IL-06: Sean Casten Twitter Tantrum on Supreme Court Vacancy

Sean Casten

And some think President Trump has Twitter rants, Casten throws a Friday night tantrum which betrays a stand-up comic posing as a Congressman

Congressman Sean Casten (D, Twitterland) upon hearing Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s commitment to conduct the Senate’s business, reacted in the way McHenry County Blog has warned Casten not to do. When he is mad, stay away from Twitter, as he expressed his thoughts on Twitter in no fewer than 22 tweets.

All of this on the heels of yesterday’s passing of Supreme Court Associate Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg at age 87.

The 21-part Twitter rant is transcribed for ease of reading, and [BLEEP] out any expletives. As the rant begins, Casten should have taken his own advice:

Mitch McConnell

“OK everyone. Take a breath. It’s time to fight like everything you have for democracy, because that’s what’s on the damned ballot. Are you with me to fight like hell for RBG’s legacy? Then here’s what you gotta do:

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is a sniveling sack of hatred who is petrified to live in a world where he might be judged by the content of his character. Treat him with 100% of the respect he has earned. And not a penny more.

Make this election a referendum on what he does next. Hell hath no fury like 150 million women scorned. And they were scorned when the Senate nominated Kavanaugh. This is worse.

Every single Senator who is up for election in 45 days needs to live in fear that calling for a vote on a SC nominee would mobilize that anger. Call them. Text them. Email them. Tell them what you think, and do not let them ignore you.

Every Senator who voted to confirm Kavanaugh voted for a man who was credibly accused of sexual assault. Who shed crocodile tears about a calendar. Who lied about “boofing”. If all those cowards get for that is losing an election, they should thank us for our mercy.

Federal election laws limit you to $2800 per candidate. Give as much as you can to ensure that every single one of those cowards spends the rest of their lives thanking us for not destroying the social safety net they will soon depend on.


Sean Casten

“Go give as much as you can to Sara Gideon so she can beat the snot out of Coward-in-Chief [Maine U.S. Senator] Susan Collins.

Go give as much as you can to Mark Kelly
so he can beat the snot out of unfit-to-carry-John McCain’s legacy [AZ Senator] Martha McSally.

Go give as much as you can to Jim Hickenlooper so he can be the snot out of aspiring Trump sycophant [CO Senator] Cory Gardner.

Go give as much as you can to Jaime Harrison so he can beat the snot out of World Champion, undefeated Trump sycophant, [Senate Judiciary Chairman, SC Senator] Lindsay Graham.

Sorry, I lost the numbering thread. My anger at Mitch McConnell
and his Republican sycophants has gotten the better of me.

(QUICK COMMENTARY: Men and women who command respect got the better of Casten a long time ago. Continuing the rant, and yes, there’s more.)

“Go give as much as you can to Cal Cunningham so he can beat the snot out of undistinguished-rando-Trump-rubber stamp [NC Senator] Thom Tillis.

Go give as much as you can to U.S. Senator Doug Jones [D, AL], a truly good man who’s only sin, as far as I can tell is representing a state where defending victims of racial injustice is still partisan.

Go give as much as you can to Barbara Bollier [D, KS], that rare (only?) *elected* Republican who saw what Trump has done and had the courage to say, “that ain’t me” and changed parties [Kansas U.S. Senate seat is open].

Go give as much as you can to Theresa Greenfield to beat the snot out of Profiles-In-Followership laureate [IA Senator] Joni Ernst.

Go give as much as you can to [Montana] GOVERNOR Steve Bullock to beat the snot out of the guy who represents Glacier National Park but can’t be bothered to do a damned thing about climate change.

(Seriously: [Steve] Daines should never again be invited to eat Thanksgiving at the big kids table for spewing garbage like this. [meme excluded)

(QUICK COMMENTARY: Casten takes a quick breath and continues)

“But all that is only the start. If you make every single cowardly Republican Senator nervous, all you accomplish is keeping Trump’s little Mitch from acting before 11/3. Then we shift to the lame duck.

We will do EVERYTHING we can in the House. But a democracy-affirming majority in the House can only do so much to protect against a coward/grift-affirming majority in the Senate before January.

So we’ll need your help. Just remember that the overwhelming majority of Americans are good people. That’s what scares the Republicans so much. It’s why they’re so petrified of a free and fair election.

