the Township Board directed and or approved this action.

To keep it simple, the board who is complaining of legal bills, is not only paying all of them by clear choice, but they want to go the next step and pay potential liabilities stemming from Miller’s actions at the Road District.

And right now is when the anti-gasser crowd is wanting us to talk about Gasser’s legal bills in this matter. 

No problem.

There are none!

Gasser’s Attorney, Rob Hanlon, had not billed for this case and made that clear, but it would appear a few people have forgotten that point.

Nelson stated in his letter: 

“The Algonquin Township Board simply wants to end this litigation to avoid thousands and thousands of dollars of future litigation.”

If that statement is true, the solution is simple.

  • Lukasik should withdraw her counterclaim, especially in light of her admission she has no facts to support her claim.
  • The Township Board should stop paying Miller’s legal bills as they are not required to and while some may argue he can be indemnified under law, that is correct, but it would apply to the Road District, not the Township.  That is because the actions in question were against the Road District, not the Township.  The Township has no dog in this fight and there was no need for Kelly to intervene other than for the purpose of more billing and helping the Millers by having the taxpayers pay his potential liabilities in a crafted plan that fails to meet the legal muster of acceptance by numerous attorneys and even a criminal prosecutor.
  • The Township Board should terminate James Kelly as their attorney.

Attached to Nelson’s letter was a proposed Settlement Order that we understand has been rejected by Miller and Gasser.  

Thomas Gooch outlines why it is rejected in his letter and Robert Hanlon, in great detail, outlines why he rejects the proposal as well. 

We encourage everyone to read all the documents to grasp what is really happening here.

Of interest is the fact both Gooch and Hanlon point out how Nelson is not responding to them. 

You would think if a resolution is truly his goal a response would be provided sooner rather than later, not to mention having an actual agreement with all parties before spending more money drafting a document that gets rejected immediately.

Certain people took steps to have the Township pay for potential civil liabilities stemming from the action of an Officer of another public body. 

That is like saying the McHenry County Board is going to pay for the civil liabilities found against a Woodstock police officer. 

It’s neither legal nor a power given to our local government, yet that is what this trifecta of Township Attorneys have crafted and convinced the Township Board to do.

You can read Nelson’s letter and the proposed settlement order drafted by Nelson by downloading it at this link

Wilcox Reports

From State Senator Craig Wilcox:

Senate Week in Review: July 15 – 19, 2019

McHenry, IL. – In the wake of a recent Federal Supreme Court ruling, Senate Republicans are renewing their call to pass a state Constitutional Amendment to allow voters to decide who gets to draw legislative maps. Illinois citizens affected by spring and summer flooding are being asked to report any damage to local officials to help the state qualify for Federal aid.

In other action, new laws will provide protections for sexual assault victims, and help an Illinois Department of Natural Resources (IDNR) recreational site in in southern Illinois continue to operate successfully. And it’s been one year since the newly refurbished Illinois Governor’s Mansion reopened.

Let the voters decide

Senate Republicans are renewing their push to passing a state Constitutional Amendment allowing voters to decide who gets to draw legislative maps.

The recent ruling by the United States Supreme Court leaving redistricting to state legislatures shows that now is the time for the Illinois General Assembly to vote on Senate Joint Resolution-Constitutional Amendment 4 (SJRCA 4).

This bipartisan measure, which has 37 Senate sponsors (enough to pass the measure), would give the people of Illinois the opportunity to amend our Illinois Constitution and create a new, non-partisan system for drawing maps. 

SJRCA 4 would place the question of fair maps on the ballot for the next statewide election and if approved would establish an independent redistricting commission, increase transparency in the process and provide for public hearings to allow for input from residents, without overdue influence from politicians.

Governor asks citizens to report flood damage

On July 15, Gov. J.B. Pritzker asked Illinois residents to assess local flooding damage and report it to their county’s emergency management agencies. The information will be used to assess whether the state receives Federal Recovery Assistance.

