Reader Waxes About Flat Screen TV in District 300 Administration Building

This comment about the new flat screen television set is too good to leave where most people won’t look at it:

Does it surprise anyone that this flatscreen is in the administration office lobby?

Does it seem right that this wonderful display of “we got big bucks” is more important to this administration than to get this money to the classrooms?

  • Carpentersville Middle School is next door and to this date has received $0 in Instructional Technology,
  • deLacey is two doors down and received $0 for Instructional Technology, and finally
  • Parkview Elem is three doors down and has received $0 in Instructional Technology.

Funny thing is CMS is scheduled to receive $314,000 – deLacey $110,000 and Parkview $275,000 (this according to the Needs Assessment and the Commitment Summary of 4/5/2007) .

Will there be classes coming from the three schools just down the road to watch an educational video on this technology?

They could call it a fieldtrip and they wouldn’t even need costly bus services (or taxi cabs).

And why are they tuned in to CNN?

Why not run the presentation they brought to Moody’s in New York back in February, after all they are still patting themselves on the back for that one?

Let’s see it.

I’ll bring the popcorn.

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