Village of Cary Goes Into Real Estate Business

The village government of Cary is now officially in the real estate business.

It has paid $725,000 to purchase 132 feet of Route 14 and 127 feet on Second Street.

The three buildings, two of which are being demolished, bear East Main Street addresses.

The previous owner sold them last December to the Village of Cary.

They were purchased in 1996 for, west-to-east, for $140,000, $76,000, and $108,000 respectively.

A total of $324,000.

I don’t know how much real estate has apprecia

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On top you can see the lots where two houses were demolished last last week, plus a close-up of the Langos Corp. banner. Langos is the demolition company. Below is the third house bought by the Village of Cary, which remains up because of a lease that has not run out, I’m told. Thanks to a friend of McHenry County Blog for the pictures.

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