The proof is that the largest peaceful protest in our nations history was the Women’s March. Which was subsequently exceeded by Black Lives Matter. It’s time to top that. March peacefully, but march hard.

Send a signal to the world that we are still the country of decency. Of democracy. Of equality for all. Of all that is righteous and good. But we will not sit down in the face of injustice. And cowards will be held to account.”

Sean Casten Twitter rant, 9/18/20

Maybe Casten’s rant will come up at Monday night’s League of Women Voters candidates forum.

Pro-Life Organization Remembers Ruth Bader Ginsburg Fondly

From the Thomas More Society’s Tom Brejcha:

Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg will go down in legal history as a Jurist of very high stature and lasting repute who played a pioneering and pivotal role in paving the way for the advancement of women lawyers to their present positions of power and influence in our legal profession. 

She was supremely gifted and dedicated in her singular devotion and masterly contributions to the legal and associated social reforms that brought about this monumental progress over the many decades of her labors. But what marks her as a truly legendary jurist is her fidelity to the law, as a body of principles that stands apart from, and transcends, mere policy preferences and political partisanship, however deeply felt and ardently fought for. 

Thus we witnessed her voting twice in favor of our advocacy, which was assailed (stridently albeit baselessly) in so many quarters in the marathon NOW vs. Scheidler litigation, which gave birth to our Thomas More Society, a public interest law firm. 

The case lasted over 28 years from start to finish, and it culminated in a pair of successive U.S. Supreme Court decisions against the use of the federal racketeering and extortion laws against peaceable non-violent political protest. 

In that case, Justice Ginsburg joined an 8-1 majority in Scheidler II, handed down in 2003, and then again she joined an 8-0 majority in Scheidler III, handed down in 2006 (Justice O’Connor having retired, or it would have been 9-0) — proving herself faithful to the operative legal principles that proved dispositive, despite the fact that she was casting her vote against the National Organization for Women, another high profile advocate for the cause, so styled, of women’s rights. 

We deeply disagreed with her about abortion rights, but we too, at the Thomas More Society, salute her record of judicial service and mourn her passing.


Tom Brejcha

Tom Brejcha
President & Chief Counsel

Mike Madigan’s Latest Candidate in Southeastern McHenry County Makes Five Mailings in Two Weeks

After the last reapportionment, David McSweeney won the Republican Primary Election against the Establishment candidate.

Then, the deceased Republican State Rep. Mark Beaubien’s wife Dee ran as an Independent against McSweeney.

Mike Madigan poured hundreds of thousands of dollars into Dee Beaubien’s campaign to defeat McSweeney.

Not, eight years later, Madigan has a new female candidate–Marci Suelzer.

The Republican candidate to replace McSweeney is Marty McLaughlin, the Village President of Barrington Hills.

In the past two weeks, Madigan’s State Democratic Party has made five mailings on her behalf.

I don’t know their order, but you can see them below:

Please send me political mail you receive. The email address is on the left of the page.

Message of the Day – Irony

Dick Durbin

From the mouth of U.S. Senator Dick Durbin in an editorial endorsement interview by the Daily & Northwest Herald, plus the Southern Illinois Local Media Group:

“This is the basic campaign message for President Trump’s reelection campaign ‘Be afraid. Be very afraid.'”

Perhaps also of interest is the second- or third-report last weekend from the Willie Wilson for U.S. Senate campaign, that Republican Mark Curran was two points ahead of Durbin.

If Wilson, who did quite well in black wards during the Chicago mayoral election, pulls enough inner city votes away from Durbin, Curren might win.

Algonquin Police’s Enhanced Enforcement Results

From the Algonquin Police Department:

Algonquin Police announces Labor Day “Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over” campaign results

(Algonquin, IL) – The Algonquin Police Department made two impaired driving arrests during the recent Labor Day enforcement campaign to increase safety on Illinois roads.

In addition, 24 seat-belt citations were written – 12 during nighttime hours.

Other citations and arrests included \

  • two traffic arrests
  • one felony arrest
  • 72 speeding citations and
  • 16 other violations of the Illinois Vehicle Code.

“As traffic safety partners, we do our best to make sure all drivers and other road users are safe,” said Sergeant Robert Salazar.

“While enforcement campaigns like these save lives, there is still much to be done. Please help us spread the message: Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over.”

Nationally in 2018, a total of 10,511 people were killed in drunk driving crashes, making up nearly one-third of all traffic fatalities that year. More than 10,000 people have died as a result of impaired driving each of the last 4 years in the United States.

