NW Herald Features Crystal Lake Minuteman Meeting

Six days after McHenry County Blog’s July 10th story about the Illinois Minuteman Meeting at Crystal Lake’s Holiday Inn on August 25th, the Northwest Herald selected a day with little-news—Monday to feature the meeting.

Reporter Sarah Sutschek had to call Montgomery, Alabama, to find someone to call the group a radical right-wing group, getting a spokesman for the Southern Poverty Law Center to say the Minutemen “…harass individuals who they think are undocumented.”

The NW Herald article also quoted the Minuteman’s main speaker, Sheriff Dan Beck of the 108,000-population Allen County, Ohio. (McHenry County was about 100,000 people in the mid-1960’s.)

The chief law enforcement officer of this northwestern Ohio county will explain how he has deported 80 illegal aliens in the last year and a half.

These two NW Herald paragraphs might give a clue as to the contents of the meeting:

Any law enforcement that plans to take action toward illegal immigration should expect a lot of scrutiny by news media and lobbying groups, Beck said.

“There’s going to be attacks, so they might as well tighten up their belts and get ready for the ride,” he said.

It will be interesting to see if any local police or public officials show up to the meeting.

For tickets, mail a $10 check made out to the Illinois Minuteman Project to P.O. Box 911, Skokie, IL 60076. For more information, call Illinois Minuteman Project Director Rosanna Pulido at 773-250-3399. Pulido is of Mexican heritage.

“In Illinois we mainly focus on politicians who have violated their oath of office and have voted pro-illegal immigrant instead of pro-American,” Pulido told the reporter.

Perhaps the Illinois Minutemen have legislative roll calls to show which state representatives and senators voted for issues like issuing drivers licenses to those here illegally, plus taxpayer financed in-state tuition and health care to non-citizens.

Immigration is not-so-sleeper of an issue which may have doomed the presidential campaign of U.S. Senator John McCain. And the issue just propelled a conservative to victory in the French elections.

Last Wednesday, the Daily Herald reported,

”Immigration reform, not the war, was the primary focus of questions from the crowd. (U.S. Representative Mark) Kirk said he opposed Senate legislation that included a chance for those here illegally to become citizens.”

And, Monday a city council meeting was held in Waukegan with lots of demonstrators on the subject of the Crystal Lake Minuteman meeting.

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