Northwest Herald Misses Jack Franks’ Allies Intrusion Into Republican Primaries

Maybe it’s because no one on the Northwest Herald editorial staff has ever voted in a Republican Primary Election.

Or maybe it’s because the staff has not been reading McHenry County Blog.

Regardless, the NWH has missed what probably is the biggest story of the election–the interference of Democrats aligned with with Democratic Party McHenry County Board Chairman Jack Franks in the GOP’s County Clerk’s race and County Board contests in Districts 4, 5 and 6.

No worries for McHenry County Blog readers.

“Sit down,” McHenry County Chairman Jack Franks shouted.

Just search for “Illinois Integrity Fund” on this publication and you can see what Franks’s allies have been up to.

The ghost committee is out of Cook County–no surprise there–and has failed to follow the law requiring registration with the Illinois State Board of Elections once $5,000 was spent.

And there is little doubt that that threshold has been exceeded.

If the Political Action Committee received contributions of more than $1,000 non-reporting would be another violation of state statute.

In any event the failure of the Northwest Herald to even mention the numerous mailings speaks volumes.

As does its Editorial Board’s endorsement of the County Board candidates who are expected to align themselves with Franks–the ones who just by happenstance are the ones who will gain from the anonymous direct mail attacks..

Ives Carries McHenry County

Jeanne Ives

Challenger Jeanne Ives beat Governor Bruce Rauner in McHenry Count.

The vote was 51% to 49%.

Statewide, Rauner won 51.5% to 48.5%.

Rauner gave money to the State Republican Party to pass out to county GOP organizations.

McHenry was one of the few that received nothing.

That my be because application was made for the money.

Franks’ Critics Lose in District 6

Michele Aavang

Larry Smith

The two challengers who took on incumbents Michele Aavang and Larry Smith fell far shot of deposing them.

Orville Brettman and Ersel Schuster bore the brunt of the anonymous “Illinois Integrity Fund.”

And, as political consultants and politicians know, negative campaigning works.

In this contest, the allies of Jack Franks did the best job of smearing the County Board Chairman’s critics.

The results of the balloting tallied on election day follows:

  • Michael Aavang – 32.6%
  • Larry Smith – 31%
  • Ersel Schuster – 19.8%
  • Orville Brettman – 16.5

Rein Leads Melendy By 11 Votes for Running Mate Spot with John Jung

Lesli Melendy

Michael Rein

McHenry County Board member Michal Rein is hanging onto the second GOP spot on the District 5 GOP site by eleven votes.

Only eleven votes separate Rein from challenger Lesli Melendy, who hooked up with first pace winner John Jung, Jr., in the attempt to unseat Rein, who continually questions McHenry County Board Chairman Jack Franks.

As a result, the anonymous Frank’ allies, embodied partially under the name “Illinois Integrity Fund,” did their best to defeat Rein.

Huntley School Board member Melendy’s chances of victory depend on absentee votes that may not have arrived in time to be counted thus far.

There could, of course, be a recount of the votes.

Chuck Wheeler, Thorn in Jack Franks’ Side, Joins Pam Althoff on District 4 GOP County Board Slate

Chuck Wheeler

Pam Althoff

Jack Franks allies did their best to defeat the only black member on the McHenry County Board.

Chuck Wheeler was subject to negative campaigning.

Primarily from the so-called Illinois Integrity Fund, the attacks were aimed at nominating State Senator Pam Althoffl’s running mate Steve Bellmore, a meber of the McHenry High School Board.

Election Day results follow:

  • Althoff – 42.5%
  • Wheeler – 31.3%
  • Bellmore – 26,2%

No Democrat was on the Primary Election ballot, but opponents could be put on the ballot.

State Representative-To-Be Tom Weber

Candidates without opponents don’t get a lot of attention.

That was certainly the case with Tom Weber, who will be replacing Barb Wheeler next January.

His district runs from Lakewood to Northwest Lake County.

A couple of weeks before the Primary Election, he sent a thank you letter to those who signed his petition to get on the ballot.

You can read it below:

Tirio Withstands Jack Franks’ Allies’ Lies To Win GOP Nomination for County Clerk

Joe Tirio

Joe Tirio photoshopped.

McHenry County Recorder Joe  Tirio won the right to advance to the fall election by beating Janice Dalton 56% to 46%.

He will face off against former Hebron Village Trustee Andrew Georgi.

Looking at the total Republican and Democratic Party votes for the office, the total for the GOP candidates was 23.684 to 17,438 for the Democratic candidate.

RTA Processes Senior Discount Cards in Indiana

Received a letter from the Regional Transportation Authority telling me if I wanted a new senior discount card I would have to send in a copy of a government identification card.

As I was putting the copy in the envelope, I noticed that it was addressed to a Post Office Box in Fort Wayne, Indiana.


I know the RTA runs a train into Indiana, but most of its money comes from Illinois.

