MCC Student Complaint About Baseball Traffic

In my article about the Crystal Lake Planning and Zoning Commission (article 1, article 2) hearing on McHenry County College’s plan to expand its mission so far beyond its educational mission as to be unrecognizable, student John Darger complained about potential traffic problems.

He also said it would be a “nightmare for students, (whose) classes start at 7 o’clock.

“I don’t see how that will serve the students of McHenry County College.”

Below Friday’s Northwest Herald article about the subsequent Crystal Lake Park Board’s discussion, (article 1, article 2). I brought up that potential problem in the comment section below.

The first time, the NW Herald’s staff deleted my comment. So, I put it back up and got a snarky reply from bstarr (Don’t you love these anonymous posters?):

“For all you dummies who bringing up the 7:00 issue — the baseball games are played in the summer. MCC has almost NO summer classes that start at 7:00 pm. Think before you make that stupid comment again.”

I didn’t know what the Frontier Baseball Team’s schedule is, so I looked it up.

Extending through the entire month of August, the regular season ends September 2nd (Labor Day Weekend this year). The playoffs continue until September 17th.

I looked up MCC’s class schedule and discovered they begin the week of August 17th.

Maybe it is a topic worth further exploration.

After all, the main goal of the college is education, isn’t it?

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The photograph is of MCC student John Darger testifying before the Crystal Lake Planning and Zoning Commission.

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