Wilcox Sends Second Mailing Linking Mahady to Madigan

I’m finding it interesting that virtually every state legislative and congressional candidate is linking his opponent with Democratic Party Chairman and House Speaker Mike Madigan.

Saturday, the second post card tying Democrat Mary Mahady to Madigan arrived from State Senator Craig Wilcox.

This is the address side of the second mailing that connects Democratic Party State Senate candidate Mary Mahady with Mike Madigan.

The issues used on this piece are

  •  A NEW graduated income tax
  • A NEW mileage tax that will tax you to drive to work or your kids to  school
  • A NEW increase in property tax

The back of Craig Wilcox’ anti-Mike Madigan mailing repeats the issues he emphasized on his previous mailing.

Watch New York Times Poll of the Roskam-Casten Race in Real Time This Afternoon

The New York Times is polling Illinois’ 6th Congressional District this Sunday afternoon.

You can watch the answers go up on a map of the district here.

12:52 results of New York Times article.

As I post this at 12:52, fewer than 250 has answered the phone and participated in the survey, which is a number to small to be at all significant, the paper says.

Here are the results at 1 AM with about 90 responding:

With only about 90 respondents, the race is quite tight.

It does offer other polling results, which you can see below:

Polling results in the Roskam-Casten congressional district contest.

Schools Seeking Sales Tax in Springfield Area

McHenry County residents can be thankful that local educators have not sought to put a one percent sales tax on the ballot.

That would give some of us not only one of the highest property taxes in the country, but also one of the highest sales taxes.

Neighboring Boone Country passed such a tax, as have other Downstate counties.

The problem is that once imposed, it will never go away.

The reason?

Bonds will be sold that will be backed by the sales tax stream of income.

No getting rid of the sales tax as long as any such bonds are outstanding.

The story below about a school sales tax referendum shows what could happen here:

Sangamon County Schools Ask Voters To Approve Tax Increase

Springfield public schools have an ambitious 30-year master plan to renovate or rebuild facilities on all campuses, plus create new baseball, softball and soccer fields. Of course, those improvements cost money. So Springfield and surrounding districts are asking Sangamon County voters to approve a 1 percent sales tax increase in November. All proceeds would go toward facilities.

Click here to read more.

Message of the Day – Contrast

Yesterday qualifies as a day of contrasts.

There was a sharp wind accompanying  what looked like small kernels of snow.

Snow tore across the parking lot in front of Ace Hardware.

It was the kind of snow that was considered perfect for skiing when I lived in Salt Lake City.

After the cold front passed, the sun came out.

After the snow clouds passed, the sun shined brightly.

Evidence of the wind could be seen in the ash leaves blown against the garage doors.

Ash leaves covered a portion of the driveway.

Our ash tree survived the emerald ash borer due to the annual care of Master Arborist Wayne White.

Bruce Rauner Visits Republican Headquarters in Crystal Lake

Out in front of the Republican Party office in the tip of the Crysztal Lake Plaza’s”V.” these signs were posted.

Governor Bruce Rauner made one of his rare visits to McHenry County today.

Congressman Peter Roskam and his wife Elizabeth put in an appearance.

It’s the first time, as far as I know, since he met in May with selected Republicans. Then, the disproportionate message was that local Party members did not want him to sign a bill allowing citizens to petition to abolish townships. (A majority of the elected Algonquin Township Precinct Committeeman did want him to sign the bill, if it passed.)

Republican Headquarters, which was my first State Representative office, was crowded.

I missed the “it’s important to vote Republican” speech because I was at First Church’s Buddy Break.

Bruce Rauner spoke to the Republican Party faithful.

It seemed more important to give the parents of kids with special needs three hours of respite than hear another stump speech.  (Those who would like to with this one-on-one relationship can contact Karen Klaus at 815-459-0785.)

A shot of the crowd who came to greet Governor Bruce Rauner.

The Crystal Lake GOP Headquarters was crowded even though there was little evidence any attempt was made to invite those who were not Republican Precinct Committeemen or candidates.

Unopposed McHenry County Board candidate Chuck Wheeler and County Clerk candidate Joe Tirio made contact.

