Deleted by the Northwest Herald

I was up late on Wednesday and Thursday nights writing stories about the Crystal Lake Planning and Zoning hearing on McHenry County College’s baseball stadium and its impact on the Crystal Lake Park District, respectively.

I was up late enough Thursday night to see the Northwest Herald’s combined story on the park board meeting and MCC President Walt Packard’s “try to recover from the Wednesday night citizen pounding” press conference.

Here’s the comment I wrote below the article at 1:49 AM:

“MCC absolutely refuses to release the $70,000 tax paid study by Mark Houser which supposedly tells how a minor league baseball team can pay off most of the $35 million which the board is about to borrow without voter approval.

“At the park board meeting it was revealed that MCC is about to submit a revised plan to Planning and Zoning. HUSH, HUSH, HUSH…RUSH, RUSH RUSH. That’s the theme.”

I even typed the two paragraphs, which, for some reason, the NW Herald comment program runs together, making thoughts tougher to read.

(Hint: If you are going to leave a comment below a story, keep it short or be like Nancy Zettler and put in a series of separate short comments.)

Under my comment was one thanking me for “pointing out the flimsy economics upon which this whole scheme is built.”

It inspired another comment from me shortly after nine in which I referenced McHenry County Blog. Something about some story I had written about that the NW Herald didn’t, I think.

When I looked this afternoon, that comment had been deleted.

I guess there are secret restrictions about posting that aren’t made public.

I added another comment asking how students would benefit who had classes that started at 7 PM on game nights. That was in late afternoon. I notice it also disappeared.

Why would that quite legitimate criticism–from student John Darger no less–be taken down by someone at the Herald?

Dear Ann Landers,

Should I be paranoid?

= = = = =
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Deleted by the Northwest Herald — 2 Comments

  1. They must read your blog. It looks like all of your comments are back on the site.

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