Miller Road District Credit Card Info Not Available Until June 1st

I filed a Freedom of Information Request for the reward point pages of a number of American Express Premium Credit Card statements with the Algonquin Township Clerk Karen Lukasik.

A week delay was requested and granted.

Now I have received a reply from Township Attorney Jim Kelly’s office saying that the information will not be available until June 1st.

I was told that the information would be available on June 1st.

So, who could have the credit card statements?

It seems unlikely that the FBI would tell Algonquin Township’s Attorney Jim Kelly a date certain for the return of evidence.

That leaves either the State Police or McHenry County State’s Attorney Patrick Kenneally’s office.

After the indictment of the East St. Louis librarian for credit card fraud, I’d bet on its being Kenneally’s office.

Rauner Announces Treasury Department Approval of Opportunity Zones – One in NW McHenry County

A press release from Governor Bruce Runer:

Gov. Rauner announces Opportunity Zones

US Treasury certifies 327 Economic Opportunity Zones in Illinois

CHICAGO (May 18, 2018) Gov. Bruce Rauner today announced that 327 Opportunity Zone census tract recommendations submitted by the State of Illinois have been approved by the U.S. Treasury Department.

These zones cover more than 85 counties throughout the state and aim to support the future of Illinois through economic growth and investment.

“This is a really exciting opportunity for communities throughout Illinois,” Rauner said. “These zones include some of the most underserved areas of the state that have the greatest potential for improvement.

“They represent a broad cross-section of Illinois that includes rural, urban and suburban in-need communities that are ripe for investment and job creation.”

McHenry County Opportunity Zone

To determine the most effective tracts for nomination, a three-phase approach was implemented to identify need and potential, adequately represent the entire state, and account for local input.

Phase one involved need based indexing depending on factors like poverty rates, specifically those among children, unemployment rates, crime rates and population. These standards highlight the goal of the program in Illinois which is to cultivate potential within disadvantaged communities and invest in our future generations across the state.

Phase two and three were used to further identify the allotted 327 tracts Illinois could nominate under the federal program guidelines. To ensure a statewide benefit, each county with qualifying tracts received at least one zone and towns and cities across the state were limited on the number of zones included.

“Illinois is the epicenter of commerce in the Midwest and, as such, our people and our businesses are uniquely positioned to leverage the state’s assets into enterprise and job creation,” Rauner said. “I hope you are as eager to use the Opportunity Zones as I am to boost our economy and grow jobs in Illinois.”

Established by the Federal Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017, Opportunity Zones present an opportunity for private, tax-free investment in low-income areas with economic need, benefiting residents living in the zones and private investors.

1,305 qualifying low-income census tracts were available for selection, of which only 25% could be nominated by the Governor for inclusion in the program.

For more information on Opportunity Zones visit

Man Killed by Motor Vehicle While Walking Across Route 14 in Harvard

A press release from McHenry County Coroner Anne Majewski:

Harvard Pedestrian Death

McHenry County Coroner, Dr. Anne Majewski, announced this afternoon that her office is investigating the death of a Harvard man who died yesterday evening after a motor vehicle-pedestrian collision in Harvard, Illinois, near the intersection of North Division Street and East Front Street.

Harvard Fire and Rescue responded after a 911 call was made at 9:45 pm last evening.

The deceased, identified to be Ronald L. Jacobs Sr., age 69, of Harvard, Illinois, was pronounced dead at the scene at 10:11 pm..

An autopsy performed today revealed that he died from blunt trauma of the chest.

The crash remains under investigation by the Harvard Police Department, McHenry County Sheriff’s Department Accident Investigation Unit, and the McHenry County Coroner’s Office.

5-Year Contracts

On May 11, 2018, the Northwest Herald Editorial Board wrote that school administrators should not be given five-year contracts.

An excellent position since school board members have four-year terms.

The same situation exists with the five year agreement that former Algonquin Township Road Commissioner Bob Miller signed with Local 150 of the International Union of Operating Engineers.

That purports to take massive decision-making power out of the hands of the man who beat Miller, not to mention the Road Commissioner who will be elected in 2021.

