So What Is a Parade All About? Kids and Candy

At least in McHenry County.

Every parade I participated in as State Rep. in the 1990’s meant a trip to Sam’s Club to buy $40 or so of candy.

I liked Tootsie Rolls or Jolly Ranchers.

During a lull in the parade, one mother took her little daughter out in the middle of Dole Avenue in front of the First United Methodist Church of Crystal Lake to scavenge for candy that had not made it to curb.

The little girl was clearly loving every moment of it.

Before the parade began, I walked from the First United Methodist Church to city hall. In front of where a relatively new subdivision with an iron fence replaced Flowerwood’s rose greenhouse, complete with big smokestack, I found these little tykes all dressed up in red, white and blue sparkly hats.

And you can see they have been supplied big buckets, the better to store the candy their parents expect to be handed out by parade participants.

The kids were not disappointed, as you can see from woman adding goodies to children’s bags.

Lucky them.

They were near the beginning of the parade.

Many parade entrants ran out well before they reached the end of the Independence Day Parade.

You can get larger pictures by clicking on the images.

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