Chinese Young Political Leaders Coming to Crystal Lake

A junket (oops, educational trip) sponsored by the American Council of Young Political Leaders brought me to Europe during the German elections in 1976. We got to talk to the counterpart of Goldwater’s campaign manager the week before the election. Pretty incredible experience.

Now the ACYPL is bringing nine young Chinese politicos to Springfield and Chicago from June 21st through June 24th.

If you are interested in the Springfield visit (the 21st and 22nd), I’d suggest contacting State Senator James Clayborne, who is arranging things.

The group will be in Chicago later June 22nd and Saturday June 23rd and will be hosted by Julia Hamilton. Her email address is They will travel to Crystal Lake on Sunday, June 24. If you’d like to help out in Crystal Lake, email me at McHenry County Blog or give me a call. I’m listed in the phone book.

The Chinese will also visit Washington. DC, and Montana “with the goals of enhancing their understanding of the system of government and the culture.”

Bronwyn Bedient is the contact person for the ACYPL. Her number is 202-857-0999, extension 19.

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