District 300 Tax Hikers Take Aim at Springfield

Not content to have raised taxes in Carpentersville District 300 last year, Advance 300, the most recent name of the District 300 tax hike coalition has set its sights on raising state taxes.

Putting up their logo inspires me to note how appropriate it is that it includes an arrow pointing up.

Take a look at the following email sent out two afternoons ago and see if you don’t agree:

Important School Funding Legislation in Springfield

Let Your Representatives Know You Want Action Before They Break On June 1st!

Illinois is facing a budget crisis. On this most people will agree. As for how best to fix it, there is very little consensus and the end of the legislative session is drawing near.

Regressive taxes: The tax system in the State of Illinois is considered one of the most regressive in the nation. By this we mean that our tax system does not take into account someone’s ability to pay the tax. This puts a relatively larger tax burden on poorer people compared to many other states.

The problem with property taxes: Taxing bodies such as municipalities, park districts, libraries and schools are supported by property taxes. Does a widow living on social security have the same ability to pay as the double-income, no-kids couple who live across the street? Of course not, and as all of us who participated in the 2006 referendum campaign know, this puts the schools at a distinct disadvantage when they are looking for additional revenue to support services or to build to support growth.

Get educated and make your voice heard in Springfield: There is an opportunity to change Illinois’ taxing structure currently being considered by our legislators. Following are links to obtain more information about alternative plans. If you look, you will find plenty of information both for and against plans. There is also a link to a comprehensive plan called the “Burnham Plan for World Class Education” which promotes education reform and fiscal accountability. This plan is receiving positive reviews. Currently, the only place to view the entire plan is on the A+Illinois website where you can also find an 800 number which will connect you directly to your legislator’s office.

Looking forward to another school property tax referendum in the future? We didn’t think so. Neither are we! If you believe that the State of Illinois has an obligation to properly fund education while relieving the burden on property owners, we encourage you to research the current proposals and to contact your representative to express your opinion.

Links to legislation and legislators:

For an overview HB750, visit: http://www.ctbaonline.org/HB 750.htm

For Ralph Martire’s presentation to the Community Finance Committee, visit:


For information on the “Burnham Plan for World Class Education” and a phone number connecting you to your legislators office, visit:


You can also get email addresses and phone numbers for legislators that represent the D300 area here:


Thank you for reading.


Advance 300


Email at advance300yes@yahoo.com

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Too bad these folks can’t figure out how to do a cost/benefit study.

You will note that there is a link to Ralph Matire, the itinerant pied piper of higher taxes in Illinois.

The group gave his group $10,000.

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