Has the NWH ever written an editorial about the Algonquin Road District agreement based on the principle expressed in the above editorial?

McHenry Summer Road Construction

From the McHenry Police Department:

City of McHenry has some roadwork planned for this summer.

Here’s what’s going on:

Currently, Ringwood Rd. is being resurfaced from IL Rt. 120 to Spring Grove RD. Expect daily lane closures from now until July.

The area of Timothy and Clover will have a water main replacement. This will restrict traffic in the neighborhood with some driveway access restricted, as well. June-September

PEARL ST./LINCOLN This will go from Richmond Rd. to McHenry Middle School. Start of Construction in Mid-June with project completed in October. Utility Relocation is currently ongoing with daytime lane closures. Daytime lane closures and approximate 1 month closure of Pearl Street Bridge likely in the month of August or September.

Green Street Bridge Rehabilitation Start of Construction right after Fiesta Days, October 5th completion date. Bridge is to remain open to 2 way traffic.

As workers are present in these areas, we WILL be enforcing traffic laws including speeding and distracted driving.

FED Guys Call for New 1% Real Estate Tax to Pare Down State Pension Debt

A press release from State Rep. Allen Skillicorn:


Springfield, IL – Fresh off reports of a recent proposal by three economists of the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago recommending a 1% property tax levy on the actual value of all Illinois homes to pay for state pensions, I am introducing a resolution in the House calling for an audit of the Federal Reserve System.

Allen Skillicorn

Enough is enough!

Despite having some of the highest property taxes in the nation, the Chicago Fed has the audacity to recommend a massive property tax hike to pay for Illinois’ unsustainable pensions on the backs of middle class taxpayers who are already taxed enough.

I am calling on my colleagues to co-sponsor the Illinois resolution in support of U. S. Congressional H.R. 24, the Federal Reserve Transparency Act of 2017.

Currently the U.S. Government Accountability Office (GAO) is prohibited by law from auditing four areas of the Federal Reserve:

  • Transactions for or with a foreign central bank, government of a foreign country, or no private international financing organization;
  • Deliberations, decisions, or actions on monetary policy matters, including discount window operations, reserves of member banks, securities credit, interest on deposits, and open market operations;
  • Transactions made under the direction of the Federal Open Market Committee; or
  • A part of a discussion or communication among or between members of the Board and officers and employees of the Federal Reserve System.

The “Audit the Fed” bill would remove these four exemptions and is supported by nearly 75 percent of the American people.

The economic trio of the Chicago Fed offer three options as their only solution—increase sales taxes, income taxes or property taxes.

How about three of my own:

  1. restructure government spending;
  2. amend the Illinois Constitution to end the pension protection scheme; or
  3. have government employees contribute more to their retirement–no economics degree required.

It is beyond ironic that as a part of the Federal Reserve—a major contributor to the circumstances that caused the Great Recession by keeping interest rates too low for too long, along with crushing those on fixed incomes and savers with Zero Interest Rate Policy for a decade–the Chicago Fed looks to Illinois homeowners to once again bail out reckless government spending. Time to Audit the Fed!

Links from above:

Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago: How Should the State of Illinois Pay for its Unfunded Pension Liability? The Case for a Statewide Residential Property Tax

South School Seniors Seek Patents

A press release from High School District 155:

Crystal Lake South Senior Applies for Two Patents before Graduation

South High School gator.

Caroline Rausch will graduate from Crystal Lake South High School in one week and she has already applied for two patents.

She began working on the first one in eighth grade [in Lundahl MIddle School] with six other girls who were on a robotics team called Fruit Salad.

The theme of the contest was natural disasters and Fruit Salad decided to research floods.

The team developed a kit so people trapped in their car could escape and survive by staying on the roof.

Fruit Salad applied for a provisional patent first, through a patent lawyer.

After that, they had one year to finalize their design.

Once that was completed, the team filed the patent to the patent office and waited two years for results.

Typically, more revisions are requested, but that didn’t happen to Fruit Salad.

“We were really happy when we got our patent because we didn’t expect it to be that fast.

“It seems like a long time that it took us three years, but normally it takes multiple revisions and there’s three years of waiting, so it takes 10 years,” said Caroline Rausch, Crystal Lake South senior.

