Message of the Day – A Tee Shirt

On the way to Springfield’s Old Capitol Art Fair we stopped to fill up our tanks at a Casey’s gas and convenience store in LaSalle, right off I-39.

($3.659 per gallon for 15.159 gallons of premium cost $55.47.)

That’s where I saw this tee shirt.

It says,

I’m getting’ a piece

Alfano’s Pizza
815-434-0923 Ottawa, IL
815-664-5422 Spring Valley, IL

There’s a tongue that reminds me of Mick Jagger’s about to gobble up a slice of pizza.

When I asked permission to take the picture, I got this story.

There’s a competitor named Lou’s LaGratto in Peru.

It has the slogan,

Gotten a piece lately?

on tee shirts.

The tee shirt I got a picture of is in reaction to that.

Think of the creative energy that went into those slogans.

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