Two Local BP Energy Awards Fleshed Out by Northwest Herald

McHenry County Blog reported on June 17th that Johnsburg Middle School Teachers Andrew Reinhard and Michelle Lawniczak were two of three local teachers to receive awards from British Petroleum’s A+ for Energy program.

Sunday, Northwest Herald reporter Sarah Sutschek fleshed out the story.

According to the NW Herald, “Reinhard plans have a one-kilowatt, grid-tied solar panel system installed that will provide the school with power and could save about $200 each year on electricity.”

What will Lawniczak do with her $10,000.

Among other things, the NW Herald reports,

Most of Lawniczak’s grant money will go toward building kit cars, about the size of remote control cars, that run on solar power or fuel cells powered by hydrogen.

In addition, Elizabeth Woods of District 300’s Dundee-Crown High School was selected.

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