Rausch began working on her second patent during her junior year with Erin Cook and Rutu Brahmbhatt as part of a capstone course called Engineering Design and Development.

All three girls played tennis and decided to create a machine that would sort tennis balls and check the pressure, so that the tennis coaches did not have to do this by hand.

Rausch, Cook and Brahmbhatt applied for a patent at the end of May last year.

The goal is to submit the revised patent application to the patent office at the end of this school year.

Rausch has been making revisions with the help of her patent lawyer, and it will be sent to the patent office shortly.

As for Fruit Salad, they haven’t decided what to do with the kit.

They have thought about selling it to AAA and have the company market it.

As for the tennis ball problem, Rausch continues to make revisions so the machine doesn’t jam, and it accurately measures the pressure of the tennis balls.

Rausch plans to attend Franklin W. Olin College of Engineering this fall, where she will be studying mechanical engineering, and hopes to get a concentration in entrepreneurship.

“I don’t really like working at a desk like most engineers, I’d rather do the whole engineering process.

“I design it, I build it, I test it so I’d like to have a company that can let me be involved in all of that.”

Fair Diddley Art and Craft Show at Woodstock Square on Sunday

Crowds at Fair Diddley. in front of the Opera House.

From 10-4 on Sunday, the Mental Health Resource League of McHenry County will hold it 50th art and craft show in and around the Woodstock Square.

2014 Fair Diddley

Called Fair Diddley, there are booths with all sorts of stuff, including food.

Defenders Open Woodstock Styrofoam Recycling Center

From left to right: Jim Prindiville, City Councilman, Joe Starzynski, Environmental Defenders’ Board member and Rotary Club, Cynthia Kanner, Executive Director, Environmental Defenders, Roscoe Stelfort, City Manager of Woodstock and Woodstock’s Mayor Brian Sager.

On Friday, May 11, The Environmental Defenders of McHenry County proudly opened its newest Styrofoam Collection Site in partnership with The City of Woodstock’s Public Works facility on 326 Washington Street.

The collection shed was funded by a generous grant from the Rotary Club of Woodstock and anonymous donors, and is open to all residents of the county daily from 7:30 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.

In order to protect this site and our ability to offer this special collection, Styrofoam must be clean when dropped off.

Thanks to all of our volunteers who make this collection possible, which keeps Styrofoam away from our watershed and land.

And many thanks to our partners U-Haul, Dart Company and Chicago Logistic Service.

Illinois Leaks Surmises Why Algonquin Township Attorney Did Not Provide a Legal Opinion on Lump Sum Payment of Bob Miller’s Claimed Sick Time

Reprinted with permission from Illinois Leaks:

Algonquin Township Road District – Why the Attorney did not provide a legal opinion on lump sum sick “pay”

McHenry Co. (ECWd) –

As most of our readers know, we are not attorneys.

With that in mind, we encourage people who have a basic grasp of the English language to understand you do not have to be an attorney to understand what is written in our laws.

Yes, some of them can be complicated but for the most part, they are not hard to comprehend.

One thing we have identified in case law, over and over, is the reference to legislative intent.

When the legislature puts a law in one statute and not another, you can’t apply it to the one without it because had they wanted it in that law they would have put it in that law.

When the law is silent, you don’t have the power to act unless it is directly tied to the inherent duty of the position.

Of interest, based on our court’s application of laws, is the Administrative Code on payment in Lieu of Sick “leave”.  Section 303.102 (c) –Payment in Lieu of Sick Leave:

(C) In order to determine the amount of sick leave to be paid upon termination of employment, the operating agency will:

1) compute the number of sick leave days granted to the employee between January 1, 1984 and December 31, 1997

2) compute the employee’s sick leave balance for that time period at time of termination; and

3)cause lump sum payment to be made for one half of the amount of sick leave in subsection (c)(1) or (2) above, whichever is the lesser amount, multiplied by the daily salary rate.

Assuming the Administrative Code did apply, which we don’t believe it does, the sick pay is tied to termination, which Miller was never terminated.

He quit when he was elected!

