Tax Protest for Algonquin Township – Part 4

The fourth thrust of tax protesting attorney Tim Dwyer against Algonquin Township follows:


The District levied $10,170 for its Audit Fund, but had reserves of $81,042 in that Fund.

The District levied $35,545 for its Liability Insurance Fund, but had $162,891 in that Fund.

The District levied $71,068 for its Social Security Fund, but had $178,467 in that Fund.

The District levied $126,890 for its Retirement Fund, but had $232,279 in that Fund.

All of the aforesaid levies are illegal in that the District had more than twice the annual, three-year expenditures on hand when it adopted additional, unnecessary levies.

Additionally, the Road District has numerous line items where the levy amount exceeds the appropriation, and as such, are invalid as a matter of law.

With respect to the Road District, the Road and Bridge Fund, coupled with the Equipment and Building Fund, the Road District had reserves in excess of $5,500,000.

According to its own audit, the Township and the Road District have over 7 million dollars in unrestricted funds.

The annual expenses for the Road and Bridge Funds and the Equipment and Building Fund were approximately 2.4 million.

The tax revenue on hand was at least twice the amount of the annual expenditure.

As such, the Road and Bridge Fund, as well as the Equipment and Building Fund, are excessive, invalid and illegal.

Therefore, the entire levy rate of .191271 is excessive and illegal, and should be rebated back to the Objectors.

WHEREFORE, Plaintiff Tax Protestors pray that this Court consider the matters raised herein, find, determine and otherwise adjudicate that the Road District levy adopted by Algonquin Township on behalf of the Algonquin Road District is illegal, void and excessive as a matter of law, order that the McHenry County Treasurer issue full rebate payments to the Tax Objectors, award statutory interest pursuant to 35 ILCS 200/23-20, et. seq. and issue whatever further relief this Court deems just and appropriate.

In Quest for Power, Jack Franks Tries to Backdoor County Executive Form of Government

Some took a knife or box cutter to this "Vote No County Executive Referendum."

Some took a knife or box cutter to this “Vote No County Executive Referendum” from the No County Czar committee.

There was a referendum put on the ballot by Jack Franks a couple of years ago to impose the County Executive form of government on McHenry County.

It failed.

The County Executive form of government would give the county chairman power similar to that of a village president.

Or a township supervisor.

Pretty absolute as far aa administration goes.

The sign from a so-called "Republican Party" group to which no one admits belonging, but whose art work was used by State Rep. Jack Franks in his handouts in support of his County Executive referendum.

The sign was from a so-called “Republican Party” group to which no one admits belonging, but whose art work was used by State Rep. Jack Franks in his handouts in support of his County Executive referendum.

Vigorously opposed by the Republican Party, Franks’ referendum failed.

The 2012 vote failed 64.4% to 35.6%. The ballots wer 75,118 to 41,563.

Now, Franks asks the Board to relinquish much of the power that it currently by adding the following to its County Board Rules:

“The Chairman shall be responsible for the operation of the County Administrator’s Office and County Board staff.”

This change was not mentioned to Board members during the swearing in meeting on Monday.

Jack Franks’ Rules Modifications Still Not Posted on County Web Site

The meeting of the Temporary Rules Committee begins in less than an hour an a half and the changes in the McHenry County Board Rules still have not been posted in the “Agenda Packet” portion of the meeting notice.

Here is the only information that continues to be available to the public:

The "Agenda Packet" part of the information supplied the public about the Temporary Rules Committee is merely the Agenda.  The changes proposed by Democrat Jack Franks are kept secret from the publie.

The “Agenda Packet” part of the information supplied the public about the Temporary Rules Committee is merely the Agenda. The changes proposed by Democrat Jack Franks are kept secret from the publie.

This is the new face of transparency, Jack Franks edition.

Rules Writer Comments on Jack Franks’ Proposed Revisions

Ersel Schuster served on the McHenry County Board committee–Management Services–that has written the Rules that new Chairman Jack Franks wants to amend without reference to that committee.

She has looked at the proposed changes and has these comments for current Board members;

Heads up… McHenry County Board members…

You are being rushed into making decisions you will regret.