The Algonquin Police Department joined forces with enforcement agencies and highway safety partners throughout the state for the
enforcement effort. The statewide “Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over” and “Click It or Ticket” campaigns are made possible by federal
highway safety funds administered by the Illinois Department of Transportation.

Suzanne Ness Endorsed by Daily Herald to Replace Allen Skillicorn

From the Daily Herald:

Endorsement: Ness for Illinois House District 66

When Republican Allen Skillicorn was an East Dundee village trustee, we were impressed by the fervor with which he pursued fiscal conservancy. We endorsed him in his first run for the 66th House District in 2016.

He replaced an exemplary legislator in Mike Tryon, who knew how to work both sides of the aisle to get things done. Tryon retired from the legislature in 2016, having accomplished a great deal.

Skillicorn is no Mike Tryon.

We supported the candidacy of Carolyn Schofield in this year’s Republican primary, largely on the basis that Skillicorn hasn’t learned how to build consensus — he simply tries to force people to accept his point of view. For a Republican in Illinois, consensus-building is a prerequisite. Our opinion has not changed.

Skillicorn also was listed as “present” and voted on two dozen bills and resolutions one day last year when he was hundreds of miles away from Springfield in a parade in Harvard. He has apologized for his “mistake” and it was determined no malice was intended, though we’ve never gotten any sort of explanation for just what happened.

Democrat Suzanne Ness is challenging Skillicorn. She is a McHenry County Board member from Crystal Lake and owns a corporate training firm. As a Democrat on a largely Republican county board, she knows a thing or two about compromise and working across the aisle, introducing an ethics policy. She counts a stronger set of ethics policies in state government, too.

Ness is endorsed.

The 66th House District includes parts of Algonquin, Crystal Lake, East Dundee, West Dundee, Elgin, Gilberts, Huntley, Sleepy Hollow and Lakewood.

IL-14: Jim Oberweis Hits Broadcast and Cable TV Airwaves

Jim Oberweis

Highlighting Lauren Underwood calling Black Lives Matter protests “beautiful” while she continues refusing to condemn BLM/ANTIFA violence

Late Friday afternoon, Jim Oberweis released his first TV commercial as part of a broadcast and cable TV ad buy:

COMMENTARY: The ad builds upon a theme where Congresswoman Lauren Underwood has consistently, since the first outbreaks of violence back in late May, refused to completely condemn violence and as recently as yesterday, has confined any criticism of rioting on white supremacists and militias. Protests begun by extremist elements of Black Lives Matters and agitated by ANTIFA, or any other Leftist group, Underwood continues to refuse to condemn.

Other Democrats, including Democrat leadership, have forcefully condemned ALL violence, including:

  • Democrat Presidential nominee Joe Biden, including in one of his TV commercials
  • House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, from the floor of the House this week, openly condemned all violence associated with protests

What do you think of Oberweis’ first ad? Please rate it in comments, and please keep comments on the Oberweis TV commercial. Thank you.

Minors with Drugs Stopped in Harvard

From the Harvard Police Department:


On 09-13-20 at 0316 hrs, Zachary D Taylor (m-18 yoa), was arrested for Unlawful Possession of Cannabis after he was stopped for an equipment violation on the 2005 Honda he was driving on Ayer St at Park St. Taylor was released with a court date of 10-19-20 at 1330 hrs.


On 09-13-20 at 0520 hrs, a Harvard Youth (m-17 yoa) was arrested for
unlawful possession of alcohol after he was stopped for speeding in the area of 4 th St and Blaine St while driving a 2004 Ford. The Harvard Youth was issued a citation for Transportation and Possession of Open Alcohol by Driver, three citations for Failure to Signal and Speeding over Statutory Limit 11-14. The Harvard Youth was released to his parents after posting $250.00 bond with a court date of 11-02-20 at 1330 hrs.

The Passenger in the vehicle, Brian Cedano-Valdez (m-18 yoa), 1415
Northfield Ct Apt #2B, Harvard was arrested and charged with Unlawful
Possession of an Alcoholic Beverage by a Minor, Unlawful Consumption of
Alcohol. Cedano-Valdez was also issued a traffic citation for Transportation
and Possession of Open Alcohol by a Passenger and a Settlement of Fines citation for Unlawful Possession of an Alternative Nicotine Product. Cedano-
Valdez was released with a court date of 10-14-20 at 1330 hrs.

