Cary Gravel Pit Deal Seems to Have Been Cut

Since the Northwest Herald has written an article on the proposed expansion of the Meyer Materials gravel pit in Cary, perhaps it’s time to remind folks of its history.

Jocelyn Allison’s story brings the story up-to-date, but does not delve into the history, which goes at least back to Feb. 7, 2006.

My thanks to the Cary Area Citizens for Responsible Government
for leading me to the source documents.

Folks might find interesting how far back this gravel pit was discussed and how it just popped into public view right after village elections were over:

Cary Election’s Over – We’re Going to Dig a Gravel Pit Behind Your Home

More Recent Cary Action on Meyer Materials Proposed Grave Pit

Cary residents might want to read how this is all but a “done deal” and how money is the motivation for the village to approve the Meyer Material application.

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I guess the question marks ought to come off the map above, which was put on the internet by Cary Area Citizens for Responsible Government.

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