A formal request for Federal assistance must be submitted by Aug. 3, which is 30-days after the last impacted river fell below major flood stage. To help counties with the necessary reporting requirement, the Illinois Emergency Management Agency has made available teams to assist with the damage assessment process.

The State of Illinois established a website that allows residents and business owners to submit an initial damage report online. Once reported via the state’s flood recovery website, the submission is forwarded to the appropriate county emergency management agency for follow-up reporting.

More protections for sexual assault victims

A new law will give sexual assault victims more protections when reporting the crimes to police or receiving treatment at a hospital.

Under previous law, when victims of sexual assault came into contact with police, such as when going to the hospital for treatment, the victims faced the possibility of being arrested if they had outstanding warrants, even in cases of minor non-violent offenses or unpaid fines.

House Bill 92 requires police officers to request a waiver of the required execution of arrest warrants, as long as they aren’t for a violent offense or parole violation.

Exemption for World Shooting and Recreation Complex

A new law will provide specific exemptions for businesses and firearms sales at the World Shooting and Recreation Complex events that would have been severely affected, limited, or outright banned by the Gun Dealer Licensing Act.

Without the exemptions, the Gun Dealer Licensing Act would have increased costs and administrative burdens for many of the vendors that typically set up during events at the IDNR site in Sparta. These new regulations could have led to national shooting events choosing a different venue.

While the new law is welcomed, it also highlights the antagonism some lawmakers have for Second Amendment rights. Those same increased costs and administrative burdens have been dumped on the state’s small mom and pop gun shops. These gun dealers are already licensed and investigated by the Federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms before they can obtain a Federal firearm license to sell guns, ammo and firearm accessories. The extra licensing will only serve to put small gun shops out of business.

One year since Governor’s Mansion reopened

A year ago, the Illinois Governor’s Mansion reopened to the public after a privately-funded three-year renovation spearheaded by former Gov. Bruce Rauner and first lady Diana Rauner.

The renovation focused not just on structural repairs and construction updates, but also on improving the visitor experience with dedicated art spaces, expanded programming, full accessibility for visitors, and a focus on Illinois’ rich history.

The Governor’s Mansion is open to the public for tours daily from 1:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. More information is available here.

Ted Gradel Visits Crystal Lake

From former Quigley Supporter:

6th & 14th Congressional Districts Updates 7/20/19

Where are Sean Casten and Lauren Underwood on USMCA?

This morning, Illinois Business Daily published multiple articles noting that Congressman Sean Casten and Congresswoman Lauren Underwood have not responded to requests from their publication to learn their respective stances on the ratification of the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA), which is the successor agreement to the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) ratified by Congress in 1993.  

POLITICO‘s morning trade report from yesterday reported a delegation of 10 members of Congress, under the leadership of Earl Blumenauer (D, OR):

And according to CNBC, the delegation over the weekend will meet with the president of Mexico directly:

As cited in the CNBC article and noted in the Illinois Business Daily, Mexico has ratified USMCA.

Congress and the Canadian parliament have not acted on USMCA yet. 

Given this next week will be the House’s last week in session before taking its August recess, it is doubtful there will be any action on USMCA until September at the earliest. 

Many of us who were around during the NAFTA ratification fight in 1993 will remember that President Clinton’s support for NAFTA needed minority congressional Republicans’ cooperation and votes to overcome Democratic liberals who saw NAFTA as a threat. 

Many companies, including here in Illinois, did a full-court press through their corporate PACs to have employees contact their representatives in Congress to approve NAFTA, which Congress did.  

The full-court press may be needed again with Casten and Underwood and Illinois’ 2 Senators when the time comes for USMCA.

Casten and Underwood Vote to Raise the Minimum Wage to $15/Hour

On Thursday, the House voted to raise the federal minimum wage to $15 per hour over a 6-year period.  The House’s vote is here:

It should be noted the Squad, which have been voting against House legislation recently, all voted in the majority. 

Per the grid, three Republicans voted with the Democrats, and 6 Democrats voted against the legislation.

