CBS Reporting Co-Worker of Missing Johnsburg Teen Charged With Lying

Missing over four years, Johnsburg teen Brian Carrick disappeared from his part-time job at Val’s, the grocery story in town.

CBS-TV reports a co-worker, Mario Casciaro, now 24, has been charged with nine counts of perjury by the McHenry County State’s Attorney.

CBS says the indictment says Casciaro lied when he answered, “No” to these questions:
indictment, Casciaro said no to each of the following questions from prosecutors:

“Did you say to Allen Lippert that you directed Shane Lamb to scare Brian Carrick and things got out of hand?”

“And that you called your cousins from Chicago to dispose of Brian Carrick’s body?”

“And that Brian Carrick’s body was initially buried in a local area?”

“And that it was ultimately moved and dismembered and thrown into a river in Iowa because police were searching for it here?”

CBS reports the FBI is involved in the investigation.

The story says the Northwest Herald worked with CBS on the story.

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