IL-06/IL-14: Fundraising Crunch Time for Jeanne Ives and Jim Oberweis

Jeanne Ives

As September 30 fundraising deadline looms, more evidence Chicago suburbs written off by national groups

Jim Oberweis

The end of the Federal Election Commission (FEC) 3rd quarter fundraising period is a week and a half away. The 3rd quarter will be one of two FEC filings congressional candidates will do prior to November 3, with July 1 – September 30 campaign disclosure reports due on October 15.

A week later, the Pre-election FEC filings will be published showing fundraising and spending from October 1st through 14th, and are due for publication on October 22.

Unless the Republican nominees in the 6th and 14th show significant cash being raised in the 3rd quarter, it will all but confirm the National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC), and the large super PACs like the Congressional Leadership Fund and Club for Growth have written off the two originally targeted Chicago suburban districts.

Here’s how the fundraising looked at the end of the 2nd quarter, per FEC filings:

Since entering the home stretch of the 2020 elections after Labor Day, the disparity in 2nd quarter cash on hand shows:

Sean Casten
  • 6th district:
    • Jeanne Ives TV commercial for a one week cable TV ad buy ending on September 23, right before vote-by-mail ballots hit the streets
    • Congressman Sean Casten announced a $2.4 million broadcast and cable TV ad buy from September 16 to Election Day
  • 14th district:
    • Congresswoman Lauren Underwood began airing her “Everywhere” TV commercial on cable TV buy
    • Jim Oberweis is “dark”, meaning he is not on TV
Lauren Underwood

And in Oberweis’ case, everyone is waiting for him to write one of his million dollar checks, but thus far, he has not done so. Apart from a good mailer/comparison piece that hit the streets last weekend, no other mailing has surfaced for Oberweis, though one of his “newspaper” mailings is expected to hit the streets, possibly this weekend.

Additionally, on social media, Oberweis’ Facebook page is pushing a “NO” vote on the graduated income tax, but very little substance about his congressional campaign. While it is known Oberweis is doing aggressive door-to-door, and Underwood’s campaign thus far has run a virtual campaign, Oberweis will not be competitive until he is running effective TV commercials on broadcast TV.

So where is the NRCC? Watching the Independent Expenditure (IE) filings, their monies are going elsewhere across the country, as this tweet from the California Target Book shows an NRCC IE for 11 congressional districts filed yesterday:

Of the 11 congressional districts cited on the opposition IEs totaling just under $3.9 million, 5 are seats to defend, and 6 are prime seats to flip. The only 3 seats in the Midwest are the three in Iowa, two with Democrat freshmen women, and a third open.

Problem for the NRCC, Republican-held seats have become very competitive that a year ago were not thought to be competitive, including (but not included on the above IE):

  • The Virginia 5th district, where Cook Political announced its ratings change to toss-up in a district that was seen as Likely Republican over the summer. This was the district where Republican delegates to the nominating convention denied Congressman Denver Riggleman the renomination because he presided over the gay marriage ceremony of two of his former campaign aides. Nominee Bob Good has not unified the Republicans and Democrats nominated at their 4-way primary Millennial Dr. Cameron Webb from the school of medicine from the University of Virginia Charlottesville, who is seen as a male, M.D. version of Lauren Underwood.
  • The Colorado 3rd district, where insurgent Republican Millennial Momma Bear Lauren Boebert unseated 4-term incumbent Congressman Scott Tipton in the late June primary, and this seat went from “Safe Republican” to “Leans Republican”, with Cook Political announcing the latest rating change today.
  • Texas, multiple Republican held congressional seats have become competitive in the last few months, including three in the Dallas/Ft. Worth suburbs, southwestern Houston district and Congressman Chip Roy’s seat in exurban San Antonio. NRCC and Congressional Leadership Fund has reserved millions in TV ad buys in Dallas/Ft. Worth, Houston and San Antonio media markets.

The NRCC will put higher priority defending vulnerable Republicans opposed to flipping a Democrat-held seat, and at this stage of the campaign, there are more vulnerable Republicans then originally thought there would be back in the spring.

Finally, Independent Expenditures in the 6th and 14th district for the General Election have been there, but not near the level to buy TV advertising. Supportive IEs per district totals:

  • 6th: $96,184
  • 14th: $68,373

The amounts above have been given as IEs throughout the time since the March primary, predominately from the House Freedom Fund for digital advertising/marketing.

