Men’s Alcohol Rehab House Approved on Route 176

It’s been open for almost six months and hardly anyone knew about it.

It’s a house on Route 176 across the street from the road that leads down to Veterans Acres skate shack.

It’s a house dedicated to “helping those who have fallen out of society to climb back into society,” according to Last Chance House Secretary James Bliss.

When it finally officially came to the attention of the city bureaucracy, it decided formal approval would be appropriate.

The home looks like any other, except on Monday nights when its driveway is filled up and there are cars parked on Second Street.

One neighbor called one of the commissioners and, just in case you think that contacting the officials who make decisions that directly affect your life makes no difference, this planning and zoning commissioner was the only one to oppose the continuation of the home.

Three neighbors spoke in favor of the social service agency’s use of the home to help men overcome their alcoholism.

Bryon Inion, whose home is on the north side of Route 176 and overlooks Veterans Acres, had some questions, but supported the proposal.

“The only nights we see cars are Mondays,” Mrs. Jennifer Canacho told the commissioners. “It’s not a problem. We think it’s a great thing.”

She was curious as to “how it got there without anyone knowing.”

Bliss explained that Monday was the night of AA meetings, which lasted about an hour.

The commissioners recommended approval of the proposal with the stipulation that it could be reviewed if there were problems within the next twelve months.

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At the table above are (left to right) Gerry Winkelman, Executive Director, and James Bliss, Secretary of Last Chance House. Seen in the background are those who accompanied the two to the meeting.

The bottom image is from the group’s web site. If you click on it, you can get the size of the type big enough to read the group’s philosophy.

I have also put in the meeting schedule in case someone in the area is in need of Last Chance House’s services. Again, click on the image to increase its size.

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