Rowing Regatta Today on Crystal Lake

If you are one of those people who attended the Gay Games on July 16th to watch the participants in their skiffs, rather than something else, you might want to head on over to Crystal Lake’s Main Beach today.

Driving past, I noticed preparations for another regatta.

This time by what appeared to be high school students.

It’s a beautiful day to enjoy the outdoors, so I may go over and take some more pictures.

But, just in case, you’re not inclined to join me, below are photographs of a race I took last year.

Alas, it is not much of a spectator sport.

The end of the race is the 5th picture from the bottom, by the way.


Rowing Regatta Today on Crystal Lake — 1 Comment

  1. Thank you, Cal, for providing the pictures and article about today’s event.

    One correction though…this was a collegiate scrimmage featuring Marquette University, University of Notre Dame, and Northwestern University.

    How unfortunate that our “local” newspaper does not feel that it is a worthy event for the paper. I wonder how many families may have gone to watch the event. Not one sign. Not one “Welcome to Crystal Lake”. Not one blurb in the paper.

    I had to make three phone calls and spent at least an hour on the internet trying to find out what event was going on there. Finally someone at the park district office (who was unaware of any events at Main Beach today) told me 10am.

    It is shameful that we as a community do not welcome ALL groups that choose to use our lake as a venue for their rowing events. This is quite an honor.

    Next one is Greater Chicago Junior Rowing Championship on May 5. This will feature area high school teams. Maybe that one will make the paper…or not.

    Shame on NWHerald, CL Park District, and CL Rowing Club for not letting the community in on this event.

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