Daily Herald Flushes Out Some Robert Abboud Positions

Eric Krol, Political Editor of the Daily Herald, wrote a story yesterday about the budding candidacy of nuclear physicist and Barrington Hills Village President Robert Abboud.

It’s an excellent article and flushes more information out about the Democrat whose first interview was with Rockford Register-Star Political Editor Chuck Sweeney. I linked to it yesterday.

Contemplating running against Republican incumbent Don Manzullo, Abboud can turn a phrase,

“I’m counting on the 16th District residents being tired of bumper sticker politics.”

If Abboud runs, part of the campaign will revolve around the Iraq War:

“We’re out of our mind” to stay in Iraq, where U.S. troops serve as “an irritant.”

As I pointed out yesterday, Abboud’s father is much better known than his son. The father has extensive knowledge about the Middle East, which he has undoubtedly has shared with his son over the years. Kroh inserts this nugget:

Abboud’s father, A. Robert Abboud, was a supporter of Saddam Hussein’s government before the Persian Gulf War.

I remember having one conversation with the father about how the U.S. could deal with Libia. He said if one of its pipelines were bombed, the oil, almost tar, would freeze in place. I presume our country’s intelligence folks knew that and didn’t want to go that far, but it showed me the father has keen insight.

On social issues, the son

Abboud supports abortion rights and opposes a constitutional amendment to ban gay marriage.

Gun control?

Thinks it is a local issue, not federal.

And, again, according to Kroh,

“Cutting the national debt will be a top issue for Abboud.”

Still, Kroh does not weigh in on the John Borling factor.

What would happen in a three-way race?

Would Manzullo be at risk or is the Republican base big enough to carry him through to another term?

And, one other thing. If Abboud thinks Manzullo is a bumper sticker politician, he hasn’t heard him in a debate or making a political speech.

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