First and foremost… the County Board Rules are just that… YOUR rules.

They are not the chairman’s rules.

No matter what the rules committee does this morning, that cannot be factored into the process by which the Committee on Committees does its job.

There is a well vetted reorganizational process in place and it must be used to do the business.

Change is good.

However, change for the sake of change, or for political purposes, is dangerous.

Take the time necessary to do a serious study on any changes.

Should this selectively assembled Rules Committee go along with the chairman’s wishes… the rush to incorporated these changes will be the least of your worries.

You will rue the day you allow the backroom tactics of Mr. Franks to run your business.

Not a good beginning for our county.

Steve Verr, Steven Koerber Head McHenry Township GOP Slate Preferred by Precinct Committeemen

The McHenry Township Republican Party held a caucus to select April candidates at the McHenry VFW on Tuesday night.

From left to right are Township Trustee candidates

From left to right are Township Trustee candidates Mike Rqkestraw and Bill Cunningham, Supervisor candidate Steve Verr, Road Commissioner nominee Steve Koerber, plus Township Trustee candidates Bob Anderson and Stan Wojewksi. Clerk candideate Dan Aylward, who ran unopposed, is not in the photo.

McHenry Township GOP Chairman Steve Verr was nominated Township Supervisor 3,966 to 1,508 votes for McHenry Grade School Board member Erik Sivertsen.

That didn’t happen, however, befor Sivertsen moved to change the rules from

  • giving Republican Precinct Committeemen the number of GOP votes cast in their precinct in last spring’s primary minus any votes cast by township residents attending the caucus to
  • giving every person in the room one vote

The weighted vote on Sivertsen’s amendment was 4,352 against to 1.049 in favor.

Looking just at the results of giving everyone a vote, the results would have been 64-24 against.

For Road Commissioner, the tally was

  • 4,565 for Steve Koerber
  • 917 for Brad Deppneier

For Township Clerk

  • Dan Alyward (unopposed)

Four Township Trustees were nominated from six candidates:

Steve Verr used his arms to show how high McHenry Township salaries were compared to County Board salaries.

Steve Verr used his arms to show how high McHenry Township salaries were compared to County Board salaries.

  • 5,466 – Mike Rakestraw
  • 4,466 – Bill Cunningham
  • 4,403 – Bob Anderson
  • 3,963 – Stan Wojewski
  • 1,510 – Mark Jaeger
  • 1,503 – Kevin McConville

In his speech to those gathered, Verr pointed to the extremely high national ranking McHenry County has as far as property taxes go and said that by having a caucus, rather than a primary, the Republican Party was saving $35,000 to $40,000.

“I vow and promise I will cut and slash [the Supervisor’s salary and benefits] down [from “over $100,000] to what the County Board makes–$21,000.

“It’s a part-time job,” he pointed out.

Erik Sivertsen

Erik Sivertsen

Sivertsen said that he had “fought to lower taxes [on the McHenry Grade School Board] and that’s what I will do as Supervisor while still offering needed services.

He pointed out that salaries of elected officials cannot be changed during the term of those to be elected in April, so his opponent could not keep his proimise.

Sivertsen said the Township Board had cut its levy 10% and that further cuts would require cuts in services.

Highway Commissioner candidate Steve Koerber told of his activism on behalf of non-dedicate road homeowners.

“If I don’t cut the rate every year, get me out of there,” he said.

Opponent Brad Deppmeier, who runs a trucking and excavating business, told of being “involved in road construction, maintenance and upkeep for the last thirty years.”

He said he had worked “with the township, for the township and side by side.”

He indicated that it was impossible to do “the popular thing,” but one could do “the right thing.”

Dan Alyward

Dan Alyward

Alyward told the crowd that he was “better known as the man who paid his taxes in dollar bills.”

He told how his taxes had jumped from $2,700 to $4,000 one year in the early 1990’s.

When he went to the Assessor, he was told, “You’re lucky, it could have gone up $3,900.”

He told of talking to me over an hour on the phone and asking me how today was different from the time of the American Revolution.

“The taxes are higher,” I replied.

