Local Villages Beg for Toll Bridge

When I read the headline, I couldn’t believe it.

Officials seek to make Bolz a toll bridge

Is this for real?

The Elgin Courier News article by Rebecca O’Halloran says that
West Dundee and Algonquin have drafted a joint resolution requesting that Kane County consider building a toll bridge extending the Bolz Road corridor.

Excuse me.

A toll road?

What would otherwise sane officials actually request a toll bridge?

Of course, they are not alone. Officials down the Fox have similar thoughts.

In other parts of Illinois local officials just hound their governor and legislators until they get needed roads and bridges and, in many instances, roads and bridges that cannot be justified by actual or projected traffic counts.

And, they get them.

(Of course, these local officials don’t have the top Republicans on the senate and house appropriations committees that handle road projects anymore.)

But, there is obviously a highway deal going down this year.

The asphalt roads built with Governor George Ryan’s Illinois FIRST money are turning into potholes.

No matter that my 9-year old son will be 29 years old before the bonds are paid off.

Some tax is going to be increased to pay for road repair and local legislators could bargain for a non-toll Bolz Road bridge across the Fox River.

When, they do, they should remember that Governor Rod Blagojevich has adamantly refused to consider a toll bridge over the Mississippi in the St. Louis area where non-residents would pay a big part of the freight.

If it’s not good enough for Missouri motorists, it’s not good enough for Kane County drivers.

And, hasn’t anyone figured out that a toll bridge will continue to push those who otherwise would use Bolz Road to use Route 62?

Time for a course in elemental economics, if Algonquin village officials don’t know that.

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