Election Night Vote Watch at Donley’s in Union for Kishwaukee Valley Water Authroity Supporters

This short press release arrived about election night arrangements for supporters of the Kishwaukee Valley Water Authority:

Members of A-LAW and Citizens for Formation of KVWA and their supporters will gather at Donley’s Old West Steak House, Rt. 20 and Union Rd. in Union, Illinois, to await election returns, and will be available at the cell phone numbers listed below.

Complaints of missing signs continue to come in this morning from supporters who report that the signs were taken from their yards and other private property.

I also got this email from one of the leaders of the Alliance for Land, Agriculture and Water:

“I have received two pieces from Citizens Against (the Water Authority), and one from Taxpayer’s Alliance.

“CAWA’s are 6X9 glossy post cards. One is the “bait and switch” ad and the other one is pretty egregious in that it has a purported quote from “an A-LAW attorney” stating the “Property Owners Have No Rights.” I have no idea where that quote even came from, but it is clearly out of context.

“The mailer from TANI is the same one Joe has used with the top ten reasons but it has been folded to mail and the old barn out on 176 has been added.

“I have had a few reports this morning from angry citizens saying their signs are gone.

“One said someone took their signs right off their private property and left a lot of blue signs along the road way.

“One said they observed a black truck pull up and take our signs away.

“On Sunday, I reset some of our signs that had been run over by a vehicle that had to travel off the road to get them. I could see the tire tracks.”

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