Northwest Herald Had the Story – Update 4

That’s the essence of what Northwest Herald Metro Editor Eric Olson emailed me this afternoon after reading my Update 2.

He notes that a story about the bathroom graffiti was on the front page of the Local & Regional section and justifiably chides me for asserting that the NW Herald missed the story.

That’s sure what it looked like when I saw a 5 AM April 20th internet posting of a very short story resulting from a Google search. I couldn’t figure out how a 5 AM story could have made the print edition and made a false assumption.

Olson says the NW Herald was “exercising restraint so as not to give a teenager’s prank more importance than it merited.”

Nevertheless, the NW Herald thought the story important enough to update twice on its internet site during the day.

Feedback I’ve heard today indicates that some parents thought they should have been notified of the potential danger, the same way they are notified of snow days

In any event, Olson is right about the obvious inadequacy of my depending on the paper’s internet edition and my faux pas in saying the story had been ignored.

I apologize for my mistake.

And I learned the lessen that the NW Herald’s posting time is not an indication of whether a story made the print edition. I shall exercise caution in the future.

I was wrong and stand justifiably corrected.

Guess I should have spent 50 cents and bought the paper.

Having said that, when the Crystal Lake Police Department puts out a press release about a threat, it seems to me to be pretty newsworthy.

Both the police and District 155 officials certainly took the threat seriously and I’m glad they did.

I’ve posted the picture of Crystal Lake’s Main Beach House reflecting on a calm Crystal Lake this morning. I was wondering if the calm surface of the Crystal Lake was similar to the calm surface outside of CHCHS. Certainly, there must have been more undercurrents at the high school.
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Each image can be enlarged by clicking on it.

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