Lots of people wanted to have their photos taken with Governor Rauner.

Former Algonquin Township Republican Party Chairman Chris Yaeger chatted with the Governor.

And, it wasn’t as if those gathered would have been knocking on doors in the 40 Mile Per Hour wind.

McHenry County Board candidates and members were at Headquarters press ing the flesh.  Seen here are District 2 candidates Carolyn Schofield and Josh Howell.

Literature was available for pick-up.

The crowd thinned out after the Govenror left.

Then walked in County Board member Chris Christensen and Nunda Township Trustee Ron Parrish.

They looked frozen…the reason being that they had been out putting up signs.

At the even were the following elected officials and candidates not mentioned above:

  • State Senator Craig Wilcox
  • State Rep. candidate Tom Weber
  • McHenry County Board member John Jung
  • McHenry County Board member Michael Rein
  • Algonquin Township Trustee Rachael Lawrence

Don DeWitte’s Introductory Mailing

Don DeWitte, appointed to the state Senate to replace Karen McConnaughay, has sent out his first mailing.

You can see it below:

The address side of Don DeWitte’s mailing.

The back of Don DeWitte’s introductory post card.

The issues he puts forth are

  • Fighting Madigan’s Agenda for Higher Taxes
  • Balanced Budgets – No Tax Hikes
  • Equal Pay for Women
  • Refused Legislative Pension

He is running against Democrat Nancy Zettler.

Friend of Woodstock Girl Killed by Mark Smith Wants No Parole

From April Pohlman, a friend of murdered Jean Ann Lingenfelter, who commented under this June 28, 2008, article:

Nichole Owens’ Opposition to McHenry County Serial Killer Mark Smith’s Parole

I knew Jean Ann, she was a class mate and friend.

She was bright, bubbly, funny and full of promise.

Mark was a creepy evil person who hurt people in many ways and enjoyed it.

Whether it was cruel comments or embarrassing someone, his eyes would sparkle and the joy on his face at causing pain, any kind of pain was terrifying.

I remember him at a party talking about taking a stray dog and torturing it to death slowly. Again eyes sparkling and a huge smile, laughing.

He murdered one of his victims at work, hid the body and went right back to work.

He murdered Jean Ann and went out with others to search for her and “found” her just hours after he savagely murdered her.

Appearing “normal” because his horrific brutality was so normal to him it left him unaffected.

This creature may look human, but that is where it ends.

He is a sick, sadistic monster who CAN NOT be allowed to walk among us.

He is a worse predator than any wild animal. He kills for the joy it brings him to watch the suffering.

I remember how devastated Jean Ann’s family was, The way their health deteriorated and the early deaths, I have no doubt were all part of this.

Mark killed them as surely as he killed Jean Ann.

The fact that he stabbed the toddler next store when he was six, beat up his girlfriend from school and murdered 12 women that we know of seems to indicate that this is his innate nature.

I think it states strongly that he can not be rehabilitated.

He was a born mutation of a human with none of the attributes that makes us human.

Many people thought he was a nice guy.

He was a chameleon adapting to fit in and be what he wanted you to think he was.

This makes him even more dangerous.

I suggest that anyone who votes for his parole be subjected to having Mark live with them the first year he is out.

You should suffer what you inflict on the people he will come into contact with.

That is only fair.

If you don’t want him down the hall from your children then you must keep ours safe from him as well.

He will appear before you, charming, reformed, humble, remorseful…. He will be convincing.

Just look at him and try to imagine the real Mark.

The one each of those women saw as he choked the life out of them.

That is who you would release.

Please keep this savage predator in a cage where he belongs to keep us safe.

South High School Students Prepare for Food Service Industry

A press release from Crystal Lake High School District 155:

D155 Culinary Program Offers Certifications and College Credit

District 155 students prepare food in the state-of-the-art culinary arts kitchen at
Crystal Lake South High School.

District 155 students are one step ahead of their peers gaining valuable certifications and college credit in the Culinary Arts program at Crystal Lake South High School.

The program offers students the opportunity to earn two certifications, the Food Handler Certification and Food Service Sanitation Manager Certification, which gives students the advantage when applying for jobs.