While usually evoking laughs, Alyward pointed out, “It isn’t funny.”

“This has to stop.”

Counting the votes took as long as it would have taken the County Clerk’s Office to count election ballots.

The results were announcd about 10 o’clock.

Petition Challenges in Algonquin Township

McHenry County Blog has been verbally informed that Tim Shepherd has filed objections against the petitions of the following in Algonquin Township:

  • Charles A. Lutzow (Supervisor)
  • Richard Alexander (Assessor)
  • Bob Miller (Highway Commissioner)
  • Melissa Sanchez-Fisher (Clerk)
  • Karen Lukasik (Clerk)
  • Dan Shea (Trustee)
  • David Chapman (Trustee)
  • Melissa L. Victor (Trustee)
  • Terence G. Ferenc (Trustee)

Another group of objections have been filed against

  • Chuck Lutzow (Supervisor)
  • Bob Miller (Highway Commissioner)
  • Karen Lukasik (Clerk)
  • Dan Shea (Trustee)

So far I have seen no paperwork.

Jack Frank’s Suggested County Board Rules

Jack Franks Copies Springfield Short Time for Consideration Modus Operandi

McHenry County Board members received an extensive re-write of their Rules this afternoon right before the 4:30 close of business.

I recognize the game that Chairman Jack Franks is playing.

In Springfield Mike Madigan dumps major legislation into State Represntatives’ computers at the last minute.

At least in Illinois state government, the public can read a bill’s content the same time as their elected officials.

That is not the case in McHenry County.

The Rules are not posted on the County’s web site as I write this article at 5:15 Tuesday afternoon.

Twenty-eight pages accompany the following email from Franks:

Jack Franks

Jack Franks

County Board Members –As discussed that the County Board organizational meeting yesterday, attached please find a draft version of the revised County Board Rules.  The modifications are intended to be a starting point for discussiontomorrow with the Temporary Rules Committee meeting.

The meeting will be at 11:00 a.m. in the  County Board Room.

I look forward to hearing your thoughts.

Very Truly yours,

Jack D. Franks, Chairman
McHery (sic) County Board

Will the 11 o’clock meeting of the Temporary Rules Committee be nothing more than a rubber stamp by a committee dominated by members from the western part of McHenry County?

Will the meeting be held in the County Board room where members’ comments can be heard on one’s home computer via live streaming?

Will the meeting be recorded and posted on the County web site?

Or will Jack Franks’ lack of transparency continue?

draft-co-board-rules-12-16-1_page_01 draft-co-board-rules-12-16-1_page_02 draft-co-board-rules-12-16-1_page_03 draft-co-board-rules-12-16-1_page_04 draft-co-board-rules-12-16-1_page_05 draft-co-board-rules-12-16-1_page_06 draft-co-board-rules-12-16-1_page_07 draft-co-board-rules-12-16-1_page_08 draft-co-board-rules-12-16-1_page_09 draft-co-board-rules-12-16-1_page_10 draft-co-board-rules-12-16-1_page_11 draft-co-board-rules-12-16-1_page_12 draft-co-board-rules-12-16-1_page_13 draft-co-board-rules-12-16-1_page_14 draft-co-board-rules-12-16-1_page_15 draft-co-board-rules-12-16-1_page_16 rules-draft-p-17-12-6-16draft-co-board-rules-12-16-1_page_18 draft-co-board-rules-12-16-1_page_19 draft-co-board-rules-12-16-1_page_20 draft-co-board-rules-12-16-1_page_21 draft-co-board-rules-12-16-1_page_22 draft-co-board-rules-12-16-1_page_23 draft-co-board-rules-12-16-1_page_24 draft-co-board-rules-12-16-1_page_25 draft-co-board-rules-12-16-1_page_26 draft-co-board-rules-12-16-1_page_27 draft-co-board-rules-12-16-1_page_28

Solon Mills Man Indicted on Federal Child Porn Charges

A press release from the U.S. Attorney’s Office:


ROCKFORD — A Solon Mills, Ill. man was indicted today by a federal grand jury on charges of child pornography. WAYNE GIBBONS, 66, of Solon Mills, Ill., was charged with two counts of transporting child pornography via the Internet in June 2013.