Ives’ Announcement Sunday Night at Cantigny Park Medill Room

From Jeanne for Congress media advisory:

Former Republican state Rep. Jeanne Ives of Wheaton will make her formal announcement that she is seeking the 6th Congressional District seat held by first-term Democrat Sean Casten at an event Sunday night.

Ives will speak at the Medill Room at Cantigny Park in Wheaton at 8 p.m.

Ives filed candidacy papers with the Federal Election Commission on Thursday seeking the GOP nomination, setting up a primary battle with former Lt. Gov. Evelyn Sanguinetti. 

In a controversial campaign last year, Ives almost narrowly upset Republican Gov. Bruce Rauner’s bid for renomination.

District Map and Stats from California Target Book

Ted Gradel Appears at McHenry County Republican Party Headquarters on July 18

14th District candidate Ted Gradel appeared at the July 18 meeting of the McHenry County Republican Central Committee Exceutive Committee in Crystal Lake:

According to 2nd quarter Federal Election Commission filings, Gradel is currently the fundraising leader, factoring-out loans from the candidates themselves.

5 Attachments

Report of Woodstock Police Enhanced Enforcement

From the WoodstockPolice Department:

Woodstock Police Department releases July Fourth enforcement statistics

Woodstock, IL.- “The Woodstock Police Department issued 38 seat belt citations during the recent July Fourth weekend Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over and Click It or Ticket traffic safety enforcement event,” said Chief John Lieb.

During the entire campaign, Woodstock issued citations for:

  • 5 speeding
  • 1 improper lane usage
  • 3 stop sign violations
  • 1 turn signal violation
  • 38 seatbelt violations
  • 1 insurance violation
  • 1 control device violation
  • 22 cell phone violations
  • 1 too many passengers in vehicle violation

The Woodstock Police Department joined forces with more than 150 other state and local law enforcement agencies conducting the crackdown campaign, which featured high-visibility enforcement combined with a variety of outreach activities including a media campaign.

The recent law enforcement effort was funded by federal traffic safety funds administered by the Illinois Department of Transportation as part of the statewide Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over and Click It or Ticket campaigns.

Law enforcement agencies throughout Illinois participated in this statewide effort to get drunk and drugged drivers off our roadways and encourage seat belt use.

Lukasik Offers No Evidence that Gasser Destroyed Township Records

Re-posted from Illinois Leaks with permission:

Algonquin Township – Clerk Lukasik admits she has no facts that Gasser destroyed public records


McHenry Co. (ECWd) – As the Algonquin Township Road District lawsuit against Bob Miller moves forward, so too does the counterclaim filed by Township Clerk Karen Lukasik, which alleged Highway Commissioner Gasser destroyed public records.

The Lukasik counterclaim is going to have some high hurdles to overcome in light of recent events. 

We covered the first hurdle in the motion for sanctions filing against Lukasik and her attorney in this article which was a result of statements made by Lukasik to law enforcement; there were no missing records.

Karen Lukasik

This week we obtained a copy of Lukasik’s answers to a Request to Admit Facts and we find she is now admitting she has no facts that Andrew Gasser destroyed any records of the Township or the Road District.

3. You do not possess any document or fact that demonstrates that Andrew Gasser has destroyed any record of either Algonquin Township or Algonquin Township Road District.

ANSWER: Admits the allegation contained in paragraph 3.

This raises the question: Why did she file a counterclaim? 

Why would an attorney file such action if there were no facts to support the claim?

We asked Lukasik the following but have not received a response at the time of publication. 

We will update if she responds.

  • In your answer to the Request to Admit Facts, you have admitted to the statement, “You do not possess any document or fact that demonstrates that Andrew Gasser has destroyed any record of either Algonquin Township or Algonquin Township Road District”. With such an admission, can you tell us why you filed a counterclaim that conflicts with your recent admission?
  • Can you tell us why you continued your case for approximately a year even though you told the authorities no records were missing?

We will update with a new article as this case moves forward.

You can view Lukasik’s answers to the Request to Admit Facts at this link or view below.  The above-referenced answer is on page 16.