But unless the Ives or Oberweis polling numbers improve significantly, and only broadcast TV ad buys move polling fast, look for NRCC and the larger super PACs to continue to sit out the 6th and 14th.

Waukegan Man Gets Four Years for Drug Offense

From the State’s Attorney’s Office:


Rashon Davis

Patrick D. Kenneally, McHenry County State’s Attorney, announces that 30-year-old Rashon Davis of Waukegan, Illinois, was sentenced to four years in the Illinois Department of Corrections for the offense of attempt delivery of a controlled substance by the Honorable Judge Wilbrandt on September 16, 2020.

On August 26, 2018, victim Alan Lippert was discovered to have overdosed on heroin and fentanyl supplied to him during a drug transaction.

Investigation led to the discovery of this defendant who had contact with the Lippert’s girlfriend during the time period of the alleged transaction.

This case was investigated by members of the McHenry County Sheriff’s Police Department. This case was prosecuted by Susanne Groebner of the McHenry County State’s Attorney’s Office.

Call to Arms for Allen Skillicorn

From Patriot Dawn:

Dear McHenry County Patriots, Constitutionalists, Libertarians, Independents & Republicans:

Allen Skillicorn

This endorsement comes straight from the desk of a direct matrilineal descendant of the American Revolutionary War battle-land of old colonial Essex County, New Jersey.

Among my ancestral relatives, is the Honorable Abraham Clark, Signer of the Declaration of Independence from Elizabethtown, New Jersey. 

My ancestors held farms adjacent to Jockey Hollow and assisted in wintering the Continental Army there, as well as aiding in the hosting of General Washington at his Morristown headquarters of the American Revolutionary War. 

My matrilineal fifth-great-grandparents were married in the Southwestern Ohio wilderness by U.S Army Chaplain David Jones, a personal friend of George Washington, who assigned Rev. Jones as Chaplain to General Anthony Wayne for his campaign and march to the Battle of Fallen Timbers of 1794.

One young and brave militiaman soldier from Kentucky who mustered into that fight, would later be known as the honorable Major William McHenry — the namesake of our McHenry County.

It’s time for all the 2nd Amendment faithful in McHenry County and Kane County, and all who love liberty, to pull out our checkbooks & credit cards and donate to the Allen Skillicorn campaign, right now.

And let’s get out into the public squares, and start knocking on doors, to get out the vote in favor of Allen Skillicorn.

We can’t expect Allen to live & campaign on air and do all the heavy lifting for all the Constitutional faithful in McHenry & Kane counties.

It’s long past time for us all to get off our duffs and send Allen’s campaign some $$$ love and rocket fuel.

Allen faithfully attends the McHenry County gun shows and similar events, and has proven true in all matters 2A.

I am quite certain that you will never see Sue Ness at any gun show. 

Or firearms range. 

Definitely not at On Target Range & Tactical Training Center in Crystal Lake! 

Except maybe to protest and to demand “gun control” and “abolition” of ICE and police…

I am certain that OT’s ops director, our noble 2A-champion Tom Dorsch, would feel most greatly aggrieved if the good citizenry of McHenry & Lake counties voted Sue Ness into Allen Skillicorn’s seat. 

That would be our 2A death knell.

Skillicorn v. Ness is an exquisitely well-defined race. 

This horse race is “NRA–A+” versus “NRA–F”.

You either want to keep your gun(s) & ammo and your 2nd Amendment & constitutional rights, or you don’t.  

You either want American liberty & freedom, or you don’t.

Skilly doesn’t have Megabucks Madigan or Daddy Warbucks Pritzker to float his boat, the way Sue Ness does.  

Madigan & Pritzker & the leftist labor unions would fund a ham sandwich, as long as it has a “D” next to it.

It’s up to YOU to take the initiative to get Allen Skillicorn across the finish line first.

Donate some buckets of corn, some bales of hay, and enough water to feed his horse, folks, so that Allen can successfully get this race started in earnest. 

Give whatever you can spare.  And then a little more.

Remember, Governor Pritzker poured water all over Allen’s campaign with the COVID shutdown executive orders.  

It’s up to *We the People* to fight back and help Allen Skillicorn keep this seat.

If you want the guy with the A+ score with NRA-PVF, and your 2nd Amendment & constitutional rights, then giddy-up & pony-up, *now*, so that Skilly can have some cash in his kitty with which to go out and campaign.