No termination, no application of the code if it did apply.

Why is this important to know if it does not apply to the Township Road District sick pay Miller received? 

Remember, if the law is silent, you cant do it.

In this case, the law appears to apply to state agency personnel.

Using the cross reference guide from the Secretary of State, which points to state statutes for sections of the Administrative Code, we find that section 303 crosses to two state statutes, the State Personel Code, and the Organ Donor Act.

Both of those laws say nothing about sick pay with the exception of one reference in the State Personel Code that points you to the State Finance Act, specifically the section on payment of unused sick leave.

(f) Accrued sick leave shall be computed by multiplying 1/2 of the number of days of accumulated sick leave by the daily rate of compensation applicable to the employee at the time of his or her death, retirement, resignation, or other termination of service described in this Section. 

It goes on to outline the only applicable time frame for counting days is between 1984 and 1997.

The State Finance Act, as it relates to sick pay, does not apply to Townships.

How do we know that?

30 ILCS 105/14a – Payments for unused benefits; use of sick leave. 

(a) Upon the death of a State employee.……….

(d) Upon the movement of a State employee from a position subject to the Personnel Code

(e) Upon the death of a State employee or the retirement, indeterminate layoff or resignation of a State employee

Had the legislature wanted local public bodies to be paid a lump sum for unused sick leave they would have included them in the law instead of being specific in their pointing only to State employees.

The fact there is no such language in the law for the lump sum payment for unused sick pay to a township employee, that silence is a prohibition of doing so in the eyes of the law.

As we have mentioned before, the Township Road District has been unable to produce ANY employee policy regarding the accumulation of sick leave and lump sum payouts upon leaving the employment.

Jim Kelly

Such a written policy is the only way for such a payment to be legal and is outlined by law.

The Highway Code is very clear when it comes to this issue and I believe we now know why the Attorney, James Kelly, provided no real legal opinion on this matter as it is crystal clear, the law only mentions sick “leave”, not sick “pay”.

When you read the above laws and how they are worded, the Township would have had to have similar language in a policy in order to legally pay out a lump sum payment for sick leave.

(605 ILCS 5/6-201.20) Every highway commissioner with 5 or more employees in a county under township organization shall set and adopt rules concerning all benefits available to employees of that office. The rules shall include, without limitation, the following benefits to the extent they are applicable: insurance coverage, compensation, overtime pay, compensatory time off, holidays, vacations, sick leave, and maternity leave. The rules shall be adopted and filed with the township clerk (i) within 6 months after the effective date of this amendatory Act of 1991 (in the case of highway commissioners holding office on that effective date) or (ii) within 4 months after the highway commissioner takes office (in the case of highway commissioners elected after the effective date of this amendatory Act of 1991). The highway commissioner of a consolidated township road district shall file the rules with the clerk of each township contained within the consolidated district. Amendments to the rules shall be filed with the appropriate township clerk on or before their effective date. 
(Source: P.A. 87-818.)

Considering there is no such policy permitting the accumulation of sick leave to be converted to sick pay, it appears clear that Mr. Miller’s going away gift to himself is improper for several key reasons.

  • No provision in the law for such a payment.
  • Erroneously paid out of Road & Bridge fund as confirmed in court filings by Attorney Gooch
  • Expenditure paid without proper budget appropriation, a requirement as outlined by Attorney Kelly
  • No policy permitting it as required by law
  • No agenda reflecting such a payment was under consideration.

We welcome Attorney Kelly to provide a real legal opinion that supports the payment Bob Miller received as all indications are the law is not on his side and we believe he knew that.

In light of what we have seen from other parts of the state, it won’t surprise me to see a “missing” copy of a policy to be discovered that addresses everything needed to justify their actions.

Our work is funded entirely thru donations and we
ask that you consider donating at the below link. 

Huntley High School Senior Off to Jail for Violating Order of Protection

From the Huntley Police Department:

Huntley High School

Charles E. Johnson

Charles E. Johnson

May 14, 2018 Charles E. Johnson, age 18, of 3571 Buckboard Dr., Algonquin, IL was arrested for violation of an order of protection at Huntley High School.

