Focus on Photos – Part 1

I’ve attended one meeting of the McHenry County Board since starting McHenry County Board in October, 2005.

One meeting.

OK, I wanted to attend the swearing in meeting, but got there after adjournment.

My goal was to get photographs of the 24 county board members.

Decent ones that I jokingly told reporters Chuck Keeshan of the Daily Herald and Kevin Craver of the Northwest Herald I wanted to use when the board passed the McHenry County Republican Cat Tax.

Well, maybe it wasn’t too much of a joke, since I did something similar when the Crystal Lake Park Board and Crystal Lake City Council approved the Gay Games Rowing Regatta last year.

McHenry County Blog is not as prestigious as the Northwest Herald and the Daily Herald. Those papers have public officials and would-be officials come to their photographer to get pictures.

This McHenry County Blogger has to go to where the candidates or officials are.

In their natural habitat, so to speak.

My two favorites are of newly elected Huntley Village Trustee and Sun City tax revolt leader Jay Kadakia pointing his finger at State Senator Pam Althoff. I would imagine she considered Mr. Kadakia’s behavior irritating.

But she knew that accepting his admonition to fix the mess left when the Huntley School District’s referendum tax hike turned out to be way higher than advertised was part of the job.

The second most favorite photo was taken right after the Huntley School Board gave fellow clique school member Glen Stewart his $101,000 job.
In this picture, the meeting has ended and Stewart is extending his hand of thanks to fellow school board member and president Mike Skala. Am I imagining this or is there an indication of astonishment on Skala’s face?

Tomorrow: Why I didn’t need to take any pictures to irritate some McHenry County Board members.

= = = = = =
The row of pictures on top are of Crystal Lake Park Board members who voted to bring the Gay Games to Crystal Lake on a mid-July weekend. They are Mike Zellman, Jerry Sullivan and Candy Reedy. Both Zellman and Reedy were re-elected to the park board after the vote.

Below are photographs of the six Crystal Lake City Council members who voted for the Gay Games. From left to right, they are Mayor Aaron Shepley and council members Ellen Brady Mueller, Howie Christensen, Ralph Dawson, Cathy Ferguson and Ron Goss. Shepley, Mueller and Ferguson were also re-elected this past spring. The McHenry County Clerk’s web site showed Christensen 14 votes behind Brett Hopkins, as of Sunday when I wrote this.

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