Bob Miller Admits No Recording of Being Owed Sick Leave on His Official Annual Reports

From Illinois Leaks, re-published with permission:

Algonquin Township Road District – Request to Admit Answers from Bob Miller may prove problematic


McHenry Co. (ECWd) – The former Algonquin Township Highway Commissioner Bob Miller took steps to have a nice payout of claimed sick time he claimed was owed to him from his prior employment from over 20 years ago.

Bob Miller

In a recent response in the ongoing civil lawsuit against Miller, A Response to Plaintiffs Request to Admit Facts sheds some light on matters. 

In particular, Miller admits he has never acknowledged any liability to himself in any annual report.

18. At no point in time in the 24 years you served as Highway Commissioner did you acknowledge in any annual report a liability to yourself.

ANSWER: Defendant:Robert Miller admits request number 18.

The significance of that admission is it will be yet another piece of the puzzle to show the court the $47,000 plus in sick pay was at no time a liability of the Road District because if it was, it should have been reported on sworn annual reports, which it was not. 

It has been noted by the auditors as well that there were was no outstanding applicable obligations of the Road District.

Other questions in the Request To Admit shed light on matters that should raise concerns for everyone if the Road District has evidence to prove up the matter in question.

Illinois Railroad Museum

3. You gave road salt belonging to Algonquin Township Road District to the Illinois Railway Museum.

Defendant ROBERT MILLER denies request number 3.

Oh, so the States Attorney’s 52-page report that confirmed Algonquin Township Road District salt was donated to this entity must not be true?

“Prior to Miller donating Road District salt to the IRM, the electors had not declared it surplus”

How knows the truth? 

State’s Attorney claims the salt was in fact donated, Miller denies he gave any road salt belonging to the Township Road District. 

Let me guess, he will default to claiming he gave away salt that belonged to the association he started, which leads to the question, who purchased that salt?

The purse paid for by former Algonquin Township Road Commissioner Bob Miller’s township American Express card.

10. No “Levenger” bag, which you purchased during your term as Algonquin Township Highway Commissioner, was listed on any inventory of the Algonquin Township Road District.

Defendant ROBERT MILLER admits request number 10 and qualifying his answer further states that the “Levenger” bag did not reach a value as new to require it being listed in an inventory.

Did you catch that qualifier? – “did not reach a value as new”

So are we to assume Miller had the $384.52 bag in question appraised and found the value to be below the required reporting value of $200 as referenced in the Highway Code?

11. You directed persons to use Algonquin Township Road District equipment and employees to dredge the lakes in the Trout Valley subdivision without a fee.

Defendant ROBERT MILLER denies request number 11.

It will be most interesting to see the evidence tied to this question. 

If there is proof lakes were dredged by the Road District, fee or not, it would clearly show Road District assets and resources being used for purposes well outside the Highway Code.

And probably the saddest response of the entire response and clearly an example of how clueless Miller was of our laws and their proper application.

A page from Algonquin Township Road Commissioner’s Road District credit card statement from July 2008.

17. You used Algonquin Township Road District money to pay for airline tickets used by your daughter, Rebecca Lee, and at least one of her children.

Defendant ROBERT MILLER admits request number 17 and qualifies his response by stating, the policy in effect at the time allowed the purchase.

For those that are not aware, a policy that violates state law is not a legal policy. 

All that aside, to date no one has found any policy that allows public funds to be used to buy family members airline tickets. 

How on earth any person can think it is OK to have a policy that permits public funds to be used to buy airline tickets for their daughter and a grandchild is beyond my comprehension.

You can view the entire document at this link.

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McSweeney Refuses Pay Hike

From The Center Square:

As Illinois lawmakers see pay hikes take effect, one pays it back

Illinois lawmakers are getting the bigger paychecks they voted for themselves in June, but one state representative has sent his back to the state’s coffers. 

Illinois lawmakers have received their cost-of-living adjustments that were included in a fiscal year 2019 budget bill. 

