Supporter of District 300 School Board Candidates John Ryan and Monica Clark Reports In

All sorts of messages are coming into McHenry County Blog.

Here’s one from a supporter of Monica Clark and John Ryan, two insurgent District 300 school board members:

The issues have been pretty clear in this campaign –

  • This board violated State Open Meetings laws, and therefore a change is needed.
  • This board held students hostage and used emotional blackmail to ensure a tax increase passed, and therefore a change is needed.
  • This board has allied itself with special interest parties, giving bonuses to administrators who assist in their agenda before buy school books for students, and therefore a change is needed.

Quite frankly, the actions this board has taken that has been a boon to the community will inevitably be shadowed by the actions they took in their self-interest, and quite frankly, a change is needed.

Two short months ago, John Ryan and Monica Clark launched their campaigns to bring real reform to the District 300 Board of Education.

Over the course of the time, literally thousands of phone calls have been made and thousands of houses have been visited, all with the help of motivated, supportive volunteers – many of them students.

All told, estimates suggest that roughly 4,000 individual phone calls have been made on behalf of the candidates or by the candidates themselves over the course of the last two months, and an astonishing 5,000 houses have been visited by volunteers and candidates as well.

Quite amazing, considering this is a very short-lived, grassroots based campaign on behalf of the two candidates. They truly prove that campaigning and standing on what is right for our school district will outdo any campaign funded by developers and education special interests.

Win or lose, John and Monica have nothing to be down about – they’ve truly started to influence change in the school district.

As the campaign closes, getting out the vote is paramount. In just this last weekend – over 2,000 houses were visited by volunteers Saturday and Sunday! With two days until the polls are closed Tuesday night, you can expect that number to skyrocket in the next few days. Phone calls have been going out as prolifically as well.

To all the volunteers, community members, parents, and most importantly students – thank you for your support! It’s an amazing experience we had – and we look forward to seeing John and Monica sitting on the board after Tuesday night’s results.

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