Last year, 134 students earned the Food Handler’s Certification, and five earned the Food Service
Sanitation Manager Certification.

In addition to earning certifications students can earn college credit. Five students received dual credit through McHenry County College (MCC).

Culinary Arts I & II Commercial were offered during the 2017-18 school year and focus on nutrition and food preparation including food service and meal management.

This school year, students have the option to enroll in Advanced Culinary Commercial.

Students cook regional and ethnic dishes, gourmet desserts, cater, and have experience with a mock-restaurant.

These courses will provide valuable insight, skills, and knowledge for students.

South’s commercial kitchen is a state-of-the-art facility featuring six food preparation stations, a classroom that also serves as a dining room, a dry storage room, a walk-in cooler, and a wash and storage area.

The culinary program at South continues to grow, enrollment is up in the culinary arts commercial classes by nearly 30 students for the 2018-19 school year.

Students district-wide are eligible to enroll and travel to Crystal Lake South for these classes. Seven students will travel from other D155 schools to Crystal Lake South during the 2018-19 school year.

Wilcox Sends Mailing Hooking Mahady to Madigan

State Senator Craig Wilcox, who just left his McHenry County Board post to replace Pam Althoff, has sent out a mailing connecting Democratic Party opponent, now McHenry Township Assessor Mary Mahady to Mike Madigan.

That seems to be a constant message in Republican legislative messages this year.

Here is the mailing:

The address side of Craig Wilcox mailing connecting Democratic Party opponent Mary Mahady with Mike Madigan.

The back side of Craig Wilcox mailing connecting Democratic Party opponent Mary Mahady with Mike Madigan.

Wilcox themes are

  • Fighting Madigan’s Corruption
  • Property Tax Reform
  • Equal Pay for Women
  • Refused Legislative Pension

Another Poem From OldMaBarker about Jack Franks

Because so many asked, I’ll pen another.


‘Franks, the Artful Dissembler’ or ‘The Great Valley Hi Rip-Off’

Here’s the ballad of the “the Jackal” called Franks

Scammer in politics and crooked failed banks.

By the gate that leads to his ill-gotten hoard,

How he was done in by a youth who had him floored.

Jack Franks

Old Jackanapes Franks was no man of peace –

His beard and palms ran thick with grease:

His paunch was huge and his speech was ‘skid-row’

And he swindled the taxpayers high and low,

Scores of weak Board members groveled to try

The favors he sold – and remained to buy,

Scores of these RINOs later on

Found that their flashiest promises were ‘GONE!’ –

Some in the front and some behind

Some were roarers and some went blind –

Scores of rubes, over their Franks-bought tax-deeds,

Cursed old Franks and all his misdeeds.

But old Jackanapes in his throne sat still –

And ever he scammed for a new Little Poison Pill!

Yet a judgement was brewing for the sly Jackal Franks,

Like a witches’ cauldron, it reeks and it stanks!

And the youth that brewed it has eyes of blue,

And his cheek was beardless and boundless too.

Softly he mused o’er a Guinness stout thick:-

‘By the Beard of Orville, I’ve got the trick!’

Then he rose from his stool with an artless grin,

And called cashiered Colonel Wilcox in:-

‘Colonel’ he said ‘Hasst aught for me

In the way of a ‘disaster’ with lots of ironic glee?’

The Colonel pondered and answered slow

“There’s a red-roan ‘gelding’ that’s bound to ‘No-Go.’

At the next Committee, It ain’t no use

Excep’ for kickin’ RINOs to the deuce,

It’s the Great Valley Hi Tax Scam!”

The boy’s close-cropped brow went beyond it’s normal ken,

Was deep with thought for a moment. Then

The crafty Colonel was richer by ten.

‘When the next Committee sits’ quoth he,

‘O tear up that Valley Hi shakedown for me.’

So the counter-plot was laid and the long weeks passed

And the Valley Hi ‘gelding’ was duly cast.

They led him in chains to the CoW grand meeting hall.

And gave him his gram’ through a hole in the wall.

The youth mixed it well. When morning came

The red-roan measure was strangely tame.

