Pardoning Libby

Go down to the June 15th post on conservative Tom Roeser’s blog and you will find this paragraph:

That’s three points anti-Libby and three points pro. Where do I come down? I believe

  1. Patrick Fitzgerald should not be condemned for following the clear intent of the law so far as his intelligence can guide him. It is ridiculous for conservatives to praise the prosecutor for his laudable work to convict George Ryan and numerous Daley patronage hires while screaming against him when the axe falls here…although assuredly I do not share his contention about Libby. But
  2. there is no reason why men of good conscience should not advocate the pardon of Libby-and it does not mean that we recognize Libby is guilty (which I don’t believe he is). We wholeheartedly do not but we must not spurn use of the process of free him.

If you want to read his pros and cons, you’ll have to go to his blog.

Earlier, I pointed out that GOP Presidential candidate Mitt Romney criticized Patrick Fitzgerald for prosecuting Libby’s perjury. So far, I have not heard of Romney’s calling for a pardon.

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