Dirty Trick Against Brent Hopkins

Yesterday I mentioned the “sign ghetto” along Crystal Lake’s Main Street in front of where the homeless people used to camp.

McHenry County Blog received this comment last night about the Brent Hopkins sign in this photograph:

It is interesting that you noticed that Brett Hopkins added his endorsement to the NWHerald to his large campaign signs.

His large sign on Main Street was stolen today (snipped off at the base of the wire stands)…Brett and Aaron had permission from the property owner to display signs but apparently, numerous other campaigners did not and received calls to remove their signs.

We also noticed that John Burton has randomly placed signs around town…we ended up with one on our lawn and he never contacted us. We thought this was a rule?

Signs, I might note tend to be seen right after posting, but, then, disappear because of familiarity. With the endorsement sign added, Hopkins made his sign look different, hence, noticeable again.

It’s a really good campaign technique.

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