He bit not nor kicked nor essayed to slay

And it and the boy went to Woodstock that day,

Till they came to the gully of the creepy Franks

Who was there transfixed, scheming new taxing pranks.

The stripling stated his funds were quite low

And he came only to sell Franks good ammo.

Then filthy old Franks with his eyes agog

Broke the Tenth Command of the Decalogue,

For the Valley Hi Scheme was a monster in size and thews

And stood over sixteen hand in its accumulated tax-shoes.

‘Boy, you’ve given me a Great Idea’! Franks said,

‘A brand new way to keep the taxpayers bled!’

He haggled an hour, that dealer thrifty

Till the price was lowered to $6 million, most shifty.

And the money would be taxed in new C-notes

While Franks calculated his extorted votes.

The boy left him – and ‘The Jackal’ just smiled –

‘By Dybbuk, how mad is this pink-faced child!

I will stuff that scheme with silver-tongued swill

And resell it to the RINO Board, then head to Brazil.’

For a clear eight-fifty!’… and e’en as he spoke

The Devil they’d hid in the “Valley Hi Hoax” woke!

Then the head-ropes snapped and the heel-ropes drew

And the taxpayers squealed as the ‘Hi Scam’ blew through

And Franks’ minions ran as rats run for life

And the whole County exploded at Franks’ latest tax-knife

Till the berserk-rage of the Valley Hi rip-off was o’er

And was laughed off the County Board floor.

Then a veil was lifted from Frank’s reptile eyes

And he raised his snake eyelids and plucked his hoglike thighs

Felt his tense pulse slacken – the muscles still –

And fathomed the Trick of his ‘Valley Hi Pill!’

His own old dodge that had brought him so much pelf

Had the boy turned Franks against his own crooked self!

Did he swear, though his three best schemes were lame

And all of the County would hear of his shame ?

Did he seek the law courts? With teary eye,

He hailed a shyster that jingled by,

What passed between them? I cannot say,

But the old Jackanapes did finally fade away.

As if awakened from a decades’ old spell,

Taxpayers began to drive Franks back to Hell.

‘Twas the Valley Hi Scam what woke them all up,

And sent Franks packing in a big blow-up.

Message of the Day – Parking Space Hog

Across from Duke’s next to the railroad tracks in Crystal Lake last Saturday night was this Mercedes.

Mercedes with Illinois license plate A46 3609 taking up two parking spaces on a Saturday night in Downtown Crystal Lake.

Note that is is hogging two parking spaces in and area with two bars and two restaurants with bars.

Gasser Strikes Out with Algonquin Township Board at Special Friday Afternoon Meeting, Lawrence Turns Salt Purchase without Bidding “over to Law Enforcement”

It was a bad day for Algonquin Township Road Commissioner Andrew Gasser at Friday afternoon’s Special Meeting called at his behest.

He didn’t get approval to transfer $40,000 into his legal expense line item to pay what he and the Edgar County Watchdogs had agreed upon to settle the Freedom of Information case in which Clerk Karen Lukasik did not reply to eight requests.

Immediately after convening at 3:30, the Board went into Executive Session to discuss the case.

Algonquin Township Board right before going into Executive Session

Rachael Lawrence pointed out that she thought the settlement had been misrepresented as a proposed court order when it was just a proposed court order.

The language imposed a five-day period in which agreement would be reached or an additional $5,000 per month would be paid.

“I strongly urge the Board to vote, ‘No,'” she said.

Trustee Melissa Victor stated, “I will not be kept hostage by Gasser and the Edgar County Watchdogs..

“It’s not his money to hand out to anyone he chooses.”

Dave Chapman asked all involved to “start being human to each other…to end these lawsuits.”

The fourth Trustee, Dan Shea, said he would “not in any way encourage or fund any agreement,” point out, “we were not a party to the agreement.”

Approval was rejected 5-0.

Travel expenses that were advance by Gasser and two of his employees was also rejected.

One was a trip to the Carolinas for instruction on how to work a computerized truck diagnostic machine bought by Gasser’s predecessor.

Each of the expenses was explained at the regular Township meeting last week.