Hard t believe its Directors could not find a compe

McHenry County Salaries – Ed-Fe

Lots of people with last names in the first part of the alphabet working for McHenry County.

Egan,Gary Maintenance Tech I $63,449.60
Egan,Virginia S Accounting Assistant I $45,597.24
Eigenfeld,Kurt Maintenance Tech II $84,249.60
Eisele,Michael S Supervisor Field Staff $73,145.82
Eiserman,Erin F Activity Assistant $34,227.72
Elder,Rhonda J. Valley Hi Accountant II $28,225.60
Eldredge,Charles H ZBA Mbr $5,720.00
Elgin,Christopher M Custodian – Union $46,039.88
Ellis,Eric R Deputy Sheriff SGT $102,004.00
Ellison,Keely A Legal Admin Specialist I $54,138.24
Ellsworth Jr,Robert E Chief Deputy Director $87,805.66
Embry,Alex B Deputy Sheriff SGT $121,823.68
Emiliano,Jennifer M Accounting Coordinator $67,755.42
Enberg,Lynn E Admissions Coordinator $51,860.92
Engle,Aletha Public Health Nurse FCM $86,709.42
Escalona,Mayda A Registry – CNA $5,105.10
Escarcida,Victor S Attorney, Supervising $110,581.24
Escobedo,Jessica Registry – CNA $5,105.10
Estrada,Brenda Admin Spec I/Front Desk $24,804.00
Estrada,William B Corrections SGT $123,712.72
Etling,Giovanni J Correctional Officer – Union $51,426.80
Faber,Thomas A Workforce Development Spec $55,724.00
Fabian,Carmelito Human Resources Representative $40,861.56
Fabian,Leopoldo D Victim Services Representative $64,273.30
Faczek,Kristin B DOT Maint Worker $63,054.40
Fagala,Agnes M VH Admin Spec I $11,213.44
Faillaci,Pablo F. Construction Engineer II $66,929.22
Fanning,Melinda P Merit Commission $3,900.00
Feda,Matthew D PDO Attorney $74,826.18
Felker,Robert Court Security Ofcr – Union $61,169.28

Tiffany Davis Wins

Tiffany Davis

Winning a circuit Court seat in the western part of McHenry County yesterday was Tiffany Davis.

She beat Joel Berg 56.5% to 43.1%.

This was a campaign without rancor, unlike most other contested races in the Republican primary.

She will serve a six year term.

Wilbrandt Wins

Robert Wilbrandt

Robert Wilbrandt is victorious over three opponents for a six-year countywide seat on the McHenry County Bench.

With 97% of the vote counted and reported at 11 PM the appointed judge has 36.9% of the vote.

Running second 1,512 votes behind is Demeti Tsilimigras with 30.4% of the voted.

The favorite going into the election because she was the only woman running against thee men was McHenry County Clerk Mary McClellan.  She trails at 25.2%.

The third man, Ray Flavin , is running last at 7.5%.

Clerk’s Office Closed Today… Illegally

County Board Did Not Approve Hours Changes

Election day closure of the Clerk’s Office has been happening because Mary McClellan decided so after the troubles during the 2016 primary elections.

The closures have never been approved by the county board.

Jack Franks and Mary McClellan confer at the McHenry’s 2015 Fiesta Days Parade.

“(b) In counties of less than 500,000 population from 8 a. m. to 5 p. m. of each working day except Saturdays and legal holidays, but in such counties the office shall remain open until noon the Saturday before general, primary or special election days.

Provided, that the days on which such office shall be open and the hours of opening and closing of the office of the county clerk may be changed and otherwise fixed and determined by the county board of any county. Any such action taken by the county board shall be by an appropriate resolution passed at a regular meeting. “

Some Sample Ballots Still Not Available on Clerk’s Website

In January McHenry County Blog reported Sample Ballots for March Primary Not Available on McHenry County Clerk’s Website.

One day before the primary election, “Joyce” commented on the January 30th article:

“Why no sample of the ballot? Hate walking in there and not knowing who I am voting for or against. Or is this another year where there are only republicans on the ballot. And Judges? How do you know who to vote for there.”

Mary McClellan

And today, the comment was made by another resident:

“Sample ballot not available on voting day!”

Perhaps one or both of the commenters could state below which precinct’s sample ballots are missing from the Clerk’s website.

Election Night Results Gathering

An invite from Diane Evertsen for election night:

A group of Republican candidates and volunteers will be watching election results roll in at:

Bulldog Ale House
1501 State Rte. 31
McHenry, IL 60050

The room is reserved from 7 pm to 10pm, Tuesday, March 20th

Diane Evertsen

If you were with us last time at Bulldog’s you probably remember it was the night of the Trump win, and all the excitement we felt. 

We’re looking forward to some great wins by our local candidates and hope you can join us for the fun.

