Female Crystal Lake Grade School Board Challenger Wins

One of the “encore” challengers, Nancy Gonsiorek, captured one of the three seats up for grabs on the Crystal Lake Grade School District 47 board.

Her running mate, Bob Linning, did not do so well, placing fourth.

The winners—David Hubbard, Gonsiorek and Lisa Koeppel—all pulled more than 3000 votes.

Hubbard ran first topping 4000 votes.

Gonsiorek came in second with almost 3500 votes.

Incumbent Koeppel was at about 3400.

A little over 200 votes behind Koeppel was Linning.

The incumbent who lost was Jeff Larkins.

He placed last with about 2600.

Here are the exact returns:

Dave Hubbard – 4016
Nancy Gonsiorek – 3467
Lisa Koeppel – 3376
Bob Linning – 3157
Jeff Larkins – 2592

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