Julie Covert Up To Her Old Tricks

Juliet Covert was a good friend of my parents. They were allies in efforts to reform politics in Algonquin Township and McHenry County.

Julie attended one of my first coffees when I ran for McHenry County Treasurer in 1966

To put it mildly, she has always been outspoken and held strong opinions.

And, she has been effective.

Just one example. She is the reason Algonquin Township Road vehicles have a township identification on them.

I wrote earlier of how I was reminded of her when I went to State’s Attorney Lou Bianchi’s re-election announcement.

A while ago, she sent me a copy of the letter that was published in the Northwest Herald yesterday.

The Herald put this headline on top,

Let photos flash

Here it is:

Re: The McHenry County Board.

Their childish behavior reminds me of the first County Board meeting we ever attended many moons ago.

The then chairman Watson Lowe announced that we ladies would have to leave as the meeting was going to start. Some of the ladies thought we had to and started to get up, I just motioned for them to stay seated and we stayed for the meeting.

Really, ladies and gentlemen of the board, don’t you think you have outgrown such childish tactics.

Just because you have issues with the person whether taking the pictures or reporting on the meeting do not forget we have a right to open meetings, period.

Julie Covert
(now a Woodstock resident, having moved from Cary)

I wasn’t at that meeting with this former union organizer when McHenry County Board Chairman Watson Lowe tried to kick the ladies out. I probably was still at Oberlin College.

But I do remember Cary’s Watson Lowe.

Tomorrow: Watson Lowe as McHenry County Board Finance Chairman.

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