David McSweeney

State Rep. David McSweeney, R-Barrington Hills, worked with Comptroller Susana Mendoza to have his raise returned to the state. 

McSweeney voted against the budget implementation plan, a sort of supplemental legislative piece that accompanies the state’s budget, in part because it didn’t contain language that halted an automatic cost-of-living adjustment for state lawmakers.

“Anyone who voted for the budget implementation bill was voting for a payhike,” he said Friday. “I’ve been a leader every year in trying to actually cut legislative pay because we need to lead by example.”

Lawmakers are getting at least $1,600 more per year, costing taxpayers an estimated $280,000.

McSweeney said that he successfully paid back the amount of the pay hike to the comptroller’s office.

It’s not legal for lawmakers or constitutional officers to outright refuse their pay. McSweeney said he had been working with Mendoza’s office on sending the raise that he objected to back into the state’s coffers.

“The law says ‘should’ so you have to actually take it,” McSweeney said.

He said Gov. J.B. Pritzker and the four legislative leaders have made a “victory lap” out of the budget and infrastructure bills, which raised a number of taxes and fees. 

“There’s no reason to take a victory lap at the expense of taxpayers of this state,” he said.

A number of lawmakers, McSweeney included, have declined to take pensions because they disagree with participating in the underfunded systems. 

McSweeney praised Mendoza’s office for its work in lawfully returning the money.

“The state’s coffers are happy to accept any little bit of help folks can spare so if anyone wants to donate their cost-of-living adjustment back to the General Revenue Fund, we will be happy to work with them on it,” said Abdon Pallasch, spokesman for Comptroller Susana Mendoza. 

No other state lawmakers have inquired about returning raises, Pallasch said. 

Outside of the Illinois legislature, McSweeney is a successful investment specialist whereas some other lawmakers have no other sources of income. He said lawmakers should reject the pay hike as a matter of principle, regardless of their financial situation and expects a number of others will soon. 

As of Friday afternoon, representatives of the four legislative leaders either weren’t available to comment or said they hadn’t spoken with any other lawmakers about returning the pay increases.

The matter of refusing pay hikes could become a center-stage issue in August when a hearing is set regarding a lawsuit by two former state legislators claiming the refusal of the COLA pay increases and other furlough pay during the budget impasse are unconstitutional. If they prevail, lawmakers, both current and former, may be entitled to years of additional pay as well as the corresponding hikes in their pensions that are based on pay.

Algonquin Township Board Approves $166,620 of Road District Attorney Robert Hanlon’s Bill

After refusing to approve about $170,000 in legal bills from Algonquin Township Road District Robert Hanlon the Wednesday before last, the Township Board voted 3-1 for a $166,620 payment, inlcuding no interest, Friday night.

Rachael Lawrence, Dan Shea, Jim Kelly, Elaine Ramesh and David Chapman. All are Alqonquin Township Trustees, but Kelly, who is Township Attorney.

The bills dated back to December and remained unpaid because they exceeded the amount budgeted in the Fiscal Year ending two months ago.

Thirty-three minutes of the hour-long meeting were spent behind closed doors discussing litigation and “threatening litigation.”

Lack of payment led Hanlon to withdraw his representation on the case involving the labor agreement that former Road Commissioner Bob Miller signed with Local 150 of the International Union of Operating Engineers shortly before leaving office after his defeat by Andrew Gasser.

Approval came on a 3-1 vote from a motion made by Trustee Rachael Lawrence to pay all but the claimed interest.

David Chapman voted against the motion, saying that he had examined the bills “line by line” and found “questions on each one of the bills he submitted.”

Newly-appointed Trustee Elaine Ramesch, an attorney, questioned why documents submitted with Gasser’s signature were undated in two out of three instances.

“For all we know, ” Lawrence observed, “this could have been written yesterday.”

Ramesch noted that the notarized affidavit submitted by Gasser was dated Decemer 12, 2018, while most of the bills were for susequent months in 2019.

Lawrence added that this month was “the first time we’ve seen the bill.

“We aren’t late in paying the bill,” she said, arguing against paying the interest.