Approval failed by a two to two vote, with one abstention  Shea and Lutzow voted in favor with Lawrence and Victor voting in the negative and Chapman abstaining.

Tie votes lose.

The third rejection was to pre-pay $6,000 for training in how to use chainsaws.

Shea thought it should be in next year’s budget.

Lawrence objected to transferring the money from road maintenance, noting that the Highway Commissioner had not replied to an email of October 10th or to two phone calls.

Chapman conveyed the information that the cost would higher if paid in the next budget year.

Chapman was the only one to vote in favor of transferring the money.

Moving $40,000 to pay the Edgar County Watchdogs also failed on a 5-0 vote.

Victor insisted on waiting for a court order, noting also that Gasser “doesn’t have the money to pay for it.”

“I don’t Mr. Gasser should have entered to this without talking to [attorney] Jim [Kelly], the Clerk and the Supervisor.

With no one wanting to make Public Comment, Lawrence read the following:

I would like to make one last statement:

As we’re all probably aware by now, Andrew Gasser has made a press release regarding a purchase of salt that may not have been in compliance with law.

[See :Algonquin Township Salt Bid Muffed.”]

On October 10th, I was tipped off by anonymous whistleblowers to an unusual and abnormal six-figure transaction within the Road District.

That same day, I sent Commissioner Gasser an email requesting the documents detailing that transaction, to ensure compliance with bidding laws.

Rachael Lawrence

Because the Highway Commissioner failed and/or refused to supply that information, or answer phone calls over several days, and with documents obtained by Clerk Lukasik and other sources, I turned over said documents to law enforcement and requested a proper investigation by the authorities to ensure full compliance with the law, as is my duty as an Algonquin Township Trustee.

I have faith that law enforcement will detect what, if any malfeasance took place, and take appropriate action, again-if any.


WE, the board of Trustees, ARE the watchdogs of Algonquin Township, and I do not regret taking the appropriate and responsible actions that I was elected to do.

I will continue to do my duty as a Trustee of Algonquin Township, without regard for politics, current or previous friendship, or bias.

Gasser did not attend the meeting.

Democrat Lauren Underwood Has Congressional Campaign Office on Woodstock Square

Congressman Randy Hultgren’s Democratic Party challenger Lauren Underwood, has opened a campaign office on the Woodstock Square next to Starbucks.

Lauren Underwood’s campaign office on Woodstock’s Square.

When a Friend of McHenry County Blog walked in and took the photo below, he was asked to leave.

The inside of Congressional candidate Lauren Underwood’s Woodstock Square campaign office.

The last congressional candidate to have an office on the Woodstock Square was Republican Joe Walsh in 2014.

Nancy Zettler’s Campaign for State Senator

Two years ago Nancy Zettler ran for State Representative against Republican Allen Skillicorn and lost.

This year she thought she was running against State Senator Karen McConnaughay, but McConnaughay resigned to take a post in the private sector.

Then Republican Party leaders appointed RTA Board member and former St. Charles Mayor Don DeWitte to replace McConnaughay through the end of her term.

Zettler has had young men knocking on doors on her behalf.

She has a TV ad that was screened at least Monday.

Democrats have sent out two mailings for Zettler, which can be seen below:

This is Nancy Zettler’s introductory piece’s address side.

The back of Nancy Zettler’s introductory mailing gives a little of her role in raising District 300 taxes, plus some of her positions on issues.

This appears to be the second mailing promoting Nancy Zettler’s campaign. Three issues are emphasized: no pay legislative pay raises and no pay if no budget, term limits for legislative leaders, lower property taxes by increasing state funding (taxes are not mentioned).

Nancy Zettler lists come problems she says she solved above images of boxing gloves.

Advice That Might Save Peter Roskam and Randy Hultgren: Go on the Offensive on Abortion

At the end of December of 2015, I offered this advice to Congressman Joe Walsh about how to handle the abortion issue.

He did not follow it and lost to Tammy Duckworth.

Obviously, I don’t know that he would have won had he been aggressive on the abortion issue.

The problem with congressional candidates is that they follow advice on how to handle the abotion issue from national Republican consultants.

