Mary Fioretti Arises from District 300 Board and Pushes Tax Hike

Former District 300 School Board President Mary Fioretti, defeated for re-election by John Ryan, has emerged from her defeat as feisty as ever.

She is leading the effort to convince people to contact their legislators to support a tax hike.

Where’s she doing it?

The Northwest Herald’s comment board on a letter to the editor from Huntley teachers union President Christy Henderson. Henderson went down to the State Capitol to lobby for higher taxes.

What do you want to bet that Fioretti runs for the District 300 school board again in two years?

Not a lot of taxpayer types are rebutting her views.

And, yes, I let the cat out of the bag, so to speak, yesterday.


Mary Fioretti Arises from District 300 Board and Pushes Tax Hike — 5 Comments

  1. I wonder how many times Ms. Fioretti went to Springfield on the D300 taxpayers’ dime when she was a board member? You can’t complain that she’s only blogging, Cal, because it’s not really costing us anything. And heaven forbid that any blogger should disagree with her on the NWH, her ever-mudslinging buddies will tear you apart on that blog. It has gotten so bad that the NWH editors don’t even monitor to ensure that everyone writes by the rules. How did Christy get her trip funded?

  2. mchamster – Why don’t YOU tell us how much Mary spent going to Springfield – you FOIA’d it, didn’t you? I’ll bet that you found that Mary didn’t put in for anything, did she.

  3. There are two ways to expense things at D300 – just another example of the lack of transparency.

  4. So yes, let’s just assume that she cheated and lied! Of course she did! And those evil administrators are just covering up for her, that is why we have no proof! It couldn’t possibly be that Ms. Fioretti feels passionately about this subject and took the trip on her own!

  5. In fact, that must be why she ran for the Board again, so she could keep taking those glamorous trips to Springfield on the taxpayer’s dime! Poor Mary. Who will pay for you to travel back and forth to Springfield (in the same day) to lobby on behalf of our district?

    You know what McHamster? I agree with you that it is often nasty and unproductive on the blogs but do you know what I think is the worst of all offenses? Your constant implications that there is something nefarious going on at the district offices; that all administrators and Board Members (other than those you support) are cheating and stealing. Your insinuations and character attacks are by far, the most offensive thing happening on those blogs.

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