Message of the Day – A Car Window Sticker

The Jewel parking lot in Crystal Lake was full of messages the day I took the bumper stickers and window stickers you are seeing this week.

This one is a complete mystery to me.

It says,


with an accent mark on the “e.”

Anyone got a clue what it says?

And, look, the photograph seems to have caught my reflection.

No wonder the Prairie Grove School Board called the police.


Message of the Day – A Car Window Sticker — 3 Comments

  1. I guess I have to read earlier in the morning. It’s no fun being second with the right answer. I can only add that Wikipedia has a decent, well illustrated explanation at
    Its quickie summary:”Namasté or Namaskar – in Nepali and Hindi … is an Indian greeting or parting phrase as well as a gesture. Taken literally, it means “I bow to you”. The word is derived from Sanskrit (namas): to bow, obeisance, reverential salutation, and (te): “to you” “

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