That advice, seen this year being followed by Peter Roskam and Randy Hultgren, is to ignore the issue, except for known Pro-Life supporters.

My suggestion then, and, earlier in 2010, to Bill Brady when he was running for Governor against Pat Quinn, was to go on the attack.

Ignore the approach that demonstrably has not worked for Pro-Life candidates.

That advice is basically to assume a fetal position and take all hits from the abortion industry.

I contend that is a losing strategy.

With that background, here is an article published in 2015:

Who’s the Extremist?”

A maniac shoots people at a Colorado Springs abortion clinic.

A Planned Parenthood employee is caught on camera talking about selling baby parts.

Revolted by both extremes, most people probably wish the issue would to away.

Democrats sent out emails to save Planned Parenthood both after the baby parts revelation and after the shooting.

Republicans held Congressional hearings on the undercover videos.

Democrats use abortion to attack Republicans as being extremists.

Meanwhile Republican consultants regularly advise candidates to identify the known Pro-Life voters and ignore the issue.

And Republican using that strategy lose.

The Democrats’ “extremist” label sticks.

2010 Republican gubernatorial candidate Bill Brady started getting hit over the head by the Pro-Choice Personal PAC TV ads about the first week of August.

I advised him to reply, but he pointed out that his poll numbers had gone up since the ad appeared.

My guess is there were some number of Pro-Life voters who found out he was against abortion from the TV ads.

For the entire campaign, Brady remained silent on the issue.

He lost to Pat Quinn by 31,814 votes.

Pat Quinn was supported by Personal PAC.

Personal PAC does not endorse a candidate if he or she favors any restrictions on abortion.

[See http://mchenrycountyblog.com/2012/10/30/what-do-dee-beaubien-tammy-duckworth-really-believe-about-abortionthe-personal-pac-questionnaire/]

Consider the campaign ads against Joe Walsh when he faced off against Tammy Duckworth in his unsuccessful campaign for re-election:

Joe Walsh, too extreme, without exception.”

An the ad pointed out the Walsh wanted to defund Planned Parenthood.


Walsh followed Brady’s lead, did not counterattack

He lost.

Could he have won by counterattacking?

In an email to the Chicago Tribune, Duckworth said she did “not support any restrictions on a woman’s right to choose or her access to safe, affordable reproductive health services.”

So, both Republican candidates were branded “extremists,” did nothing to defend themselves and lost.

They were like punching bags, swinging in the wind as a boxer pounded the life out of their candidacies.

There is a way to reply to someone who believes in no restrictions whatsoever on abortion:

Brand her or him “extremist” before she or her turns you into a pinata.

If a candidate being attacked by Personal PAC and/or the Democratic Party on abortion is as passive on the issue as a Mexican pinata, he should not be surprised if he gets the stuffing knocked out of him.

In his knock-down, drag-out fall campaign against liberal Independent Dee Beaubien, David McSweeny replied when attacked by Personal PAC mailings.

He had a mail piece that talked about her radical views on abortion.

David McSweeney’s piece continues on the back, listing specifics.

Beaubien is said to

  • support taxpayer-paid abortions
  • oppose parental notification laws (minors getting abortions without their parents’ knowledge)
  • oppose mandatory waiting periods before an abortion
  • support abortion on demand
  • support partial birth abortions

How much more powerful could such a pitch be if it were on television with an ultrasound of a baby with a beating hear and an announcer saying,

Not all of us are going to agree when this becomes a baby, but all of us are going to agree there is a baby before the baby is born.

Tammy Duckworth believes that mothers should be able to abort their babies up until the day they are born.

Now, that’s extreme.”

Run text along the bottom quoting what Duckworth’s told the Tribune:

Duckworth said she does not ’support any restrictions on a woman’s right to chose or her access to safe, affordable reproductive health services.’”

Now, it would take a bold Pro-Life candidate to follow this advice and there have been none sighted in Illinois.

But when Republicans stop ignoring the issue of abortion, except to target known Pro-Lifers, they might even win some close contests.

= = = = =
And I’m republishing this because both Roskan’s and Hultgren’s are close contests.

