Resolution Setting Fall Referendum to Abolish McHenry Township Road District as Separate Government

As readers are well aware, the McHenry Township Board on a 3-2 vote authorized a referendum to abolish the McHenry Township Road District.

If approved by voters at the November election, the Road Commissioner would cease to be elected after incumbent Jim Condon’s term is up in 2021.

Ir occurs that others might be interested in the wording of the resolution, so it is published below:

Edgar County Watchdogs Points Out Algonquin Township Clerk Stonewalling

The Edgar County Watchdogs have posted an article on line relating to the Algonquin Township Clerk and her portion of the CBS investigation which aired this past Monday.  This article is reprinted with permission.

Algonquin Township Clerk – Cry me a river!

Illinois Co. (ECWd) –

CBS 2 Chicago did a fine job expanding on the malfeasance that took place in the Algonquin Township Road District while under the failed leadership of Bob Miller, it was the Clerk’s comments that got our attention in that report.

The report shares the fact the Clerk, Karen Lukasik is being sued for stonewalling the current Highway Commissioner’s attempts to get records.   We know what that stonewalling looks like and are moving our failed attempts to get records to the courts as well.

During the interview, she said: “we’re supposed to be serving the people”, followed up with a claim he (Andrew Gasser) is not doing that, but rather serving himself.  She also went on with an emotional claim of: “I don’t know many people that would stick it out, but I’m not going to quit, I’m not going to quit”.

We are not sure why she was so emotional but all we can say is Cry Me A River.  Her own actions have proven she is stonewalling us on FOIA requests, and to date, I believe she represents the worst case of FOIA non-compliance we have ever come across, even when considering Carlinville.

For one that claims “we’re supposed to be serving the people”, it might do her well to start doing that and earn the measly $1200.00 a month she depends on

“My direct deposit did not go in I need a check today as soon as possible. I will be working there today so l will expect to get that before noon, pleaseI’m assuming you are in today as well?  Why is there always a problem with my pay???  I count on that measley 1200 a month. Getting very frustrating” (Lukasik Text Message

Considering it was her own words that said she counts on the measly $1,200.00 a month, is it safe to draw the conclusion she is not quitting because of this need, more so than the claim of being there to serve the people?

Considering us and others are taking her to court to get our records, it’s clear serving the people has a different meaning to her.

Used in this article: Photo (screenshot) and video (clip) from CBS News 2, Chicago.

Our work is funded entirely thru donations and we
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McHenry County Salaries – Gi-Ha

Gil Jr.,Edward J. Election Adm Analyst $58,729.58
Gill,James K Maintenance Tech II $65,404.80
Glawe,Dora A Registered Nurse $38,238.72
Glorch,Jean G Assessment Office Manager $62,835.24
Gnarro,Aileen M. Registry – RN $11,700.00
Golec,Maryann Laundry Worker $20,904.00
Gonzales,Elmer I Registered Nurse $87,578.20
Gonzalez,Donald Food Service Assistant $8,175.62
Gonzalez,Jose A Registry – CNA $5,105.10
Gonzalez,Karina Certified Nursing Asst I $4,594.20
Goossens,Tara R Assistant Administrator $80,455.40
Gorak,Keith P Correctional Officer – Union $106,148.88
Goschey,Julie Public Health Nurse FCM $86,592.42
Gottemoller,Joseph County Board Member $43,282.74
Graf,Thomas A Maintenance Tech I $66,798.40
Graham,Joseph G. Probation Off II $76,278.30
Grajek,Heidi A Database Administrator $100,081.86
Green,Richard A Correctional Officer – Union $30,730.80
Grey,Amy L Legal Admin Spec Misdemeanor $40,306.20
Grisolia,Patrick Corrections SGT $96,129.04
Grobe,Carolyn B Ex Legal Admin Spec $46,068.12
Grochowski,Jason E Correctional Officer – Union $101,800.08
Guaderrama,Juan C Correctional Officer – Union $72,889.68
Gugle,Joseph E Mgr Planning, Personnel, Admin $90,528.38
Guignon,Frank D Transportation Spec $10,735.12
Guzman,Eric D Corrections SGT $114,718.48
Haak,Meaghan D Health Promotion Coord – HP $65,492.18
Haak,Shawn P Plans Examiner $74,496.24
Habbley,Crystal R Accounting Coordinator $68,203.92

Jeanne Ives Thanks Supporters

Both Parties Share Blame for Illinois

An email from Jeanne Ives:

“Dear Friends and Supporters,

Tuesday night, the popular revolt against Illinois’ political ruling class fell just a bit short.