Dems to Avoid New Title X Funding Rule by Replacig Federal Grant with State Money

From Governor JB Pritzker:

State of Illinois Refuses to Implement the Trump Administration’s Title X Gag Rule

IDPH Will Ensure Funding to Protect Providers and Those They Serve

Governor JB Pritzker announced Thursday that the State of Illinois will refuse to implement the Trump administration’s Title X gag rule.

The gag rule holds hostage federal funding for contraception for low-income women unless providers refuse to refer or provide abortion services along with other reproductive health care.

The State of Illinois will forgo Title X funding from the federal government while the gag rule remains in effect.

Instead, the Illinois Department of Public Health will provide funding to the current 28 grantees, an estimated $2.4 million in federal funding, if the gag rule remains in place for the duration of the fiscal year.

As we move forward, the state remains committed to the multi-state lawsuit to permanently overturn this damaging rule.

“President Trump’s gag rule undermines women’s health care and threatens the providers that millions of women and girls rely on, and we will not let that stand in the state of Illinois,” said Governor JB Pritzker. 

“Under my administration, Illinois will always stand with women and protect their fundamental right to choose. While I’m committed to bringing as many federal dollars to the state as possible, I refuse to sacrifice our values and allow vital care to lapse. In this state, we trust women to make their own health care decisions and will guarantee access to reproductive health care for all of our residents.”

Title X provides a holistic portfolio of critical preventive health services, including HIV prevention and testing, breast and cervical cancer screening and treatment, and reproductive health care for thousands of low-income, uninsured and underinsured Illinois residents and families each year.

It’s estimated in Illinois that nearly 773,000 women of reproductive age are in need of publicly supported contraceptive services and supplies.

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More information in this Chicago Tribune story.

World Magazine wrote a cover story about the Title X fight that started in McHenry County Board.

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Back in the 1990’s, the McHenry County Board voted to forgo Title X money for birth control because parents could not be told if their minor children were going to the County Health Department.

The cost is now borne by local taxpayers and minors cannot obtain birth control medicine or devices without parental permission.

McHenry County is believed to be the only county that has rejected the Title X money.

Since then, the McHenry County League of Women Voters have questioned County Board candidates on the subject.

For the latest candidate night results and background for the reason Federal funding was dumped, chick here.

Evelyn Sanguinetti in Crystal Lake

Republican Precinct Committeeman John Pletz, who is an active Crystal Lake Chamber of Commerce member, reports that GOP congressional hopeful Evelyn Sanguinetti was in Crystal Lake this week.

Then again at 7:30 AM on Thursday morning at WiM3 meeting.

Former Lieutenant Governor, Evelyn Sanguinetti has been in Crystal Lake twice in under 39 hours.

He writes,

John Pletz hosted Judge Justin Hansen and Chamber Ambassadors.

Tuesday evening at the Crystal Lake Chamber of Commerce’s after-hours mixer at the Comfort Inn.

There she gave a speech to McHenry County business women and shared her “Personnel Story”, encouraging all the business women in the room to get involved in making a difference by running for political office and not allowing circumstances determine your life, your destination or your influence in life.

In my estimation, she is a dynamic woman who has risen from the streets of poverty and despair to become the 1st Latina Lieutenant Governor in the United States of America.

Angela Pletz and Evelyn Sanguinetti

And the epitome of the American Success Story.

Evelyn has said nothing negative to me about Ives.

She did, I believe, share one of Ives’s main drivers and I was impressed by what was shared to me about Ives.

I believe Jeanine was a part of our losing the Governor’s office.

I, like her, am pro-life, but I’m also about saving Illinois from the financial ruin of generations of politicians avoiding the financial responsibility required, or in reality-avoided, by them.

It is incumbent upon both, and or any candidates to avoid the blood letting and bitter contentions of winning the nomination by the venue they choose to return our district to the conservative values that should run our county, state and country.

To win at all costs, is to lose at great costs.

