McHenry County Board Agrees with Zoning Opponents

Successful citizen uprisings have a long history in McHenry County.

Tuesday, two more groups won big victories for their neighborhoods.

Nunda Neighbors, who first fought off a truck depot, now have won a 17-6 zoning victory against those developers who wished to turn their residential area into a strip mall.

Located west of Woodstock, Seneca Township homeowners saw a gravel pit go down to defeat 19-4.

Both had neighborhood sign campaigns and web sites.
(Seneca Township;
Nunda Neighbors.)

As Northwest Herald reporter Kevin Craver pointed out, four of the six votes against what the local people wanted came from the same people:

  • County Board Chairman Ken Koehler of Crystal Lake
  • Marc Munaretto of Algonquin,
  • Mary Lou Zierer, who lives between Marengo and Harvard and
  • Dan Shea of Fox River Grove

The two extra, who ignored the Nunda Neighbors’ pleas were

  • Sue Draffkorn of Wonder Lake and
  • Lyn Orphal of Crystal Lake.

All of the county board members voting in opposition to the local residents pleas are Republican.

It is pretty extraordinary for a county board chairman to be on the losing side of issues. I have not been keeping track, but, besides these zoning issues, Crystal Lake’s Koehler has been in the minority

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The head shot is of McHenry County Board Chairman Ken Koehler.

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