Parental Notice Rollback Bill Fails-Local Reps Split on Vote

Thanks to Family PAC’s Paul Caprio for alerting me to the vote taken on the rollback attempt on parental notice prior to a girl’s getting an abortion.

As I wrote earlier, I think the existing language is weak. In fact, I voted against it when it passed, outlining ten ways to avoid telling your parents before getting an abortion, if that House Bill 955 passed.

But this vote was a test between current pro- and anti-abortion forces in Illinois and pro-abortion Personal PAC and its allies lost.

State representatives having constituents in McHenry County split 3-2.

Republican Mark Beaubien of Barrington Hills and Democrat Jack Franks of Bull Valley voted in favor of the weaker notification standards. Republican Mike Tryon stood in support of current law by voting, “No.”

Caprio said that Family-Pac had initiated 33,000 grassroots calls to parents in eleven districts where House members were undecided prior to the vote.

And McHenry County Right To Life leader Irene Napier was certainly involved in stimulating calls in several districts.

“I understand that the pro-abortion lobby is threatening to launch a $250,000 campaign against members who voted with parents against HB317″ Caprio continued. “

“Such a campaign of intimidation and misinformation against members will be met by Family-Pac with a massive grassroots response by parents:

Bring it on.

The bill was sponsored by Chicago Democrat John Fritchey.

You can enlarge the roll call by clicking on it.

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