Northwest Herald Comment System Allows Continuing Promotion of August 25th Minuteman Meeting

Undoubtedly more people will attend the Illinois Minuteman meeting at Crystal Lake’s Holiday Inn on August 25th than would have otherwise because of Monday’s front page story in the Northwest Herald.

Topics which are hot get a lot of comments.

A letter to the editor about the Crystal Lake Gala 4th of July Parade entry from Parents, Families and Friends of Lesbians and Gays (PFLAG) ran up over 250 comments as of Tuesday night.

That’s over 11 days of comments. Most days it was in the top three articles or letters being commented upon and listed on the Northwest Herald’s web site front page.

From the ad the NW Herald is running on its web site, it is actively seeking “eyeballs.”

Pretty much anything that will draw people to its web site is fair game.

The paper has obviously found that homosexuality works.

Now, I guess its editors are willing to find out how hot the immigration issue is.

97 comments as of 10 PM Tuesday night.

For tickets, mail a $10 check made out to the Illinois Minuteman Project to P.O. Box 911, Skokie, IL 60076. For more information, call Illinois Minuteman Project Director Rosanna Pulido at 773-250-3399. Pulido is of Mexican heritage.

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The summary and picture of what happened in Waukegan Monday night comes from the Chicago Sun-Times.

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