Mitt Romney Disses Patrick Fitzgerald Again, This Time in Chicago

Echoing what he said in the first (May 3rd) Republican presidential debate, former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney continued his drumbeat of criticism of Chicago U.S. Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald.

Here’s what was in ABC-TV political reporter Andy Shaw six o’clock report:

Romney is also taking on a local icon, corruption-busting US Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald, for prosecuting former vice presidential aide Lewis Libby in the CIA leak case.

“They proceeded with the investigation knowing that there was no crime to pursue, and I think that abuse of prosecutorial discretion justifies a very careful look at a possible change,” Romney said.

Romney was in Chicago for a fund raising event. Today was also the day that Scooter Libby’s judge ruled that he could not stay out of prison to await his appeal on his conviction for perjury.

John Kass put it less neutrally in his June 7th column.

So, Illinois voters, has Patrick Fitzgerald done enough good in Illinois to stimulate a backlash against Romney’s criticism?


Mitt Romney Disses Patrick Fitzgerald Again, This Time in Chicago — 1 Comment

  1. Romney needs to be provocative to stay in the limelight. Also, attacking Fitzgerald (who attacked Libby) is Romney’s attempt to sway those conservatives more interested in the Bush administration than the rule of law.

    Attacking Fitzgerald in Chicago will probably backfire: a corruption-fighting US attorney is more popular than a tertiary presidential candidate with little chance at the nomination much less the White House.

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