But that doesn’t change the substance of what we accomplished or the righteousness of our effort.

We started this campaign on faith.

And we came closer than most thought we could. Sometimes what should happen doesn’t happen…at least not in our time.

So we end with the same faith with which we started.

Jeanne Ives at a 2018 campaign event in McHenry.

It is with much gratitude and great humility that I thank my running mate Rich Morthland and his family.

I couldn’t have had a better running mate or a more principled conservative with which to wage this battle than Rich.

I want to thank my husband Paul for standing steadfastly behind me throughout this campaign.

Paul, myself, and my entire family are so fortunate to have been able to share this experience together with you.

I also want to thank both my dedicated campaign staff and you – the conservative grassroots who rallied behind me and took this hill with me.

Tuesday’s defeat is nonetheless a victory for the people who play by the rules in Illinois and who’ve been fleeced by a state government they finance.

You made your voices heard. You made your exasperation felt.

And now both parties and both candidates for governor know your concerns and hopes can no longer be ignored.

As I’ve said throughout this campaign and during my time in the General Assembly, both parties share the blame for what Illinois has become.

We don’t have Republican or Democrat problems. We have math problems and government service problems.

I remain convinced that Tuesday remains the beginning of the end of all of that. I remain convinced that Illinois is on the comeback.

And I remain committed to fighting to those ends every day I have left as a member of the Illinois House.

Despite this defeat, I know the overwhelming majority of Illinois families want to change our political culture.

This is the popular revolt long in the making and it will not be quelled by this setback.

This is a movement that has room for everybody because our government belongs equally to every single, law-abiding Illinois resident.

Thank you all so very much for the sacrifices you made for our campaign.

Thank you all so very much for the fight you put in for what’s right, and for what’s right for Illinois.

Onward we fight.

God Bless you, your families, our state and our nation.


P.S. One final comment: We are a polite and conscientious campaign. Please pick up any signs you see in your area and dispose of them properly. If our campaign loaned you stakes, please give them to a conservative candidate or use them to fence in your garden – another useful re-purposing.”

Paul Serwatka’s Recent Letter to Residents

A Positive Ending to an Ugly Chapter for Lakewood – The Resignation of Trustee Rich Ritchie

Friends and Neighbors,

While this Newsletter will shed light on some very unpleasantries that have taken place in our village board over the last 11 months, the very good news, is that it comes with a very positive, very happy, ending – promising only positivity for our village board and even more positivity for our village. I hope you’ll take a few minutes…

I’d like to preface this rather long-winded composition by stating that I understand there will always be a few who will take exception with the negativity that I will speak of here. There are a few who have expressed their disapproval of such candor, while most commend my bringing it forward and appreciate the importance of knowing the truth, even when the truth is not so pretty.

That said, as those who have been following my newsletters, for going on 3 years now, know, I believe it is important that residents know what takes place in their village government and I see no good in “sugar-coating,” shining false light, or “protecting” residents from the truth in our village government issues, though at times the truth can get a bit ugly. My Newsletters serve to bring you the truth in your village government… They serve to tell you what you NEED to know, though it may not necessarily be what you WANT to hear… Sometimes the message is pleasant… Sometimes, not so pleasant. But, we must be aware of the unpleasant if we are to improve, to correct, and to learn from our mistakes.

A Positive Ending to an Ugly Chapter

Last Tuesday, at the close of our village board meeting, trustee Rich Ritchie announced his resignation as trustee, effective immediately.

Although my saying so may come off as a bit crass to some, I will tell you here and now, Rich Ritchie’s resignation was an absolute blessing to our village board and to the village of Lakewood, in general. Residents who have regularly attended our meetings in recent months will attest to this, as will trustee Phil Stephan, as will much of our village staff, and as will those residents who had already begun the process of petitioning for trustee Rich Ritchie’s Recall from Office as trustee.