Update on 6th and 14th Congressional Races

From Former Quigley ‘supporter:

6th & 14th Congressional District Updates 7/19/19

Anthony Catella Pays Visit and Posts a Comment on Civil War Article

Congressional Candidate Anthony Catella stopped by McHenry County Blog on Thursday, and responded to a couple of comments in the July 3rd update on the Civil War reenactments. 

His comments are shared in today’s update since the July 3rd article where they were posted is over 2 weeks old.

In the “On Racism” article posted on July 4th, I shared an observation that of all of the candidates running for Congress in the 14th district, Mr. Catella is the only one talking about justice, “Order with Justice under Law” to be specific. 

It is hoped in the coming days as the campaign continues through the summer that Mr. Catella will expand upon that point of justice even further, beyond his announcement video from March. 

In light of the terrible events in DC and around the country concerning wrongful tweets from not only President Trump but from Democrats in Congress, and very disturbing chants at a presidential campaign rally in North Carolina, all of us need to look into the mirror and ask ourselves, “how can I do better?”

Jeanne Ives Enters the 6th District Congressional District Race

Jeanne Ives

Former gubernatorial candidate Jeanne Ives took the first step to formally enter the 6th congressional district race on Thursday by submitting a statement of candidacy to the Federal Elections Commission (FEC). 

She told the Daily Herald that she would be rolling out her campaign in the coming days.

With the 6th congressional district race now a contested Republican primary, maybe both candidates can roll-out their positions on issues in the upcoming campaign. 

While Evelyn Sanguinetti launched her campaign three months ago, she has still posted no issues on her campaign’s web site, just a list of endorsements and bio.

In the Herald article, Congressman Casten’s campaign said the congressman will be focusing on issues, including “reducing taxes”. 

Here’s what both women should do as they launch their campaigns — shoot down Congressman Casten’s attempt to, from his view, reduce taxes with his co-sponsorship of Congresswoman Lauren Underwood’s legislation,

H.R. 1757.  And feel free to use Wednesday’s article here on McHenry County Blog to help you.  It would be nice if the 14th district Republican candidates did the same on H.R. 1757.

She Must Be the Frontrunner Among 14th District GOP Candidates — Sue Rezin Takes Another Shot

State Senator Sue Rezin has drawn criticism, by name or veiled, from Jim Oberweis, James Marter, Lauren Underwood’s senior adviser and now Illinois Family Action’s David E. Smith. 

Earlier this year, Smith co-signed an open letter to prospective candidate Allen Skillicorn encouraging him to pursue the 14th district seat.

Voters can read Mr. Smith’s opinion at the link below at their leisure. 

Here’s some unbiased observations of Smith’s opinion piece that was published Thursday morning. 

Smith’s opinion piece, in addressing who the candidates are in the 14th district Republican primary field, dismisses Ted Gradel, Danny Malouf and Anthony Catella as “two other lesser known candidates”. 

Gradel leads fundraising through 2nd quarter FEC filings based on contributions from donors only, without factoring-in loans the candidates have given themselves for their campaigns.  

Anthony Catella is a U.S. Army veteran, and a former Catholic priest. 

One would think a pro-family activist like Smith would respect and acknowledge a man by name who served his country in the Army and served God in the priesthood, but he chose to attempt to relegate him as “lesser known” and without naming him. 

Finally, a discerning reader will quickly see Smith’s letter for what it is because he brings up two points that are at best weak, but actually non-factors. 

It criticizes Rezin on a procedural vote, and on a vote where she did vote the way Smith’s group wanted.  

Voters are encouraged to read informed opinions about all of the candidates, and are strongly encouraged to be discerning. 

Over a lifetime of involvement in electoral politics, something I learned early is to respect the intelligence of voters in order to judge for themselves whom to support. 

Always use discernment, no matter the source.

Oberweis Abroad in Kenya

State Senator Jim Oberweis and family with U.S. Ambassador to Kenya (and former State Senator) Kyle McCarter at the American embassy in Nairobi.  Photo posted on Oberweis’ campaign Facebook page yesterday.