School District Bashing Time Again

This time District 300 is not being whacked in an editorial or in articles, (here and here), but in a Sunday column by Fox River Valley columnist Chris Bailey.

Not unlike what the Daily Herald’s Jeff Gaunt did a bit earlier. (Gaunt is now covering the Elgin School District.)

“Though we in the media are often accused of picking on poor, hapless school districts if we refuse to act as unpaid shills, recent stories came from districts dropping them right into our laps, not any particular mission on our part,” Bailey writes, noting

  • the illegal activities concerning a past school superintendent’s contract that were taped (!) in St. Charles School District 303.
  • an attempt by Elgin U46 School District’s trying to fire the three people who knew the district’s email system, and
  • Carpentersville District 300’s recently reported loss of about $100,000 from student activity funds.

“Is it too much to ask that police be called to do what they do best while district personnel worry about, oh, I don’t know, getting school buses to run on time?” Bailey asked.


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