Get Ready for an Early Start on the Election Season

The Governor has signed the bill I have called the “Incumbent Protection Act.”

It makes Illinois’ already too early March primary, positively frigid—February 5th.

OK all you potential candidates.

Don’t let the incumbents off without a challenge.

Besides the legislature, county board seats and countywide offices are up for grabs.

You can begin circulating your petitions August 7th.

Filing can be done from October 29th through November 5th.

The law was ostensibly enacted to help Barack Obama, but it really will help incumbents the most.

You can read my year ahead of time predictions of what will happen Feb. 5th here.

Here’s the Chicago Tribune story.

= = = = =
There was no snow on the trees when I took this picture on February 1st from the parking lot of McHenry West High School.

Want to bet there won’t be snow early next February?

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