Chicago AlderWOMAN Indicted

I have long observed that a woman in the Chicago metropolitan area has about a five-percentage point advantage over a male opponent.

And I have a hypothesis why.

I think it is because since Jim Thompson was U.S. Attorney far more men have been indicted for political corruption than women.

With the attendant publicity.

When a voter goes into a polling place and has no clue whom to vote for, how does he or she make a decision?

Let’s say honest government is important to them voter.

Would they pick a man or a woman, knowing nothing else about the candidates?

Based on my hypothesis, a disproportionate number would vote for the woman.

Yesterday, ex-Chicago AlderWOMAN Arenda Troutman made her contribution to leveling that playing field. She’s the one who remarked that most alderman are “hos.” (For those of you who lead sheltered lives, that “ho” means “whore.”)

Even though ordinary Chicago citizens can’t own firearms, alderman have passed an ordinance allowing themselves to have such personal protection. Troutman did so.

She was indicted for

accepting “a $5,000 cash bribe and a check for $5,000 payable to the ‘Twentieth Ward Woman Auxiliary,’ in exchange for taking official action to support alley access on behalf of a purported private developer who was cooperating with law enforcement as part of an undercover investigation,”

according to a press release from U.S. Attorney Patrick J. Fitzgerald.

If convicted, Troutman would lose the government pension she is now presumably receiving for having served as alderman since 1992.

And go to jail.

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The photograph of the recently defeated Alderman Arenda Troutman was taken from her aldermanic web site.

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