And both opponents Sean Casten (who likes abortion to a gall bladder operation) and Lauren Underwood (who is a full-blown abortion supporter up to the day before birth) are subject to attack as being “extremists.”

Democratic Party District 2 McHenry County Board Candidate Suzanne Ness Running Excellent Ground Game

Suzanne Ness

Wednesday, just before ten in the morning, I had my car radio tuned to WBEZ-FM and heard someone identify herself as “Suzanne” call in.

Turns out it was McHenry County Board candidate Suzanne Ness, who is running as a Democrat against two non-incumbent Republicans.

The two GOP candidates are

  • former County Board member Carolyn Schofield, who ran unsuccessfully for the GOP nomination for State Rep. two years ago, and
  • Josh Howell, a member of Cary Grade School Board, part of the group that pulled District 26 out of the financial mire that a teachers union-dominated board had plunged it into

Ness is running an intensive door-to-door campaign personally and with the help of volunteers.

I have seen no effort to canvass neighborhoods by either of the Republican candidates.

But, Ness wasn’t calling Public Radio to brag about her neighbor walking efforts.

She phoned to reveal that the Northwest Herald’s endorsement of no Democrat had motivated local Party members to offer their help, not only knocking on doors, but making financial contributions.

This Mary Alger sign says, “Not endorsed by the NW Herald.” She put it up after the Northwest Herald did not endorse her in the 2012 GOP Primary Election.

She is not the only candidate to try to turn a non-endorsement from the NWH into an advantage.

District 2 County Board candidate Mary Alger took that route in 2012.

Playing off antipathy to the paper did not propel Alger to victory.

I would not be surprised if Ness won the County Board seat she is fervently seeking.

Message of the Day – Signs

State Senate candidate Nancy Zettler’s sign situated about 2-4 miles miles north of her district line.

State Senate candidate Nancy Zettler’s district ends south of the Crystal Lake Country Club.

This sign is on Terra Cotta Road shortly before Hillside.

It is way out of her district.

I’d blame Mike Madigan for the reapportionment may he oversaw.

It put the Crystal Lake area in three separate State Senate districts.

It is little wonder that candidates cannot explain where their district boundaries are located.

Libertarians Drop Literature in Lakewood

Last weekend I got word that Libertarian Party members were passing out literature in the Grafton Township part of Lakewood.

Today, when I went to get the mail, what was tied to my door knob with a clear plastic bag with literature for Libertarian candidates running statewide.

Below is what a volunteer left me.

First is the palm card for Kash Jackson, the Libertarian Party’s candidate for Governor.

The front of Kash Jackson’s literature for Governor. Running as Lt. Governor is Sanj Mohip.

The back of Kash Jackson’s literature for Governor.

Secretary of State candidate Steve Dutner’s literature is next.

The front of Libertarian Party Secretary of State candidate Steve Dutner’s literature.

The back of Libertarian Party Secretary of State candidate Steve Dutner’s literature.

The literature of Libertarian Party Attorney General Bubba Harsy is next.

The front of Libertarian Party Attorney General candidate Bubba Harsy

The back of Libertarian Party Attorney General candidate Bubba Harsy’s literature.

The next candidate whose literature I received is State Comptroller candidate Claire Ball’s.

Caire Bell, the Libertarian Party candidate for State Comptroller has her marvelous hash tag on the front of her palm card:#qualifiednotconnected.

The back of Claire Ball’s palm card. She is the Libertarian Party candidate for State Comptroller.

The final statewide Libertarian Party candidate whose literature was delivered to my door is Mike Leheney, running for State Treasurer.

This is the front of the handout for Libertarian Party candidate for Treasurer, Mike Leheney.

The back of Libertarian Party State Treasurer candidate Mike Leheney’s literature.

At the May monthly meeting of the McHenry County Libertarian Party meeting at which Edgar County Watchdogs Kirk Allen and John Kraft spoke, the Libertarian candidates for Lt. Governor Sanj Mohip and Comptroller candidate Claire Ball were in attendance.

Sanj Mohip and Claire Bell spoke with Illinois Leaks’ Kirk Allen at the McHenry County Libertarian Party’s May meeting in Crystal Lake.