You may recall that Rich Ritchie was originally part of the Lakewood Tax Fighter slate that I worked to get elected into office last year. Looking back, it wasn’t too long after I filed Rich’s election papers with the clerk’s office, to get Rich and the entire slate on the ballot, that I began to see signs that Rich was not at all who he represented himself to be – and while my intention is not, in any way whatsoever, to purposefully speak ill of or disparage Rich Ritchie – I believe it is vitally important that residents are aware of the absolute duplicity Rich demonstrated in his actions and behavior on our village board.

I can honestly say, with a clear conscience and complete conviction, that Rich Ritchie was the most duplicitous, deceptive and unscrupulous politician I have ever dealt with in the 5 years that I have been active as a “Government Watchdog” and elected official. I assure you, I do not say these words lightly!

The 2017 Election Campaign

In December 2016, once all the political candidate paperwork was filed with the Clerk’s office and the campaign to be elected began, I along with (now) trustee Phil Stephan began working on the Lakewood Tax Fighter Team’s campaign. This campaign included the campaigning for all members of the team, including Rich Ritchie. Day after day, we sought Rich’s assistance, but his assistance was never forthcoming. Eventually Rich came right out and informed us that he would not be helping in the campaign. “You guys are quite capable” was his response, and as the campaign continued over the next 4 months, Rich was, quite literally, nowhere to be found. (Important to note, to run as a slate/new political party as we did, we had to have a full slate. If any member dropped out, was disqualified, or the slate, for any reason, wasn’t full – all “Lakewood Tax Fighter” candidates would be invalidated and removed from the ballot)

Day in, day out, over the next four months, I, along with Phil Stephan, walked the village, distributed literature, sent mailers, etc.. Rich never circulated a single petition, never placed a single sign, never knocked on a single door, never made a single campaign call, never stuffed a single envelope or licked a single stamp. Every one of these necessary functions were carried out by myself and Phil Stephan along with the enlisted help of a small group of resident volunteers who supported our intended efforts.

Promises Made

If you followed our 2017 campaign, you know of the very specific promises that each member of our Lakewood Tax Fighter slate made to residents. And, you may recall the very specific pledges that each member of the slate made and signed our names to, including:

• a New level of Truth, Transparency and Accountability
• No Multi-Million Dollar Village Hall
• No More Pet Projects
• No $66 MIL TIF and Sportplex
• No More Property Tax Hikes

Each of us signed a written pledge agreeing to uphold these principles and others.

We also pledged to waive our salaries and each of us elected to instead contribute our salaries to the Lakewood Tax Fighter & Better Government Project to more directly effect better village government initiatives, such as our historically successful Property Tax Referendum.

Promises Broken – Pledges Dismissed

A New Multi-Million Dollar Golf Club and Police Station

Upon being elected in April, before even taking office in May, Rich Ritchie, Phil Stephan and myself had a number of face-to-face meetings. In these meetings Rich spoke more and more of his desire to build a new dual purpose Golf Club & Police Station facility on Redtail Golf Course property. This quickly became a source of great argument as “ball park” numbers of $4 MIL – $7 MIL Dollars became very realistic projections.

Village of Lakewood President Paul Serwatka

At one point, Rich urged that we couldn’t “drag our feet” on the issue if we wanted “to be able to break-ground on construction before winter” (2017/2018).
I grew quite frustrated at this point, explaining that this was in direct contradiction to everything we campaigned on, that we were not going to be breaking ground on anything, and that I would no longer entertain any further discussion on a new Golf Club or Police Station.

At this point, Rich secretly contacted Lakewood resident and local developer, John O’Hara, looking to garner his support on this project, as we had learned that John O’Hara had previously put together preliminary plans for a new Golf Club, a decade or so prior. As John O’Hara explained, after listening to Rich Ritchie’s proposed concept, John essentially informed him that it was simply not a viable project. John then contacted me to explain why the project was not viable, expecting I was aware of he and Rich’s meeting.

Despite this multi-million dollar project being in direct contradiction of everything we campaigned on, Rich continued to lobby to have this placed on our agenda. At a July village board meeting, more than 100 east side residents spoke for more than 3 hours as to the severity of the flooding and the dire conditions they were being forced to deal with. After this discussion, most residents left the meeting at which point trustee Ritchie announced to our village clerk that he wanted the discussion of a new Police Station to be added to our next scheduled agenda. I refused his request and again explained that this project was in direct contradiction to everything both he and I campaigned on. I explained that we simply were not going to have a board discussion about a multi-million dollar, UNNECESSARY, pet-project until we, at least first, addressed the myriad of issues we currently faced with our existing village assets and infrastructure.