Mr. Johnson was transported to McHenry County jail to await bond call.

With Nothing in the Budget, Was Miller Sick Payment Legit?

Written by Illinois Leaks, this is published with permission:

Algonquin Township Road District – Legal opinion points to sick pay not legitimate

McHenry Co. (ECWd) –We recently wrote this article about Attorney Gooch confirming the sick pay to Bob Miller from the Road & Bridge fund was erroneous.

Jim Kelly

Just about the time we thought the final disclosure on the sick pay where we would share the Illinois Administrative rules on sick leave had arrived, up jumped another legal opinion that will put that article on hold just a few more days.

James Kelly provided a legal opinion to the Board of Trustees after being questioned about the street sweeper purchase in the May 2017 Board meeting.

Although I had read his response several times, today it jumped out at me like a lion.

“Atty Kelly said that the board’s authority is to audit bills, but if an expense is in the budget, it is a legitimate expense.“

Once again we must point out why this statement is so meaningful to the taxpayers of Algonquin Township.

Bob Miller explaining the value of township government to the County’s Township Consolidation Task Force.

Kelly’s legal opinion and advice to the Board of Trustees was that an expense in the budget is legitimate, which must also mean any expenditure, not in the budget is not legitimate, as you can’t have it both ways.

That being the case, how is Bob Miller’s sick pay be legitimate when it was not in the budget Mr. Kelly?

Attorneys can be wrong, and in many cases are wrong, but never challenged, as we have proven over the years.

Kelly contends if an expense is in the budget, it is a legitimate expense.

That is not true.

What he should have said is that if it is in the budget, and is a legitimate road district expense, then it is legitimate bill before the board.

On an unrelated matter to sick leave, some more Kelly related matters have popped up.

Reading Kelly’s bio on his website he outlined that he “advised the County Board on parliamentary procedures and acted as the Board Parliamentarian.”

For a guy that provides parliamentarian advise, may we suggest reading up on some case law on abstentions by elected officials, which are much different than those in the private sector?

Dan Shea

You will note about the 11-minute mark of the video from the last regular meeting, Board member Shea begins discussing a payment on the table for a vote to the Historical Society, which he is a sitting Board member of.

Kelly instructs him to not discuss if he is abstaining.

Sadly, there is no legal way for board member Shea to abstain from performing his elected duties without express statutory instruction on such an abstention.

If a quorum is present, municipal legislators cannot avoid their voting responsibilities by refusing to vote when present at a meeting. (See Launtz v. People ex rel. Sullivan (1885), 113 Ill. 137; see also People ex rel. Anderson v. Chicago & North Western Ry. Co. (1947), 396 Ill. 466.) (Known as the Prosser Rule) 

You would think a claimed parliamentarian advisor and local government attorney would know that?

A simple question elected officials should ask themselves before voting on matters is this:

Where in the statute does it give me the power to do what I am about to do?

You will find clear instructions on abstentions for conflicts in places like the Township Code, Municipal Code, Fire Protection District Act, and other local government state laws.

Those instructions are specific and using statutory construction we know that an abstention outside those provisions, as was allowed at the last meeting, is not proper.

Is it time for Algonquin Township to start shopping for a new attorney?

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Enhanced Traffic Enforcement in Woodstock Starts Today

A press release from the Woodstock Police Department:

Woodstock Police Department Law Enforcement Showing Zero Tolerance for Seat Belt Violations May 18-29

Woodstock, IL— As summer kicks off and travel increases, the Woodstock Police Department is
partnering with the Illinois Department of Transportation to remind motorists to Click It or Ticket.

Woodstock Police Squad Car

The national seat-belt enforcement campaign will take place May 18 through 29, concurrent with one of the busiest travel and holiday weekends of the year. Click It or Ticket enforces seat-belt and car-seat use to keep all motorists safe.

“Our law enforcement personnel see firsthand the loss of life when people refuse to buckle up,”
said Chief John Lieb.

“It’s such a simple and effective way to protect yourself while traveling.

As the Memorial Day weekend approaches, we want to make sure people are doing everything they can to stay safe in the unfortunate event of a crash.”

