Message of the Day – A Sign

I saw the front of this John Burton for Crystal Lake Park Board yard sign sitting at the corner of West Crystal Lake and Dole Avenues

It was there while I was attending the First United Methodist Church Rummage Sale this past week.

It was still there Sunday morning.

It seemed to me rather a long time after the April 17th election for a sign to be posted at a major intersection.

Sunday after church, I decided to remove it, but, when I looked more closely at it, it seemed to have a new purpose.

On the side facing the main Dole Avenue stop sign was a different message.

It said,


and had an arrow pointing east.

Burton’s sign had also been cut down to fit the smaller “House Sale” sign.

Re-cycling a politician’s yard sign.

A much kinder end than in the garbage, even with the mutilation.

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