The Northwest Herald subsequently reported on this, which greatly fanned the flames of Rich’s anger.

Unwillingness to Participate

It wasn’t long before we learned that I and trustee Phil Stephan would be the driving force behind any truly meaningful change moving forward. On one hand Phil and I both have more time available to devote to the village, but more so, we both have a much higher degree of passion toward transforming our village.

Rich repeatedly took exception with mine and trustee Phil Stephan’s “extra curricular” (as he put it) work around the village. He didn’t like that trustee Stephan and I were so active in Storm water activities, Lake activities, village beautification projects, and in helping residents with a myriad of other issues. On a number of occasions, Phil Stephan and I invited trustee Ritchie to join in and work with us, to which he replied “that is not what I was elected to do.”

Throughout the course of the remaining months, Rich Ritchie continued to look for ways to obstruct our efforts and make them difficult for us. And, as time went on, there were a number of instances in which his behavior and actions were not only cause for concern, but as trustee Phil Stephan, and many of our village staff, will attest to, served only to harm our village.

Resisting Accountability

As I wrote of in a Newsletter back in October, after a continued problem with excessive absenteeism in our village board meetings, I proposed an ordinance to ensure a degree of accountability in attendance of board members. My proposed ordinance allowed for a trustee to miss 22% of our total annual village board meetings, before an “intervention” type of a hearing would be held by board members to determine the underlying causation of the absences and whether or not the member should remain on the board.

Trustee Ritchie took great exception with this proposed ordinance, first stating that the number of absences allowed for in the proposal was too stringent. As the Northwest Herald again reported, I asked trustee Ritchie what number of absences he felt was a more acceptable threshold before we called for some measure of accountability. His answer was “None”. He stated publicly that his employment could cause him to miss 40% or more of our village board meetings and that he would not support any action by the board that would hold any member accountable for their attendance.

Trustee Ritchie went on to miss three more meetings, two of which he didn’t even have the courtesy to notify myself, our clerk, or our Chief Administrative Officer.

Fighting Public Awareness

On a number of occasions, trustee Ritchie publicly called for me to stop reporting on our village board activities, via this newsletter and the Lakewood Tax Fighter website. Specifically, he took exception with the fact that I continue to make public how trustees vote on important issues – and that I ask residents to participate in electronic surveys on important issues. Rich publicly characterized both of these as “a complete lack of respect for the office and elected officers.” (To be fair, Trustee Pat Rexroat also subscribed to this notion.)

Sadly, trustee Rexroat has told us that he feels it undermines the board, that I tell the public how board members vote on certain issues, as well as their statements at meetings. Pat feels that this is viewed as me “complaining” and that some board members view this as “personal attacks on them”. Pat also feels that residents should not be provided electronic polling surveys on important issues as I have been doing over the past year. Pat feels these surveys are “not scientific” and that it isn’t necessary to “run to the residents” every time we have an issue.

Flooding on Broadway in Lakewood.

Resisting and Threatening our New Chief Administrative Officer

In November 2017, trustee Rich Ritchie was the sole NO vote in the hiring of our new (current) Chief Administrative Officer, Jeannine Smith. After reviewing her application, resume and recommendations over several days, and after privately interviewing her and participating in board deliberations of her hire, Rich publicly stated that he had no reason to doubt that she was completely capable and qualified for the position. He then cast the only NO vote in hiring her to this position.

Subsequent to her hire, trustee Ritchie informed CAO Smith, that while he meant nothing personal by it, she came to the wrong village, at the wrong time, under the wrong president, and suggested to her that her employment with our village would be short-lived.

As we have now come to confirm, Jeannine Smith has been nothing short of fabulous in her new role as Lakewood’s Chief Administrative Officer and Lakewood would do well to keep her on board as long as possible!