Illinois has a 93.8% observed seat belt usage rate, but a disproportionate number of fatalities involve unbelted motorists and passengers. Of the 1,093 traffic deaths in 2017, where restraint use was known, 54% of those killed were not wearing seat belts.

Seat belt use drops even more in the evening hours between 6 p.m. and 5:59 a.m.

That’s why one focus of the Click It or Ticket campaign is nighttime enforcement.

The Woodstock Police Department will be taking a no-excuses approach, writing citations day and night.

Motorists caught not buckled up will be ticketed, and those caught driving impaired will be arrested.

“Please help us spread this life-saving message before one more friend or family member is killed as a result of this senseless inaction,” said Chief John Lieb.

Seat belts save lives, and every vehicle occupant—front seat and back, child and adult—needs to remember to buckle up, every trip, every time.

Together, we can make zero fatalities a reality in Illinois.

For more information on the Click It or Ticket mobilization, visit

Tom Matthews Reflects on Corruption

A letter from Wonder Lake’s Tom Matthews:

Defeat Corruption

Both knowingly and unknowingly many accept and

Embrace corruption, for a life of luxury and comfort, at the expense of their fellow citizens, corruption is promoted and maintained by those who have gained questionable control,
prestige, money, influence and an ability to entice others to be corrupt, for their own benefit.

A major goal and tool of this corrupt group is to have the ability to seek control and render revenge on those who oppose them. This group has become so large, that they have become out of control, but with a core group remaining.

TP Mathews and John Hammerand chat at his last fund raiser at the Grand Old Mill in Wonder Lake. 

In looking for ways to stop the burden of corruption, and the denial of justice to our citizens, we must look to the history books has to how the great army’s of evil intensions were organized to conquer and enslave their fellow man.

Like our present day corrupt members of society, they were arrogant and empowered by any early success, but then they themselves were conquered when being deprived of food, fuel and replacement of weapons from their supporting source.

In the present case, the success of corruption is by the sources of support.

In searchingthe internet, it can be found that the Michael Madigan Democratic organizations and funds arebeing supported by listings of 40 pages of donors and approximately 920 contributors.

Allegedly, these may also be known by some as supporters of corruption, when looking to have their personal agendas and interests advanced for their own personal interest and profit to the exclusion of their competition, competitors, and the public.

Please refer to the internet for the published list of contributors.

Allegedly, some believe that some of that list wish to publicly exhibit that they are a supporter and contributor; while others may wish to contribute to the support by gratuity in a shoe box, umbrella or other means.

It is obvious, by daily reports that it is allegedly impossible to stop corruption when many of the leaders, state wide and occasionally at the Federal level are controlling the entire situation.

Allegedly, it is necessary to have a higher authority, as in the U.S. Attorney General and Dept. of Justice, who has the ability to convene a Federal Taskforce, with the assistance of the FBI, IRS and other agencies involved to thoroughly investigate and put a stop to the carnageand restore the Constitutional Rights to our citizens, in order to receive justice to all equally.

In my 60 years of owning and operating several businesses’ I have been personally the victim of many of those who are shown in various classes as donors; to the point of financial assassination. It is unfortunate and sad to say, that my observation, is that many other citizenshave suffered physically, and also been victim of financial assassination.

It should be noted, and explored by the Taskforce, the extent of the extended carnage that often reaches thousands.

Allegedly, the corrupt have built a wall to protect their corruption through legislation of rules and regulations with loop holes to nullify the Historic avenues to gain justice by destroying latches and other procedures to expose those who are corrupt, their crimes, and their victims.

Allegedly, it is estimated and reported that there are very few transactions that do not have some corruption at 1 level or another. Some believe that amount of corruption, collectively, would pay the entire outstanding debt of the State of Illinois.

Please prove me wrong.

Allegedly, when looking at corruption, one must investigate to see who have become partners.

Allegedly, the most obvious example is politicians directing public affairs and labor unions.

This relationship has created and maintained a pension crisis when a worker’s paycheck did not require a deduction for his pension, but in an effort to show a larger paycheck, the pension obligation was transferred to be a public obligation.

There are scores of other relationships to benefit a few at an unconscionable cost to many.

