Northwest Herald Mainly Editors Blog Away

About two weeks ago, the Northwest Herald kicked off a series of blogs.

This followed its first blog, “Every Mom Blog”,one aimed at mothers by Jami Kunzer, rolled out the end of May, 2006.

Most of the new ones seem to be written by editors. At least I don’t recognize any reporters among the names.

What follows is what’s on the NW Herald’s web site, some new and some slightly older.

There’s “Around the Web” by Managing Editor for New Media Mike Weiler. His name is listed under “Electronic Publishing.”

“The Buzz”
by Group Editor Chris Krug. He has a post on being delayed by the dump truck crash that closed down Randall Road. I hope he had time to read fellow blogger Kirsten Turner’s post on Kane County road impact fee

Cougar’s Diary-Bailey’s Banter by Andrew Bailey, a pitcher for the minor league team. It was started May 15th by catcher Jake Smith, who unfortunately got “a season-ending injury.” Pitcher Bailey has taken over.

“From the Cheap Seats” is opinion about baseball. I don’t see a name attached to it.

Joe Grace writes a blog entitled, “Going for Gusto.” In his first post, he lets readers know he is looking for volunteers who deserve recognition. Compare his blog photo with this Calvin and Hobbes cartoon, which inspired it. (In case, you didn’t guess, I’m a fan of Calvin and Hobbes.)

“Grammar Moses” is a blog by Larry Lough. It’s about word usage.

“Inside the Newsroom” pretty much describes the blog by Senior Managing Editor Dean McCaleb. The heading explains he “overseas the daily operations of the newsroom.” That must be an interesting job. He tells about how newly hired reporter Sarah Sutschek got the scoop (my word) on murder investigation developments on her former Johnsburg schoolmate Daniel Carrick.

There’s also a whole piece on tax hike Advance 300 committee spokesman Nancy Zettler. Zettler had complained about the NW Herald’s reporting on District 300’s enrollment figures last week, among other coverage. (You really have to read her comments to believe them.)

This week Caleb wrote this as part of an explanation:

The Northwest Herald in January first reported that new enrollment projections in D-300 showed at most 3,880 new students entering the district in the next five years. That number is 46 percent less than the 7,200 new students projected by the district nine months earlier, before voters narrowly approved two costly referendums.

Journal Life” by Al Lagattolla appears to be from the Lake County family of weekly newspaper Shaw Publications just bought.

“No Seriously” is a self-described sports blog by Nick Pietruszkiewicz. It began the end of March.

Kristin Turner writes “Off the Press.” I assume she is with the Kane County Chronicle since the blog’s heading reads, “A blog about what’s going on in central Kane County and a conversation with readers.”

Here she writes about a road impact fee, which will raise $1 billion for Kane County roads. (Unfortunately, neither the blog nor the article upon which it comments says how long it will take to raise that $1 billion.”)

“Suburban Legend” is written by David Schwartz. He has gotten some interesting comments from those who have moved from “the city.” In his most recent post he touts Galaga as the best video game ever. Remind me not to tell my 9-year old son.

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