Stufflebeam Gets 19,020 Write-in Votes, 93.5% of Write-ins

Thanks to Jeff Trigg’s blog for pointing me to the statewide write-in totals for governor.

“19,020 write-in votes The State Board of Elections website is back up and has the election returns,” writes Trigg.

“My Congratulations to Randy Stufflebeam and the Constitution Party. 19,020 is an impressive total of write-in votes in a statewide election. Nader got 3,571 for President in 2004 and that is the only write-in total over 3,000 since 1998.”

Trigg calculates that almost 11% of the votes cast for governor went for “others.” Most, of course, were for Green Party candidate Rich Whitney.

McHenry County Blog predicted that 87-93% of the write-in votes for governor would be for Stufflebeam and the sample of counties reporting early proved accurate.

Here is what the State Board of Elections is reporting for the various write-in gubernatorial candidates:

  • Randy Stufflebeam (Constitution Party) 19,020
  • Mark McCoy (Libertarian Party) 476
  • Tim Nieukirk 241
  • Angel Rivera 134
  • Albert Sloan 129
  • Mike Shorten 98
  • Jack Spani 81
  • Kevin Bognar 76
  • Marvin Koch 39
    Joseph Krug 29
  • David Sito 16
  • Barry Newman 6
  • William Miller 2

That should add up to 1,327 votes for all the candidates except for Stufflebeam.

Total write-ins for registered candidates: 20,34, about 6/10ths of the total counted vote.

That does not count the many write-ins for folks who did not register as candidates. You can see an interesting list of Mickey Mouse, etc., at the Chicago Board of Elections web site.

Democrat Rod Blagojevich got 1,736,219.

Republican Judy Baar Topinka got 1,368,682.

Green Rich Whitney got 311,163.

Total for those on the ballot: 3,416,064, if my addition is correct.

(A friend of the blog says I can’t add. The correct number is 3,486,671. The State Board of Elections came up with the same figure.)

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Randy Stufflebeam is seen at my son’s 9th birthday party. Mike Shorten’s head shot is from his web site.

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