Daniel Regna Running Against Lou Bianchi for McHenry County State’s Attorney

I guess the defense attorneys finally found a candidate to support.

Word coming from pretty much all directions was that they were dissatisfied that they could not cut deals with McHenry County State’s Attorney Lou Bianchi the way they did with his predecessor Gary Pack.

With the date for passing petitions for everything from the General Assembly to precinct committeeman starting this week, former Assistant State’s Attorney Daniel Regna announced his candidacy, according to the Northwest Herald’s web site.

Regna is the fourth name floated as a possible challenger.

First there was Jim McAuliff.

Next, came Appellate Court Justice Susan Hutchinson.

In the meantime, Bianchi announced his re-election plans.

When she removed herself from consideration, Pack returned from Florida to test the water in McHenry County.

Comments under a trial balloon article for Regna was used by supporters and opponents of Bianchi to test various campaign themes and rebuttals.

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The photograph is from McHenry County State’s Attorney Lou Bianchi’s announcement for re-election, held in the main courtroom of the old McHenry County Courthouse on the Woodstock Square.

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