Canoeing – Wonder Lake Style

My wife and I took a cruise on Wonder Lake on Independence Day and, naturally, I took the camera.

We saw lots of activity in and on the lake, some of which I shall share with you in future posts, but watching the canoeing was the most fun.

It was an inflatable canoe ridden by five young folks.

First, I got a pretty straightforward shot.

Trying to take another one, the girl on the back fell off. You can see her body leaning left, but I had framed the picture on the moving pontoon boat with little room to spare.

As a result, you can’t see the falling girl’s head.

They all got back on the canoe and were off again.

By then, they had noticed that I was taking pictures and seemed happy enough to be

Of course, since we weren’t within shouting distance—just waving distance—they didn’t know that they would end up on McHenry County Blog.

I took a couple of more shots, as you can see, before they pretty much disappeared out of sight on this largest of McHenry County’s lakes.

When we caught up again, I saw disaster have befallen the canoeists.

They had all fallen into Wonder Lake this time.

Wipe out!

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