Message of the Day – Mating

I thought I saw a cicada crawling up the stucco next to our garage door while taking my son to a McHenry Marlins swimming practice in early June, but the bug had disappeared by the time we returned home.

My father-in-law in Wonder Lake said he had seen them up there about that time. I heard a funny background sound, but didn’t see any.

Then, Sunday, on the way through Bull Valley, I saw some big buys flying as stopped to make a left turn off Cherry Valley Road onto the short stretch of Bull Valley Road before turning north on Ridge Road.

I tried to take a photograph of one on the wing. You can see that I was not too successful.

As I made the turn onto Ridge Road, they were everywhere.

I pulled the car off the road.

“You can’t park here,” my son advised, probably remembering my day of infamy in front of South Elementary School.

But I did.

He got really excited as he looked out the rear window.

I asked him if he would take a picture of what he saw.

“They’re mating!” my 9-year old said.

And, this is the picture he got.

Both photographs can be enlarged by clicking on them.

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