Five New High Schools Joining Operation Click Current Four in District 155

Besides Cary-Grove High School student Kate McNamee winning the new Pontiac from Sam Oginni, owner of Crystal Lake Pontiac, the big news was the announcement of five new area high schools joining the program next year.

Operation Click President Sean McGrath said they are

  • Wauconda High School
  • Barrington High School
  • McHenry East High School
  • McHenry West High School and
  • Woodstock High School

He said that the Operation Click board thought they needed the program and could come into the program and be self-sufficient.

Woostock’s inclusion seemed largely to be because of a considerable contribution from the new Walmart store. On the list of 2006-2007 sponsors, it made the top category–the “Dean’s List.”

“But this isn’t where the program will end,” the Crystal Lake Police Office continued. He said that Deerfield, Arlington Heights, Hoffman Estates, Long Grove and Buffalo Grove had expressed interest.

I also heard that the program has been presented to northern Illinois Rotary Clubs and some are hopeful that Rotary, International, will start promoting it.

Both the Noon and Breakfast Rotary Clubs in Crystal Lake are big supporters.

McGrath said they hoped to expand the program statewide in the next couple of years.

Among those attending was someone with a policeman or sheriff with Champaign shoulder patch, I noticed.

Next year, the nine schools will compete for two new cars to be supplied by Crystal Lake Pontiac.

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The Pontiac engine did not start for these two high school students from Crystal Lake. You can see the Operation Click slogan on their tee shirts:

saving students one
at a time

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