Crystal Lake’s Coventry Subdivision Latest To Be Leafleted by Citizens Against TIFs

Crystal Lake’s Jim Thompson, Chairman of Citizens Against TIFs, leafleted much of the Coventry subdivision today.

The man is indefatigable.

Under his supervision, thousands of leaflets explaining how the Crystal Lake City Council’s passage of two Tax Increment Financing districts will raise everyone’s taxes in McHenry County.

After two of its columnists wrote negative pieces against the Route 14/Vulcan Lakes TIF, a third Northwest Herald columnist, Brian Slupski, weighed in over the weekend on the other side.

He did admit, however, that creation of the TIFs would raise everyone’s taxes…just not by very much.

And, the boss of all columnists, Editor Chris Krug also weighed in:

“Party like it’s 1773: Before he came to prominence as the name and face on the label of an overly hoppy beer, Samuel Adams was leading the Sons of Liberty in their protest of King George III’s tax tyranny.

“In the here and now, Crystal Lake could be on the verge of its own revolution if a proposed tax increment financing district is laid over a stretch of Route 14, Main Street and the still-undeveloped Vulcan Lakes site.

“In advance of Tuesday’s city council vote, e-mailer Debby from The Cee-El offered this thought: ‘I am thinking of ripping open and secretly dumping a Lipton tea bag in Vulcan Lake to protest if a TIF is pushed through. I don’t think a posted sign prohibits an old-fashioned tea party protest. Back-door taxation without representation just isn’t right.’

I wonder if Slupski or other proponents will be willing to reimburse people who object. I estimate that something in the neighborhood of $130 million—once interest is counted–will be spent making improvements that will probably include remodeling of the old Oak Manufacturing building.

Anyone willing to set up a tax hike replacement fund for folks like me who don’t like paying more in school, municipal, community college, township, county, conservation district, etc., taxes?

For those looking for other TIF stories, go to the very bottom of the page and work your way up.

The meeting at which Mayor Aaron Shepley and the city council are scheduled to approve the TIF districts is Tuesday at 7:30 at city hall.

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