Message of the Day – A Tee Shirt

Another tee shirt found at State Senator Chris Lauzen’s Porky Picnic.

This one touts the Republican presidential candidacy of Ron Paul.

Paul is the only Republican anti-war candidate.

A physician, Paul takes a libertarian approach in his votes as a congressman from Texas. If he can’t find authorization for something in the United States Constitution, Paul votes against it.

My libertarian chat rooms indicate that Ron Paul supporters are being encouraged to participate in the Illinois Republican Party’s straw poll at the State Fair on Thursday.

As the Bloomington Pantograph’s Kurt Erickson reports, the Illinois straw poll is patterned on the one just held in Iowa, except folks don’t have to pay to vote in Illinois.

Party officials hope several thousand will vote for their presidential favorites.

Although Paul will not be in attendance, one libertarian source wrote that Campaign Chairman Kent Snyder will be.

Votes may be cast from 11 AM until 4 PM on the lawn of the Fair Director’s home. It’s on the east side of the fairgrounds near the middle, if memory serves me correctly.

Strangely, the official party rules will keep the only Illinois candidate off the ballot. That’s because John Cox has not been allowed in any of the debates and because he has not polled 5% in any poll.

Except for leaving out the only Illinois candidate, the straw poll strikes me as a good idea.

Fox Valley Libertarians paraded for Paul in Elgin.

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The photo at the bottom is the back of the Fox Valley Libertarian Party’s Elgin parade float.

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