Obstructing The Redtail Revival

In November 2017, our Golf Course Manager reported that there was a substantial degree of deferred maintenance to the exterior of the Redtail Golf Clubhouse. On the exterior there was reported; leaking windows, deteriorated, leaking siding with water infiltrating, leaking gutter/downspouts, etc. A proposal was presented to replace the siding, windows, gutters and more and two things were made abundantly clear:

1. The work being proposed was a necessity and that time was of the essence due to the current water infiltration.
2. All funds to be used for this work were funds generated from Redtail operations to be used for Redtail maintenance. No tax dollars would be used for this work.

Knowing all of this, trustee Ritchie once again, cast the only vote against taking this necessary protective measure, stating only that he did not support putting ANY money into the Redtail Clubhouse.

Subsequently, as I wrote to residents in January 2018, our Golf Club Manager came forward with the next proposal for the much needed renovation of Redtail Golf Club’s interior. This much needed renovation would cure the decades of neglect, deferred maintenance, faulty mechanical systems, and code violations that existed, as well as bring a new, welcoming atmosphere to the club. And, again only Redtail generated funds would be used for this project. No Tax Dollars would be used.

Trustee Ritchie didn’t even show up to this meeting. And, as he had done on other occasions, he didn’t even give notification that he would not be in attendance. To date, Rich is the only board member that has not visited, or even inquired as to the ongoing Redtail renovation.

Abandoning his Pledge to the Public

You may recall that when running for office last year, each member of the Lakewood Tax Fighter slate pledged to forgo their trustee salary and to instead contribute our salaries to the Better Government Project. This was pledged very publicly in all campaign literature, on the Lakewood Tax Fighter website, and the Northwest Herald even ran a Headline story on this very pledge.

Breaking this VERY Public Pledge – Rich Ritchie, after only 6 months as a trustee, stopped contributing his salary to Lakewood’s Better Government Project, abandoned his pledge, and began taking his trustee salary.

Since Sunday, dozens of tank trucks loaded with sewage from the Broadway Avenue pumping station have been transferring their loads to the Lakewood Sewage Treatment Plant.

Sadly, I could continue on with more examples. But, suffice it to say, I made a huge blunder in judgment of Character, when I selected Rich Ritchie as part of our Lakewood Tax Fighter team. My one saving grace, however, is that I did have a degree of foresight, (knowing that politicians do, often, misrepresent themselves) in that I did require every member of the Lakewood Tax Fighter slate (including myself) to formally sign a written Self-Imposed Recall Pledge – pledging to voluntarily step down from office if petitioned to do so by the residents.

And I do want to personally say THANK YOU to each of the residents that did initiate the Recall Petition Process of trustee Rich Ritchie. Though it turns out your efforts are no longer needed in this particular case, it means the world to know that there are residents out there paying attention and caring enough to make such an effort!

All the ugliness aside, as I stated at the beginning, We are facing much brighter days on our village board. We will soon be appointing a trustee to fill this vacated seat and I am confident that the Lakewood Village Board will work together cohesively, for the betterment of our village, moving forward.

I also want to say THANK YOU to the scores of residents who emailed their congratulations and their support after reading of this resignation in the Saturday’s Northwest Herald. Your support means everything!

As always, your thoughts questions and concerns are always welcome and always valued.

For a better Lakewood,

McHenry County Salaries – Fr-Ge

Moving right along.

Friedel,Maureen K VR Elections Clerk $50,518.80
Frohling,Bonnie Clerk II – Union $54,981.50
Gallagher,Kelly M Victim Services Representative $58,581.92
Gallas,Paula Kim Deputy Coroner/Investigator $54,085.20
Gallegos,Julia Bookkeeping/Redemption Clerk $35,615.46
Gara,Rita M Attorney, Principal $67,694.12
Garafol,Jennifer A. Deputy – Union $112,588.48
Garcia,Alexandra R Registry – CNA $5,105.10
Garcia,Jenny C. Radio Dispchr – Union $63,836.00
Garcia,Leticia Court Interpreter $35,100.00
Garcia,Sandra Office Assistant II $22,946.56
Garcia,Vidal Probation Off I $46,535.46
Gardner,Kiley R. Animal Control Officer I $45,147.72
Garmon,Ann Louise WIC Coordinator $82,154.54
Gartner,Vicki E. ZBA Mbr $5,720.00
Garza,Hector M Deputy – Union $112,588.48
Garza,Jill A Administrative Specialist III $49,008.72
Garza,Jose H Records Clerk $42,203.22
Garza,Sarah E Housekeeper $41,357.58
Gattuso,Nicole L. Director of GIS $128,937.32
Gearhart,Robert A Correctional Officer – Union $108,933.60
Gebauer,John Correctional Officer – Union $115,143.12
Geenen,Bridget M Temp Project Manager $75,850.20
Gibbons,John T Chief Criminal $115,155.10
Gibbs,Robin R Administrative Specialist III $60,639.30
Gibson Jr.,Donald Correctional Officer – Union $94,909.80
Gieseke,Jill M Lead Court/Courtroom Spec $48,854.16
Gieseke,Linda A. Reg Ofc of Education Asst/Rece $44,842.32

