Where is Jim Oberweis When We Need Him?

I was talking with a pro-life leader today about the congressional seat that Denny Hastert seems about ready to announce his retirement from.

(I’ve heard he has tossed his yard signs and that his campaign web site is down.)

We were bemoaning the dynamics of having two pro-life candidates running in a multi-candidate Republican primary.

Naturally, the 2006 gubernatorial campaign came up. We discussed how having two conservatives in the race–Jim Oberweis and State Senator Bill Brady—allowed Judy Baar Topinka to sneak in through the middle, so to speak.

The conservation got around to U.S. Senator Dick Durbin’s upcoming election and this was the leader’s comment:

“Where’s Jim Oberweis
when we need him?”

There are unwell-known candidates on the hustings. I saw Jim Nalepa at Family PAC’s cruise and Steve Saurerberg at State Senator Chris Lauzen’s Porky Picnic within the last week. I see from the Illinois Republican Party web site that Andy Martin and Mike Pasak are listed, along with Sauerberg.

Oberweis could win instant front-runner status.

That’s a status that I believe he has always sought.

Better yet, he could win the primary election next year, not come in second.

And, Republicans throughout Illinois would welcome his candidacy.

Oberweis has the money to give Dick Durbin a real run for his special interest money.

Where’s a Draft Oberweis committee when we need one?

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Jim Oberweis is seen serving ice cream on the 2006 Family PAC Cruise. I was looking forward to a scoop this year, but he did not attend.

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