Get your work done while the polls are open and then come join us for some results watching.

I look forward to seeing you tomorrow evening!


Urging Readers to Vote

Why is voting important?

When people tdll me they are not going to vote, I tell them to do so because the politicians will have their hands in their pockets anyway.

But voting is a way to keep politicians nervous.

When I was McHenry County Treasurer in the last part of the 1960’s I put the following message next to the metered postage:

The message is as relevant today as it was fifty years ago:

Vote and the choice is yours.

Don’t vote and the choice is theirs.


or you have no choice!

1/1//1800 Date of Birth Voter Casting Ballot Today

Today is primary election day in Illinois and you may be surprised that a citizen whose birth date is on the McHenry County Clerk’s books at being January 1, 1800, is going to cast a ballot.

As you can see below, that is the “Date of Birth” assigned to me on my absentee ballot application.

Application for Mail Ballot by Cal Skinner, Jr. Date of Birth enlarged.

Admittedly, I am as old as dirt, but I really was not around when Washington was President.

McHenry County Salaries – De-Ed

Salaries of people employed by McHenry County from December, 2016, through November, 2017:

Dietz,Karin Accountant II $87,258.24
Dillon,Patrick J Deputy – Union $115,051.60
Diviacchi,Robert J Youth Outreach Program Assoc $76,289.92
Dizdarevic,Armin Env Health Rep $28,747.64
Doczi,Stephanie K Family Case Manager $23,587.20
Dodson,Robin M Correctional Officer – Union $108,612.00
Doherty,Kristen M Administrative Specialist II $51,240.30
Dolte,Shannon J DOT GIS Specialist $70,486.14
Dominguez,Gabriela Y Radio Dispchr – Union $47,798.40
Domrese,Starlight N Certified Nursing Asst I $4,742.40
Donovan,Kelly J Accounting Assistant II $61,653.30
Doolan,Maureen E Radio Dispchr – Union $60,778.40
Dooley,Lisa Ann Probation Off III $74,086.74
Dorfner,Jane D Veterans Service Officer II $46,546.50
Dorin,Debra L Staff Development Coord $77,899.06
Doyle,Colleen T Office Assistant I $45,187.74
Drach,Brad A Correctional Officer – Union $115,143.12
Drach,Carrie L Corrections SGT $94,898.80
Draths,William G Records Manager $85,357.50
Drews,Linda D. Legal Admin Spec Felony $55,151.22
Drzewiecki,Coral E Investigator $65,877.24
Duda,Jessica L Registry – RN $15,600.00
Dunbar,Brette K Attorney, Assistant $86,823.64
Dunivan,Brian D Corrections SGT $110,369.68
Dunker,Scott E DOT Maint Worker $64,032.00
Duran,Melanie L Accountant II $59,544.34
Dzurik,Sarah P Attorney, Assistant $63,338.22
Eaton,Katherine R Court/Courtroom Spec II $43,244.82
Ebel,Valerie R Court/Courtroom Spec II $53,073.30
Eddy-Clemons,Hollis A Human Resource Analyst $87,779.28

Nick Provenzano the District Director of Congressman Randy Hultgen is Subject of October 21, 2017 McHenry Police Report

Criminal Sexual Assault, Suspeicous Vehicle and Juvenile Incident

Nick Provenzano

The report is marked, “Case Closed.”
There are eight pages in the report,.
One says that the McHenry Police declined to prosecute a charge of “public indecency.”
That was after the McHenry County State’s Attorney’s Office declined to pursue felony charges.
The case started with a townhouse resident calling the McHenry Police at 10:30 about “a dark colored SUV” being parked “at the dead end” of an uncompleted development.
The responding officer saw the vehicle lights were out.
He shined his spotlight on the black Toyota “and observed two subjects inside the vehicle.”
“The driver was not wearing a shirt, but had pants on.”
“The passenger was fully clothed.”
The  driver was identified as Dominc Provenzano; the passenger’s name is redacted.
Provenzano is a former Republican McHenry County Board member.
Provenzano told the policeman that he was not wearing his shirt because he was hot, that the two were just “hanging out,” elaborating that they “were talking about life.”
Although most of the information about the questioning of the passenger is blacked out, the young man “admitted the encounter was sexual in nature.”
Provenzano was invited to come to the Police make a statement, but declined.
Speaking to one of the officers, the report says Provenzano “stated that he did not want to admit to anything, but stated the contact between him and [name redacted] was consensual in nature.  That nobody forced or coerced each other to engage in any acts they did not eat to do, and h believed [name redacted] was eighteen(18) years old.”
The officer wrote that he “informed Dominic of my suspicions that due to the circumstances of the location of the vehicle, it was typical these encounters are sexual in nature.”
Congressman Hultgren and Provenzano parted ways on Monday.

More details and a copy of the police report can be found at: Hultgren fires aide after sexual encounter with teenage boy.