Skilly is a great and brave man. 

Allen Skillicorn is one of the Magnificent Seven.

God bless the Mag-7 of Illinois!

If only all Illinois Republicans were so brave and true!

But our Allen is not a globalist corporatist or a wealthy heir who can count on funding himself, Bloomberg-esque, in a pinch.

Remember, it was Allen Skillicorn who courageously stood up to challenge the constitutionality of Governor Pritzker’s lockdown executive orders, by launching a gubernatorial recall campaign. 

He and others of the Magnificent Seven were very successful in getting Pritzker to ease off.  (With a little subliminal assistance from Yours Truly…)

We can thank our noble Allen Skillicorn that McHenry County & Kane County (and our great sheriffs) that many of our small businesses are even alive, and that we have an economy at all.

Sue Ness is a nice, pleasant and sincere lady — and as leftist as they come. 

She has *two mommies* for whom to advocate.

Allen Skillicorn is the strong-spined, principled fighter that America and Kane County and McHenry County need right now.

Like-minded patriots & lovers-of-liberty are welcome to contact me:

Patriot Dawn herewith whole-heartedly endorses Allen Skillicorn as our IL-66th district state representative.

For Freedom & Liberty,


Dawn M. Mueller

593 Darlington Lane #36, Crystal Lake, IL 60014

(779) 713-3893

Chicagoans Charged with Drug Offenses after Minivan Flees from Wonder Lake to Woodstock

From the Sheriff’s Department:

Three Arrested After Vehicle Pursuit

The McHenry County Sheriff’s Office announced the arrest of Norman Brown, 32, Destiny Hall, 19, and William Benson, 40, on various narcotics charges after a vehicle pursuit.

Norman Brown

At approximately 2:03 p.m., on September 17, 2020, the Sheriff’s Office was conducting a narcotics investigation in the Wonder Lake area.

During the course of their investigation, Deputies initiated a traffic stop on a 2003 Chrysler Mini-Van.

The driver at that time, Hall pulled over.

During the traffic stop, Hall was asked to step out of the vehicle.

Brown, who was a passenger, climbed into the driver seat and fled with the van and another passenger, Benson.

William Benson

Deputies pursued the Chrysler west where it traveled around the rural west area of Woodstock.

As the Chrysler headed back towards town, members of the Sheriff’s Office discontinued the pursuit.

A perimeter of the area was established with the assistance of Woodstock Police Department and McHenry County Conservation Police.

A short while later Deputies located the Chrysler, which had stopped on the south side of Woodstock near the Route 47/Route 14 intersection.

Deputies discovered that Brown had fled on foot while Benson remained in the vehicle.

Destiny Hall

Witnesses provided Deputies with detailed information on where Brown had fled.

With this information Deputies located Brown, who was hiding in an abandoned mobile trailer.

After a short discussion Brown surrendered and was taken into custody without incident.

Woodstock Fire/Rescue was request to the scene after Brown advised Deputies that he had an unrelated health issue.

Brown was cleared on scene and released back into the Sheriff’s Office custody.

Brown, Hill, and Benson were all arrested and transported to the Sheriff’s Office.

No one was injured during this incident.

After the pursuit was terminated Brown drove the Chrysler into a parked car causing property damage.

Woodstock Police Department completed an accident report for that incident.

As a result of this investigation the following narcotics were recovered:

  • 45.5 grams of cannabis,
  • 7 Hydrocodone pills, and
  • 30 Dextroamphetame pills.

Arrested were

Norman Brown, male, 32, Chicago, IL

  • Possession of Cannabis with Intent to Deliver (class3) (2-Counts)
  • Aggravated Fleeing and Eluding (class 4)
  • Unlawful Possession of Cannabis (class A)
  • Driving with a Suspended Driver’s License (class A)
  • Reckless Driving (class A)

William Benson, male, 40, Chicago, IL

  • Possession of Cannabis with Intent to Deliver (class 3)
  • 40 Unlawful Possession of Cannabis (class A)

Destiny Hall, female, 19, Freeport, IL

  • Possession of Cannabis with Intent to Deliver (class 3)
  • (2-Counts) Unlawful Possession of a Controlled Substance (class 4)
  • Unlawful Possession of Cannabis (class A)

The charges against this individual are merely allegations against them. All defendants are resumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law