Each count of transporting child pornography carries a mandatory minimum sentence of 5 years and a maximum of 20 years in prison, as well as $250,000 maximum fine. If convicted, the court must impose a reasonable sentence under federal sentencing statutes and the advisory United States Sentencing Guidelines.

The public is reminded that an indictment contains only charges and is not evidence of guilt. The defendant is presumed innocent and is entitled to a fair trial at which the government has the burden of proving guilt beyond a reasonable doubt.

The indictment was announced by Zachary T. Fardon, United States Attorney for the Northern District of Illinois, and Michael Anderson, Special Agent-in-Charge of the Chicago
Office of Federal Bureau of Investigation.

The government is represented by Assistant U.S. Attorney Michael D. Love.

The County Board Winners Get Sworn In

There are so many aspects of the December 5th McHenry County Board meeeting that there will be stories coming for a while.

One that was overshadowed by the activies of newly-elected Chairman Jack Franks was the swearing in of the people who won the November election.


From left to right are those who won election to the McHenry County Board on November 8, 2016: Mick Walkup, Jeff Thorsen, Paula Yensen, Chris Christensen, Mary McCann, Yvonne Barnes, Craig Wilcox, Jim Keanrs, John Reinert, Kay Bates and Mike Skala. Chief Judge Michael Sullivan is administering the oath of office.

Sworn in were

District 1

  • Tom Wilbeck
  • Yvonne Barnes
After the official photo was taken, folks mingled.

After the official photo was taken, folks mingled.

District 2

  • John Reinert
  • Jeff Thorsen
Jeff Thorsen and Jim Keanrs talked.

Jeff Thorsen and Jim Keanrs talked.

District 3

  • Chris Christensen
  • Mike Walkup

Herb Franks chats with Andrew Gasser and an unidentified man. Franks said he was surprised when his son Jack asked him to administer his oath of office.

District 4

  • Kay Bates
  • Craig Wilcox
Another glimpse of the interactions after the official photo was taken.

Another glimpse of the interactions after the official photo was taken.

District 5

  • Mike Skala
  • Paula Yensen
The McHenry County Board members smile for the camera. Michele Aavang was not present.

The McHenry County Board members smile for the cameras. Michele Aavang was not present.

District 6

  • Jim Kearns
  • Mary McCann

Wholesale Cancellation of County Board Committee Meetings

Early yesterday afternoon, newly-installed McHenry County Board Chairman Jack Franks cancelled a raft of County Board committee meetings, as you can see below:

Meetings canceled by McHenry County Board Chairman Jack Franks.

Meetings canceled by McHenry County Board Chairman Jack Franks.

During his first County Board meeting, Franks announced that what would have been considered at such meetings will be covered in a Committee of the Whole meeting on December 19th to be followed by a County Board meeting on December 20th.

= = = = =
In other words, County Board member input at the committee level is unnecessary. The Chairman and administrative employees will take care of everything.

Tax Protest for Algonquin Township – Part 3

Attorney Tim Dwyer’s third attack on the Algonquin Township’s tax levies for bills paid this year follows is short:


According to its own 2014 audit, prior to its levy for the Town Fund of $1,678,548, the Algonquin Township had $3,162,101 in liquid assets for the Town Fund.

The $3,162,101, coupled with the levy of $1,678,548 exceeds 2.6 times the annual three-year average expenditure of 1.8 million.

As such, the Town levy issued by the Township is invalid, excessive and illegal.

Therefore, the illegal rate of .085052 should be rebated to the Objectors.
WHEREFORE, Plaintiff Tax Protestors pray that this Court consider the matters raised herein, find, determine and otherwise adjudicate that the Township General Fund Levy adopted by Algonquin Township is illegal, void and excessive as a matter of law, order that the McHenry County Treasurer issue payments to the Tax Objector Plaintiffs of the entire amount taxed upon the Objectors by said Districts, and issue whatever further relief this Court deems just and equitable.

Robert Wilbrandt Replacing Marleen McIntyre as Circuit Court Judge

Robert Wilbrandt at the September fundraiser in Lake in the Hills for the MdHenry County Republican Party.

