District 300 to Unveil Strategic Plan Results

Hey, look at this.

I got a press release from District 300. Just like the proposed policy change suggested.

I am pleased to reproduce it:

Strategic Plan results to be unveiled

CARPENTERSVILLE – The community of District 300 is encouraged to attend the Board of Education meeting at 7:30 p.m. this Tuesday, May 29.

The meeting will be in the commons/cafeteria of Carpentersville Middle School, located at 100 Cleveland Avenue adjacent to the D300 Administration Center.

Tuesday evening is when D300 community and staff members will see the results of the big Strategic Planning study that was conducted this year. The 1-hour presentation will be followed by questions-and-answers by School Board members.

District 300 hired the ECRA Group last fall to scientifically conduct the study of D300 graduates, staff, parents, middle and high school students, village leaders, and community members without children in the schools. ECRA conducted surveys (phone, online, and paper) and focus groups from November 2006 to February 2007. Several thousand people chose to participate.

The report will feature community opinions on District 300 – its numerous strengths and positives, as well as its areas of concern. The report also reflects ECRA’s analysis of past D300 studies and recommendations, including the curriculum audit.

This report is candid and hard-hitting. Among the D300 issues it explores are:

  • Technology
  • Diversity
  • Curriculum
  • Quality of faculty
  • Impact of enrollment growth
  • Academic standards
  • Graduates’ experience (alumni 2001-2006)
  • Safety / climate
  • Communication among staff, students, and community members
  • The Media’s impact on public support for District 300 schools

The point of the Strategic Plan study is to allow the district to match its energies and future spending plans, programming, and outreach efforts to the desires of stakeholders.

Tuesday’s board discussion will be the first of many by D300 leaders in determining how to put this information to use. The plan must be realistic and cost-effective. The Board and the administration will put the plan into action beginning this fall, directly affecting every staff member, student, parent, and taxpayer in the district.

The complete report will be online Wednesday, May 30, by going to www.d300.org and clicking on the resource button, “Strategic Planning.” It will also be featured in the June District 300 newsletter.

The Superintendent’s Office will visit every school in the district this fall to go over the Strategic Plan with school staff and community members.

I shall add the following information received from a friend of McHenry County Blog:

The cost of this “Stategic Plan” shows $80,000, according to a FOIA filed 3/5/07. The company is ECRA Group of 5600 N. River Rd. Suite 750, Rosemont. The contract is composed of three phases:

  • Phase one surveys LEAD (teachers union), administrators, parent and community (those who wanted to participate), faculty and staff, students (but it happened in their classrooms, don’t believe they had a choice), Graduate student follow-up.
  • Phase two involves analysis of surveys, development of strategic plan, and presentation (mentioned below).
  • Phase three: implementation plan meeting, development, and presentation of implementation plan report.

$80,000 seems like a lot of money for surveying. A curriculum audit was performed in this district in 2003, the results were poor. It is my impression that top management in D300 is more concerned about favorable PR, than actually educating our kids.

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