Allegedly, here in Illinois, as well as elsewhere, to get elected, it is not a competing candidate with a program that one must survive; but it is also the number of voters enjoying a better life then your own, through the benefits of corruption.

The hundreds of thousands of corrupt beneficiaries are those who are voting against an honest candidate seeking to return Constitutional Rights and justice to all.

Illinois Leaks’ Take on Gasser Suit to Seek Repayment of Taxpayer Money Allegedly Used by Millers for Personal Purposes

Reprinted from Illinois Leaks with permission:

Algonquin Township Road District – Breach of Fiduciary Duty, Conversion, and Constructive Fraud alleged in recent court filing

McHenry Co. (ECWd) –

Anna May Miller

Bob Miller

“This complaint contains twenty-seven counts. Counts I – VI are breach of fiduciary duty claims which seek damages against Robert Miller and Anna May Miller for Breach of Fiduciary duty. Counts VII is a conversion claim and seeks monetary damages from Robert Miller, Count VIII sounds in constructive fraud and seek damages from Robert Miller, and finally, Count IX of this complaint sounds in an accounting.”

I don’t think we need much explanation regarding this recent filing by the Algonquin Township Road District Attorney.

In fact, I would say all these counts pretty much speak for themselves and appear to point to numerous criminal violations of our laws.

Many issues in this recent filing were covered in numerous articles we wrote since we began looking into all the malfeasance at this Township.

A few criminal statutes that come to mind:

I would encourage everyone to read this document, search our website for applicable articles and ask yourself, why has no one been charged with any crimes yet?

= = = = =

The Gasser filing can be found here.

Our work is funded entirely thru donations and we ask that you consider donating at the below link. 


Dorr Township Road Commissioner Got Permission from Annual Town Meeting to Sell Equipment

When I saw the auction that Dorr Township Road Commissioner John Fuller has authorized to sell equipment, I asked whether that had been approved by the Annual Town Meeting.

The answer I received from my Freedom of Information request is “Yes.”

Here is the relevant portion of the minutes:

BGA Writes McHenry County Board in Support of Bill to Allow Abolition of Township Government by Referendum

Following up on a simple support statement for Rep. David McSweeney’s bill to allow abolition of township governments in McHenry County by referendum, the Better Government Association has issued the following letter sent to the McHenry County Board last week:

Electronic, etc., Recyling at McHenry Township Road District Saturday

From the McHenry Township Road Commissioner James Condon:


Electronic Waste and Brush Recycling Programs 

McHenry Township Road District Recycling Center
in the township employee parking lot at 3703 N. Richmond Road




These programs will be available April through November
on the following Saturdays from 8:00 a.m. to 12:00 Noon

    May 19    June 16    July 21 

August 18    October 20    November 17
* there will be no recycling in September due to our Touch-A-Truck event * 

Electronics:  The township has an accessible drop-off location which is intended to motivate residents to dispose of their used computers and electronics in an environmentally responsible manner. 

There will be NO drop off of recycling items during the week. Drop off is located in the township employee
parking lot at 3703 N. Richmond Road.  Road District employees will be on hand to assist you on the above dates. 

The Road District is again partnering with The Environmental Defenders of McHenry County for our recycling  program. Acceptable items now include televisions, miscellaneous electronics, CFL bulbs, fluorescent tubes, VHS/cassette tapes, and CDs/DVDs.

Donations are suggested for particular  items are listed below; all proceeds go to the Environmental Defenders of McHenry County to offset the cost of transportation, sorting and certified recycling.

  •   Televisions & Monitors: .50 cents per pound or $50 maximum per unit
  •   Household Batteries: .50 cents per pound (car batteries  are taken for free)
  •   CFL bulbs: .50 cents each
  •   Fluorescent tubes: .50 cents per 4ft bulb, $1.00 per 8ft bulb

Accepted at no charge:

– computer hard drives
– keyboards & mice
– printers/ink cartridges & scanners
– word processors & calculators
– VCRs & DVD players
– telephones & battery backups
– VHS/cassette tapes/CDs/DVDs
– miscellaneous electronics (most anything that plugs-in or runs on batteries)
– automotive batteries
– clean Styrofoam & Packing Peanuts
  – eyeglasses (in cooperation with McHenry Lions Club)

We will provide one semi-trailer every month to haul away most of the electronic recycling except for a few items. Once the trailer is full, the doors will be closed for that date and recycling will resume the next month.