$1 Selling Price of Unincorporated Lake In The Hills Water System Up For Vote Tonight

Promises made, promises broken

A press release from Rep. Allen Skillicorn:

First informed by letter on February 12, “In the coming months, the Village of Lake in the Hills will be considering plans to transfer ownership of the unincorporated portion of the Village water system to Central States Water Resources (ICSWROC), a private water and waste water utility company,” a vote was set less than two weeks later on February 23. 

A map of LITH with the presumed affected unincorporated area circled in green.

At that meeting, residents voiced their concern that they had insufficient time to fully review and discuss the situation which the board acknowledged and tabled the item.

It is now March 22, less than a month later, and the issue has reappeared on the agenda with the minimum allowable notice for a vote this evening. 

Residents contacted the Representative to voice their concern that for an issue this complex they need more time to fully understand the ramifications.

Allen Skillicorn


By their own admission, the Village has stated, “’[The main reason we are selling] is to eliminate the liability of the village of owning a system that does not turn a profit,’[Public Works Director] Kaup said.

The water system, along with fire hydrants, must be replaced, which is expected to cost $1,793,357.”

But what of the promises made to all of the residents over 50 years ago when the Village purchased the water system for maintenance and upkeep, along with the bonds to do so?

The majority of Lake In The Hills residents who live in the incorporated areas have had their water system updated, but not the unincorporated area, those residents are being pushed aside because it “…does not turn a profit.”

I call on the Village of Lake in the Hills to table the item for an additional month to give the residents affected more time to ensure that their concerns are adequately considered and addressed.

A copy of the letter sent to unincorporated LITH residents.

Last Minute $12,662 to McClellan from Local 150

Mary McClellan

McHenry County Clerk Mary McClellan got almost a $14,700 infusion of cash for her run for Circuit Court Judge less than a week before the March 20TH Primary Election.

Most came from her long-time allies, the International Union of Operating engineers Local 150–$12,751.77.

Another contributor–NIR Roof Care with an address in Huntley–contributed another $2,000.

That’s enough for two countywide direct mail pieces.

McClellan came in third out of four candiates in the race won by Judge Robert Wilbrandt.

Libertarian Party Offers Ives and Biss Supporters Choice in General Election

A press release from Kash Jackson, Libertarian Party Candidate for Governor:

CHICAGO, IL – Libertarian Candidate for Governor Kash Jackson congratulated Bruce Rauner and J.B. Pritzker on their wins in the Illinois Primary on Tuesday. While the Libertarian Party is not yet officially on the ballot, Jackson let them know that he will be serious competition in November’s election.

Kash Jackson campaign photo.

“Tuesday we found out who I will battle for the Illinois governor’s seat. Their best hope was not to get the nomination, because now they’re going to have to answer how they lost to a third-party candidate this November,” Jackson said.

A twenty-year Navy veteran turned civil rights activist, Jackson strongly advocates for judicial and criminal justice reform. His platform includes support for a balanced state budget, and for ending corporate welfare and cronyist practices in Springfield.

Jackson was nominated at the Libertarian Party of Illinois state convention on March 3. Due to Illinois’ strict ballot access laws, the party’s three gubernatorial candidates and twenty-three other candidates were not eligible to participate in yesterday’s primary elections. The Libertarian Party of Illinois is currently only a recognized party in McLean County, as a result of presidential candidate Gary Johnson’s performance there in 2016.

Jackson is running with Lieutenant Gubernatorial candidate Sanj Mohip.

