A Crystal Lake Area Property Tax Refund

Proving that a resourceful blogger just has to keep his eyes open to find stories, Heck of A Guy blogger Allan Showalter has one heck of a story.

In his mailbox, he found a tax district giving unneeded money back.

His Crystal Lake Rural Fire Protection District refunded 95.6% of last year’s pension fund bill.

That’s as a result of the deal struck with the Crystal Lake Fire Department and because Lakewood struck out on its own, forming its own fire department.

That is so startling as to merit a story in the Northwest Herald, although it may take a day or two.

As Showalter asks,

What’s Wrong With This Letter?

I have the uneasy feeling I’m missing something. This letter arrived without warning, accompanied by a check of a size that prompts one to cash it immediately, lest the folks who signed it come to their senses and stop payment.

What can it when a governmental agency declares “… the District does not need all the money levied for the Fire District Pension fund” and then returns 95.6% of a tax payment – to the taxpayer?

‘Tis a mystery.

In an earlier post, he notes a correction is needed in his estimation of spectators at the high school rowing regatta I wrote about that he wrote about.

At Lakewood’s Gate 3, it’s true there were only two spectators. But, as Crystal Lake Park District Recreation Director pointed out in his correction, there were many more spectators at the Main Beach.

And Showalter has a much more significant way of apologizing for mistakes than my “Oops.”

You should look at his graphic.

Here’s more McHenry County Blog.

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