More Campaign Literature from District 300 School Board Race

Doorknob hangers this time.

It supports John Ryan’s candidacy.

Unless one hires a delivery company, door hangers usually indicate evidence of volunteers in a campaign.

Ryan’s points on what appears to be the back side of the campaign piece follow:

Insist on Responsible Administration

John will demand that anyone doing business with the School District 300 not contribute money to political campaigns effecting School District 300.

Fund Classrooms First

John will spend money on children first, before Special Interest and Administrators get lavish bonuses.

Defend Taxpayers’ Rights

John will reveal every expenditure. and every source of income to the taxpayers.

At the bottom in a box appears:

“It is my obligation to bring reform and accountability to our Board of Education.”

John Ryan

The other side is shown as well.

It’s basically a summary of the detailed side with the addition of his web site,

As usual, you can click on the image to make it larger.

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