Robert Wilbrandt at the September fundraiser in Lake in the Hills for the McHenry County Republican Party.

Circuit Court Judge Maureen McIntyre is retiring on December 31st.

In her place the Illinois Supreme Court has named Associate Judge Robert A. Wilbrandt, effective on January 3, 2017.

The order was issued on October 27th.

Judge Wilbrandt will have to run for the vacated office in 2018, just as Associate Judge James Cowlin did this year.

On January 3rd there will be a vacant Associate Judgeship due to the appointment of Wilbrandt to the Circuit Judgeship.

Presently the McHenry County Circuit Court Administrator is accepting applications for the Associate Judgeship vacancy.

Jack Franks’ Proposed Rule Changes Still Not Posted

At 10:55 Monday a notice was sent out announcing the 11 AM Wednesday  meeting of the newly-appointed Temporary Rules Committee.

It is now 9:37AM on Tuesday and what is to be considered at the Wednesday meeing in a bit over 24 hours still has not been made available to the public on the McHenry County web site.

Here’s what one still sees when one clicks on “Agenda Packet:”

Only the Agenda shows up on the McHenry County web site when one clicks on "Agenda Packet" for the Wednesday meeting of the Temporary Rules Committee.

Only the Agenda shows up on the McHenry County web site when one clicks on “Agenda Packet” for the Wednesday meeting of the Temporary Rules Committee.

Of possible interest is that newly-elected County Board Chairman Jack Franks’ photo has replaced that of Joe Gottemoller, as you can see below:

Besides the fact that Jack Franks' photo has been posted on the County website before the new Rules he wants adopted, read what is at the bottom of this page. I don't know if it is new.

Besides the fact that Jack Franks’ photo has been posted on the County website before the new Rules he wants adopted, read what is at the bottom of this page. I don’t know if it is new.

At the bottom of the page is the following:

“The primary purpose of the County Board is to establish the various budgets of the county funds and adopt ordinances and rules pertaining to the management and business of the county departments.”

Support for Non-Incumbents in McHenry Republican Caucus

It’s tonight at 7 at the VFW and it has generated at least four letters to the Northwest Herald.

Some criticize the Republican Party for holding a caucus instead of a primary election.

Others, like the one below, written by Ned Neuman, criticize the bulk of the incumbent McHenry Township officials for being appointed, not elected.

Neuman has given permission for his letter to be published.  (If those on the other side wish to have their letters publishes here, send them and give permission.)

To the Editor:

The overwhelming majority of the slate of McHenry Township First candidates who desire to be the Republican Party candidates on the ballot for next April’s McHenry Township election are incumbent office holders who are in their positions as incumbents because they were appointed, rather than elected.

They understood the system well but overplayed their hand for many years in an ongoing resignation and appointment charade that subverted democracy.

Six of the eight supposedly elected officials on the McHenry Township Board were not elected to their positions.

They were appointed.

They run the township government as if it was a private club.

It’s no more complicated than that.

Steve Koerber

Steve Koerber

We need new people.

I’m supporting the slate that includes Steve Koerber for Highway Commissioner and even anti-township activist Bob Anderson as a Trustee.

f you are a registered voter in McHenry Township and you didn’t vote in another party’s primary in the last twelve months, you are eligible to vote in the Republican Party caucus on Tuesday evening, December 6, at 7 PM at the McHenry VFW.

I have known Steve Koerber and Bob Anderson for over forty years.

Bob Anderson

Bob Anderson

They are bright and decent men who aspire to be elected to public office to pursue a transparent agenda.

They are part of the group of McHenry Township Fresh candidates which I support.

The incumbents are possibly all decent people. I simply don’t like the way they got there.

All politics are local.

You clearly should attend your local party caucus.