For more information on Kash Jackson’s campaign for governor please visit

To schedule an interview contact Brian Lambrecht via email at [email protected]

Jack Franks Backs Winners

J.B. Pritzker

The two candidates McHenry County Board Chainrman Jack Franks publicly backed in the Democratic Party Primary Election emerged victorious in Tuesday’s election.

His candidate for Governor, fellow one percenters JB Pritzker, and fellow one percenter Sean Casten to run against Congressman Peter Roskam.

Unlike Franks’ endorsement of Hillary Clinton in 2008 and 2016, Pritzker carried McHenry County 38% to 34% for Daniel Miss this year.

Sean Casten addressing McHenry County Democratic Party in October.

That was not the case with Franks’ congressional endorsement, however.

Instead of Franks’ endorsement carrying for Casten, Kelly Mazeeski won McHenry County 36% to 27&.

And, if you consider the endorsements of Franks’ allies embodied in the anonymous entity calling itself “Illinois Integrity Fund,” Franks also won in County Board District 6 when Republican allies Michele Aavang and Larry Smith beat challengers Orville Brettman and Ersel Schuster

He lost, however, when County Board critics Chuck Wheeler of McHsnry and Michael Rein of Woodstock won nomination, although Rein by old eleven votes, which could be subject to a recount.

Route 31 Park and Ride Still Vastly Underused

Not many cars on this Tuesday afternoon about 12:45.

Every once in a while I drive past McHenry County’s Park and Ride lot at the intersection of Route 31 and Virginia Street Road.

Here is another view of the parking lot, looking north from its southern edge.

There are never enough cars to justify its existence.

But there was a bottle which might indicate some nighttime usage.

Could young people be using the parking lot for nighttime drinking?

McHenry County Salaries – Fe-Fr

Fell,Marvin A. Chief Court Security Officer $84,650.78
Fetterman,Kathryn S. Administrative Specialist III $56,129.46
Fields,Jeffry M Detective – Union $91,656.08
Fifer,Linda B Assessment Specialist III $57,679.08
Filippini,Christopher A Court Security Ofcr – Union $40,020.00
Finke,Deann M Administrative Specialist III $65,579.18
Fish,Charles L Correctional Officer – Union $106,148.88
Fitch,Matthew D Custodian – Union $43,379.00
Fitzgerald Jr,William J Court Security Ofcr – Union $69,333.20
Fitzgerald,Breanna Correctional Officer – Union $93,793.68
FitzGerald,Linda M Chief Deputy County Clerk $92,082.06
Fitzgerald,Ryan T Corrections SGT $94,898.80
Flannery,Michael E Deputy – Union $112,588.48
Flores,Ariana G Certified Nursing Asst I $24,018.80
Flores,Erick Radio Dispchr – Union $60,311.00
Flores,Rocio Food Service Assistant $41,918.89
Floress,Diana L Mapping Technician I $30,985.50
Floress,Michael I. Court Security Ofcr – Union $72,536.32
Flowers,Egbert W Correctional Officer – Union $104,897.84
Foat,Sally A Recording Spec III $53,213.58
Foley,Amanda J GIS Mapping Ops Spec $74,209.92
Foley,Marisela Deputy Court Administrator $75,977.12
Foley,Sean M Planner/Special Proj $61,047.36
Fontana,Gail Family Case Mgmt Asst $46,598.82
Ford,Kevin W. Correctional Officer – Union $106,148.88
Fragante,Johnson C Registry – LPN $11,960.00
Franks,Jack D County Board Chair $104,050.24
Frasier,Kimberly S. Radio Dispchr – Union $73,939.40
Freese,Randi L Attorney, Supervising $87,800.72
Frey,Gail F. Court/Courtroom Spec I $34,866.00

Northwest Herald Misses Jack Franks’ Allies’ Intrusion Into Republican Primaries

Maybe it’s because no one on the Northwest Herald editorial staff has ever voted in a Republican Primary Election.

Or maybe it’s because the staff has not been reading McHenry County Blog.

Regardless, the NWH has missed what probably is the biggest story of the election–the interference of Democrats aligned with with Democratic Party McHenry County Board Chairman Jack Franks in the GOP’s County Clerk’s race and County Board contests in Districts 4, 5 and 6.

No worries for McHenry County Blog readers.

“Sit down,” McHenry County Chairman Jack Franks shouted.

Just search for “Illinois Integrity Fund” on this publication and you can see what Franks’s allies have been up to.