What Library Districts Did to 2018 McHenry County Real Estate Tax Bills

Here is a comparison of property tax burdens levied by libraries in McHerty County for the last three years.

All are library districts, except Crystal Lake’s, which is part of city government and whose levy must be approved by the City Council.

For some reason in Woodstock, which is similarly situated, the County Clerk did not break out the library levy.

Library Districts            
Algonquin $6,049,462 $6,354,893 5.0% McH Co only $6,965,991 9.6%
Barrington $365,557 $365,557 0.0% McH Co only $392,593 7.4%
Cary $1,937,165 $1,975,266 2.0%   $1,973,909 -0.1%
Crystal Lake $4,494,520 $4,494,535 0.0%   $4,588,930 2.1%
Fox River Grove $544,519 $557,891 2.5%   $512,182 -8.2%
Huntley $2,172,135 $2,238,468 3.1% McH Co only $2,298,027 2.7%
Johnsburg $619,002 $625,001 1.0%   $631,000 1.0%
Marengo-Union $650,478 $642,253 -1.3%   $633,489 -1.4%
McHenry $3,180,652 $3,180,653 0.0%   $3,180,655 0.0%
River East $223,734 $234,914 5.0%   $246,423 4.9%
Nippersink $646,404 $647,995 0.2%   $663,112 2.3%
Woodstock Rural $416,201 $416,502 0.1%   $411,301 -1.2%
Wauconda $467,474 $466,476 -0.2% McH Co only $478,834 2.6%

More Trouble with Algonquin Township Answering Freedom of Information Requests

First posted on Illinois Leaks, this is re-printed with permission:

Algonquin Township- The Clerk, the Attorney, and Bob Miller have some explaining to do.

McHenry Co. (ECWd) –

Karen Lukasik

For starters, I once again ask that the Clerk do the citizens of Algonquin Township a favor and resign.

The Freedom of Information Act is not that hard to understand nor comply with and you don’t need a lawyer for either unless your Karen Lukasik.

requested a copy of the PowerPoint Presentation reviewed and drafted by an attorney for the law firm.

In true to form fashion, the law firm responds for Lukasik and tells me they have no records responsive to this request.

One can only wonder why the taxpayers have to pay for an attorney to respond to this request but I digress, I’m glad they did in this case.

I asked for the PowerPoint because the taxpayers were charged and paid for the review and drafting of the PowerPoint Presentation.

I guess Lukasik and their attorney failed to understand section 7(k)(2) of the FOI Act. –

“(2) A public record that is not in the possession of a public body but is in the possession of a party with whom the agency has contracted to perform a governmental function on behalf of the public body, and that directly relates to the governmental function and is not otherwise exempt under this Act, shall be considered a public record of the public body, for purposes of this Act.”

We know the record is not in the possession of the public body based on the response.

The next question is who does possess a copy of this public record?

Considering the law firm was paid to review and draft this particular electronic presentation, it appears the public body should have obtained a copy from the party whom they contracted with, the law firm.

There was no indication from the law firm letter that they were even asked for the record.

Bob Miller making a point at the County’s Township Consolidation Task Force.

The only way this particular document would not be subject to our FOIA request is if it was not prepared on behalf of the public body, but rather some other private Association entity that Bob Miller was involved in.

If that is the case, then why was the Road District Billed for this PowerPoint Presentation?

Is this a case where we are identifying a public body paying an attorney to draft a presentation for a non-public body?

Is this a case where a law firm has billed a public body for a reviewing and drafting a presentation but has no record of it?

I ask those questions because the billing dates from the attorney are about a week after communication seeking Miller to speak on Township Consolidation and/or elimination.

That request was from the Northwest Illinois Highway Commissioners Association. 

Our bet is Miller passed that off to Kelly to handle.

Once we obtain a copy of this presentation we will all know the truth.

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