Ned Neumann

Craig Wilcox Sees No Reason Committee Selection Committee Can’t Meet, Warns of Quid Pro Quo Perception

Comments from newly-elected McHenry County Board member Craig Wilcox:

Craig Wilcox

Craig Wilcox

Thank you Mr Chairman,

I appreciate your words on

“Focusing on outcomes, and not politics”


“Putting the politics aside”

so in regards to that, I just wanted to address the one comment that was kind of new to me when I read the NWH article yesterday and that was

“The aptly named Committee on Committees, which is assembled after every election to assign members to the committees in which most of county government’s work gets done, will not meet until an official decision is made on the committee structure.”

I thought through that a little bit, and I could find no reasons why the Committee on Committee needs to wait until the Temporary Rules Committee has completed its’ tasks.

As a newly elected member, I am here to get to work and in regards I think everyone else here is too.

So I would think the Committee on Committees should start their discussions immediately.

Their consideration of which board members are qualified and have the leadership skills to be Committee Chairs should be based on the unique abilities of those members and what they bring to the county today…those members skills and capabilities do not change depending on which possible rule changes we may enact at the next meeting.

When the public chose to popularly elect our Chairman it was in part to eliminate any perceived possibility of political gamesmanship that might occur if a Chairman ever were to talk with another member and engage in a Quid Pro Quo of

“Vote for me for Chairman and I will ensure you Committee Chair positions.”

We do not want to immediately replace that potential situation with another potential situation where the public might perceive that in order to be considered qualified to be a committee chair one must first prove themselves by ratifying certain rules changes.

We can and should separate these two issues and that means allowing the Committee on Committees to start their process immediately, even as the Temporary Rules Committee begins their work.

We have smart and dedicated board members on both of those committees when we elect them and select them and the public should never be put in a position to wonder if results from one committee dictate the actions of the other.

Let’s remove this possible perception and ensure complete transparency as we begin the work of this new board.

Thank you.

Former Woodstock Mayor Joe Gitlin, RIP

Former Woodstock Mayor Joe Gitlin died Friday.

He served one term after Mayor Frances Kuhn.

Gitlin was one of my divorce attorneys and known statewide for his constant research.

He had an extensive collection of Abraham Lincoln memorabilia, which he displayed in his office across from the Opera House/

The law firm he founded provides the following information.

H. Joseph Gitlin retired from the practice of matrimonial law in 2016.  In retirement, he remains active in writing on the law and other issues.

Known as Joe Gitlin, he was listed every year in Best Lawyers in America since 1983.

The National Law Journal named Joe one of the nation’s top 43 matrimonial lawyers. Joe is an original member of the Dirty Thirty. He is a Fellow of the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers.

Joe Gitlin has been on the cutting edge of family law, chairing the American Bar Association’s Surrogacy Committee during the time of the famous “Baby M” case, and founding and chairing the ABA Laws of Reproduction & Genetics Committee.

Joe Gitlin appeared on national and local television and radio shows, and is frequently quoted in the media. He founded the Illinois State Bar Association Task Force on Genetics and Human Reproduction.

His public service includes the following:

  • Former Public Defender, McHenry County
  • Former Member, Woodstock High School Board of Education
  • Delegate to Presidential Convention, 1980
  • Mayor, Woodstock, Illinois, 1973-1977

Former Judge Thomas Schermerhorn, RIP

Former Judge Thomas Schermerhorn

Former Judge Thomas Schermerhorn

Retired Judge Thomas Schermerhorn has died.

His daughter Leslie is Regional Superintendent of Schools.

Schermerhorn’s obituary is below:

The Honorable Thomas A. Schermerhorn, 81, of Woodstock, passed away at his home on Saturday, December 3, 2016.

Born in Chicago to Harry M. Schermerhorn and Margaret (Farrow) Schermerhorn, Tom was the sixth of eight children raised in Wilmette, IL.

He attended St. Francis Xavier Elementary School, St. George High School (1956) and Loyola University for both his undergraduate degree and Law school.

In 1958, Tom married his college sweetheart, Patricia Byers.

Together they raised three children in Glenview and later in Bull Valley, Illinois.

Tom practiced law until he was appointed as an Associate Judge and later elected as a Circuit Court Judge in the 22nd Judicial District in Illinois. Tom served as a respected judge for 20 years.

Tom was a talented athlete, swimmer, golfer and little league coach.

