Is a Liberal a Liberal?

Ever wonder if folks who are “liberal” in one area of public policy are “liberal” in others?

There was a letter about abortion in the Northwest Herald on July 19th with all kinds of comments underneath.

Crystal Lake’s Susan Mickle may have come too close to the truth for comfort in this paragraph:

” The majority of feminists today have forgotten their roots. The original feminists were pro-life.”

District 300 resident Nancy Zettler has fully established credentials as a tax hiker.

I don’t know many tax hikers who are conservatives.

In her comments under Mickle’s letter, Zettler shows her pro-abortion colors.

Zettler complains that more men would favor abortion if they had to take care of the babies.

She should talk to some upper class women and men in high school, as I did when I was running for state representative.

It is the guys who are most favorably inclined toward abortion.

Does that surprise anyone?

The guys know they will be stuck with child support, if the child is born.

Zettler relates passing a petition at a pro-life rally asking people to sign-up “to volunteer to adopt an unwanted child.”

Anyone who has adopted a child would recognize this as a disingenuous stunt.

And, yes, my 10-year old on is adopted.

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