The ghost committee is out of Cook County–no surprise there–and has failed to follow the law requiring registration with the Illinois State Board of Elections once $5,000 was spent.

And there is little doubt that that threshold has been exceeded.

If the Political Action Committee received contributions of more than $1,000 non-reporting would be another violation of state statute.

In any event the failure of the Northwest Herald to even mention the numerous mailings speaks volumes.

As does its Editorial Board’s endorsement of the County Board candidates who are expected to align themselves with Franks–the ones who just by happenstance are the ones who will gain from the anonymous direct mail attacks..

Ives Carries McHenry County

Jeanne Ives

Challenger Jeanne Ives beat Governor Bruce Rauner in McHenry Count.

The vote was 51% to 49%.

Statewide, Rauner won 51.5% to 48.5%.

Rauner gave money to the State Republican Party to pass out to county GOP organizations.

McHenry was one of the few that received nothing.

That my be because application was made for the money.

Franks’ Critics Lose in District 6

Michele Aavang

Larry Smith

The two challengers who took on incumbents Michele Aavang and Larry Smith fell far shot of deposing them.

Orville Brettman and Ersel Schuster bore the brunt of the anonymous “Illinois Integrity Fund.”

And, as political consultants and politicians know, negative campaigning works.

In this contest, the allies of Jack Franks did the best job of smearing the County Board Chairman’s critics.

The results of the balloting tallied on election day follows:

  • Michael Aavang – 32.6%
  • Larry Smith – 31%
  • Ersel Schuster – 19.8%
  • Orville Brettman – 16.5

Rein Leads Melendy By 11 Votes for Running Mate Spot with John Jung

Lesli Melendy

Michael Rein

McHenry County Board member Michal Rein is hanging onto the second GOP spot on the District 5 GOP site by eleven votes.

Only eleven votes separate Rein from challenger Lesli Melendy, who hooked up with first pace winner John Jung, Jr., in the attempt to unseat Rein, who continually questions McHenry County Board Chairman Jack Franks.

As a result, the anonymous Frank’ allies, embodied partially under the name “Illinois Integrity Fund,” did their best to defeat Rein.

Huntley School Board member Melendy’s chances of victory depend on absentee votes that may not have arrived in time to be counted thus far.

There could, of course, be a recount of the votes.

Chuck Wheeler, Thorn in Jack Franks’ Side, Joins Pam Althoff on District 4 GOP County Board Slate

Chuck Wheeler

Pam Althoff

Jack Franks allies did their best to defeat the only black member on the McHenry County Board.

Chuck Wheeler was subject to negative campaigning.

Primarily from the so-called Illinois Integrity Fund, the attacks were aimed at nominating State Senator Pam Althoffl’s running mate Steve Bellmore, a meber of the McHenry High School Board.

Election Day results follow:

  • Althoff – 42.5%
  • Wheeler – 31.3%
  • Bellmore – 26,2%

No Democrat was on the Primary Election ballot, but opponents could be put on the ballot.

State Representative-To-Be Tom Weber

Candidates without opponents don’t get a lot of attention.

That was certainly the case with Tom Weber, who will be replacing Barb Wheeler next January.

His district runs from Lakewood to Northwest Lake County.

A couple of weeks before the Primary Election, he sent a thank you letter to those who signed his petition to get on the ballot.

You can read it below:

Tirio Withstands Jack Franks’ Allies’ Lies To Win GOP Nomination for County Clerk

Joe Tirio

Joe Tirio photoshopped.

McHenry County Recorder Joe  Tirio won the right to advance to the fall election by beating Janice Dalton 56% to 46%.

He will face off against former Hebron Village Trustee Andrew Georgi.

Looking at the total Republican and Democratic Party votes for the office, the total for the GOP candidates was 23.684 to 17,438 for the Democratic candidate.

RTA Processes Senior Discount Cards in Indiana

Received a letter from the Regional Transportation Authority telling me if I wanted a new senior discount card I would have to send in a copy of a government identification card.

As I was putting the copy in the envelope, I noticed that it was addressed to a Post Office Box in Fort Wayne, Indiana.


I know the RTA runs a train into Indiana, but most of its money comes from Illinois.

Hard t believe its Directors could not find a competitor in Illinois.