Past president and a longtime member of the Woodstock Country Club, Tom was also a supporter of Marian Central Catholic High School.

Survived by his wife Patricia Byers; his three children, Leslie Schermerhorn (Bjorn), Maggie McElvain (Drew) and Tom “Horn” Schermerhorn (Renee), along with his grandchildren, Hank Stahlecker, Claire Beutel, Ned, Caroline, Charlie McElvain, Caitie, David, and Andrew Schermerhorn. Tom is also survived by three sisters, Nancy Van Der Bosch, Sister Mary Frances Schermerhorn OSB, Margaret Schermerhorn and one brother Richard (Pat) Schermerhorn.

Tom is predeceased by his three older brothers, Tip, Jack and Bob.

Visitation will be held on Thursday, December 8, 2016 from 3:00 to 8:00 pm at the Schneider Leucht Merwin & Cooney Funeral Home, 1211 N. Seminary Avenue, Woodstock, IL. The visitation will continue on Friday, December 9, 2016 at St. Mary Catholic Church, 312 Lincoln Avenue in Woodstock from 11:30 am until the 12:30 pm Funeral Mass. Interment will be private.

In lieu of flowers, donations may be made to The Benedictine Sisters of Chicago, 7430 N. Ridge Blvd., Chicago, IL 60645, or Marian Central Catholic High School, 1001 McHenry Avenue, Woodstock, IL 60098.

Party Caucuses Tuesday Night at 7

7 PM is the time.

Algonquin Township Democrats will meet at a private home in Cary.

In McHenry Township the Democrats will meet at the Township Hall.

Nunda Township Democrats will meet at the Township Hall.

Algonquin and Nunda Township Republicans are holding primary elections to select their candidates.

Influential Republicans were spotted Monday at the McHenry McDonald's by Helen Glab.

Influential Republicans were spotted Monday at the McHenry McDonald’s by Helen Glab.

McHenry Township Republicans will gather at the McHenry VFW to caucus in their candidates.

First Frank’s Transparency Failure

In an email that newly-sworn in McHenry County Board Chairman Jack Franks sent before taking office, he promised,

“We will be the most efficient, transparent and effective County in the Nation,”

This afternoon, I have been searching for the Rules changes that Franks is proposing.

When I went to the meeting portal and clicked on agenda packet, here is what came up:

The agenda packet contains nothing but the agenda.

The agenda packet contains nothing but the agenda.

So, County Board members and the public can’t take a look at the Rule changes proposed by Franks.

The meeting to consider them will be 11 AM on Wednesday in the Administration Building.

It is not known whether Franks will break a second promise by not live streaming and recording the meeting.

= = = = =
Posted at 5:25, Monday, December 5, 2016.

Woman Gets a Year for Wonder Lake Gun Stand Down

A press release from McHenry County State’s Attorney Patrick Kenneally:


Patrick D. Kenneally, McHenry County State’s Attorney, announces that 56 year old Elizabeth Kloss of Fox Lake, IL was sentenced to one year in the Illinois Department of Correction by the Honorable Judge Michael Feeterer on December 2, 2016.

Kloss had been found guilty on October 11, 2016 of

  • two counts of the Class 4 Felony offense of Aggravated Assault
  • two counts of the Class A Misdemeanor offense of Unlawful Possession of a Firearm without requisite Firearm Owner’s Identification card
  • one count of the Class A Misdemeanor offense of Unlawful Possession of Firearm Ammunition Without Requisite Firearm Owner’s Identification Card

following a bench trial.

On July 20, 2014, McHenry County Sheriff’s Deputies responded to a report of a suicidal subject at a residence on Boston Road in Wonder Lake.

While outside of the residence Deputies repeatedly encountered who was seen holding a handgun to her head and was waving the handgun in the general direction of the deputies.

The deputies continually tried calm to Kloss who eventually appeared in the doorway of the residence with an assault rifle, and began to move toward the officers and point the rifle in their direction.

Kloss did not have a valid FOID card at the time of the offenses.

The case was prosecuted by Assistant State’s Attorney John T. Gibbons and Assistant State’s Attorney Rita M. Gara.