RTA Uses Tax Dollars to Lobby Citizens to Lobby Legislators

It’s certainly not unusual for tax dollars to be used to lobby Illinois legislators.

Former legislators, whether that way through retirement or ouster, often get contracts from local tax districts to influence their former colleagues.

The Regional Transportation Authority, now headed by State Rep. Jim Reilly, has taken tax-paid lobbying a step forward.

Just as House Minority Leader Lee Daniels plowed new ground by using state pork tax dollars to help elect Republicans challenging incumbent Democrats, it looks like Reilly is pioneering the use of tax dollars to try to get citizens to lobby their legislators for a tax hike.

The evidence is not limited to the newspaper insert I saw this past weekend, but it typifies the effort.

A poorly disguised front group was set up called “Moving Beyond Congestion.”

After you get past the “In your dreams!” moment, you might take a look at the address of the


It’s addressed to the Regional Transportation Authority.

Of course, the full-color tag board insert no where tells people that they will be lobbying for tax hikes.

It talks about


And, what are the calls for action?

  • Educate my network of friends no the strategic plan for transit
  • Write a letter, send an email, or call my legislators
  • Visit with my lawmakers in my community and talk about the need for transit improvements

Not a word about higher taxes.

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If you are a glutton for punishment, you can click on the tax paid advertisements to make them larger.

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