Olympic Rowing Surfaces in Crystal Lake Again

I thought Crystal Lake was too short for Olympic rowing.

That’s what Crystal Lake Rowing Club member Walt Gary said last year.

He said the lake would have to be lengthened about 100 meters.

Even so, the Northwest Herald thought it worth running a front page story.

Mayor Aaron Shepley’s comment at the time was

If it even became remotely possible, I’d be tickled to tackle that one. That sounds like the closest thing to reality.

Now, NW Herald reporter Timothy Wolfmeyer has elicited a comment from Libby Scarlatos, identified as a champion member of the 2003 Elite Women’s 4’s and Crystal Lake Rowing Club coach, that Crystal Lake has

a home course that could host an Olympic competition.

Count me among the doubters.

Especially after the Chicago Olympic committee announced another location.

But only about the Olympic competition.

I agree with Scarlatos that rowing could develop into a high school sport locally.

There certainly are few enough people using Crystal Lake during non-wake times and sometime in the future, Vulcan Lake could be used for shorter races, if there are any.

If Wonder Lake can produce national water ski champs, why couldn’t McHenry County produce contenders in rowing?

And, by the way,here you can see see what one of the Saturday races looked like. Not at all like standing on the Main Beach, wouldn’t you agree?

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As usual, the photograph can be enlarged by clicking on it. It was taken May 5 from Lakewood’s Gate 13.

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